Rustic ghost story

Ghost of barren grave return favor

In dawizigou, there is a good young man named Gao long. He is honest, intelligent and diligent. People in Tunli like him very much. Gao Long's life is hard. He has no parents since he was a child. People in the village have brought him up. They will ask him for help in any big or small matter. They will pay him for his meals. Gao long is also very diligent in his work. Later, he was valued by the rich man Qian Youcai and hired him as a long-term worker

Grandpa doesn't save his granddaughter

At the end of Jingshan Road, under the shade of green trees, there is a small and exquisite villa. Through the carved iron gate, I saw a young woman playing with flowers and plants in the yard. A four or five-year-old boy giggled and ran around his mother The scene is very warm, but my heart rises a desolation: really changed the master.

There is a real ghost

If there is a ghost, I am not sure. The following are my personal experiences and the real things that happened in our place. Write them down for everyone to see and judge whether there is a ghost. When I was a child, almost every year our village or the village next door invited people to sing operas. Now there are very few, but there is a rule for watching operas. ......

Barren grave

When I was a child, my family was still in the countryside. The village is not remote, but it is far from prosperous. Almost all the memories that that little village brings to me are good memories, such as scattering Yazi in spring, fishing in summer, catching shrimps, catching grasshoppers in the field in autumn and skating on the river in winter. But there is only one thing that makes me shiver up to now. I can't help but feel my life is good.

A personal story

This happened in an autumn in 2005. It was definitely a personal experience. There are reservoirs in the countryside and in our village. Our village has a large reservoir. When I was young, I often went to the reservoir with my cousins to herd cattle and play. In my memory, there were many accidents in the reservoir. .....

Paradox and Night Tour

I don't know if you have encountered any strange things in your life that science can't explain now, but I have personally experienced them once. Now write them down and share them with you. When I was a child, my family lived in a small village in Hubei Province. The village was not big, but there were many trees, and there was a grave in the southeast, northwest and northwest of the village. .....

Don't take the bus too late.

I tightened my scarf around my neck, grabbed the crumpled ticket and walked out of the station to the parking lot. During this period, it was very quiet and there was not much light in the station. I looked at the dim light of the bus home and found the place to get on. Only when I got on the bus did I find that there were already several people in the quiet carriage.

The old woman in the old house

It happened before liberation. The hero of the story, Zhang Bo, was a real farmer. He sat around the clock every day and rested at sunset. He lived a miserable life and ended up at ease. The villagers in the village were honest and kind. They were much better than the current social atmosphere. When one family was occupied, the whole village was almost out to help. ......

The ghost of the countryside presses the bed.

It was a summer, and the weather was not generally hot. In addition, tile houses in the countryside were not very insulated. Moreover, there was no air conditioner at that time, only ceiling fans and table fans were available, which was fine during the day. But at night, electricity is obviously not enough, the speed of the fan is slower than the snail.

Burn ghost paper

The story to be told today is about ghost paper, which is also called fire paper, that is, yellow paper one by one. I think this is still more common. I think all things that hang hooks with the dead are not something that everyone is willing to contact, but burning paper is a tradition of our Chinese nation.