Two ghost stories I have personally experienced

I am here to tell a ghost story that I personally experienced when I was a child.

I was twelve years old that year.

Once my father was ill, my mother asked me to go to the town to buy medicine for my father. I remember that morning, the world was drizzling. I carried my schoolbag along the path to the town. When I walked into a mountain, I saw it. There was a man in the woods in front of him who came to me with long hair.

I fixed my eyes and saw that the figure was gone, but I saw a fox rushing toward me with a chicken in his mouth.

I suddenly frightened and ran forward, because I heard the adults say that a fox seven ghosts, thinking in their own mind, just saw a person, but disappeared, is it a ghost?

Just when my heart was afraid of filtering, the fox with the chicken was blocking my way and staring at me.

I was so scared that I ran back, didn't run a few steps, and heard the roaring sound. The voice was like an owl. I didn't dare to look back, panting back home, telling my parents what I just saw. But Dad said that the children have low flames and can see those ghosts. Don’t ask the children to go to town in the future.

But on the second day of the incident, I went to school with my schoolbag as usual. When I was in school in the afternoon, I didn’t go home with my friends in the village because I was sweeping the school.

When I walked over, I went home alone. When I passed Guishan, I saw a figure walking to the cemetery of Guishan. I thought I was the mother of Xiu Ling next door. I called out, but the man didn’t respond, but he wore it. The cemetery was gone, I was scared to run home and I fell ill after a high fever.

My mother asked me how bad it was, and I told the adults what I saw.

That night, my mother invited me to cook rice, and I waited until the day was completely dark and went to Guishan to help me make a fuss, burned paper money, poured food, and came back to touch my head and said, OK, no. harmed. ......

After that, I never dared to walk alone until adulthood.