Real people tell the story of the ghosts and ghosts

Story one

It was a young rural woman. She had not married for two years and had a son. Unfortunately, she got a sickness. She did not hide and went away. The children left behind were taken care of by her aunt. The aunt’s family There are also their own children. The two children play together and have nothing to worry about, but one day, when the child accidentally eats, he breaks a bowl. The aunt is angry. He beat the child and slaps the child. The child begins to cry. At this time, something went wrong.

It is said that my aunt suddenly screamed, and both eyes fell over. When I stood up again, the voice of the voice and the posture of walking changed all the time. The acquaintance recognized it at a glance, and that was the mother who died.

For a time, the village was instigated, and many people were watching the excitement. The aunt was crying in the house and blamed the aunt for playing the child with the child’s tone. Some older elders began to persuade that the child’s aunt had always been good to the child. Advised for a while, my aunt did not make trouble, began to chat with people, this time many past acquaintances came over to say hello, come over and ask you to know who I am? Aunt said how to not know, you are not who, who is the old Nasal shoes, and so on.

Some elders worried about the problem, they advised her to say, you see this is all right, you still have to go back, your child we promise to take care of you. The aunt said that it was good, then I left and said that the crowd would go outside the village. People followed, walking and walking, and when they walked to the grave of the child's mother, the aunt suddenly fell, and everyone helped, she I looked at me with a blank face and said that I am doing this for you. The old man told her that you should not let us do it. You must not beat the child in the future.

Story two

It was noon in the summer, probably it was summer vacation, two boys -- it should be in grade 5.6. Go out to the crop field to play.

There is a taboo in our local countryside. It is not suitable for going out at noon. Even if you are out, don't go to the wild, because it is the most fierce hour of the day at noon, so at that time, almost no one can be seen in the village. But the two children, who are on vacation, are also crazy when they play, and they still manage this. I don’t know why, they ran to the fields outside the village, and coincidentally, there was an abandoned machine well in the wild. In fact, it is not a very deep well. Used to pump water to the ground. Two days later, the bodies of the two children were finally found in the well.

The incident was a big problem. An old man at the entrance of the village recalled one thing. The old man was at the entrance of the village. It was not far from the accident. On the day of the incident, the old man sat in front of his own house and suddenly found two children passing by the door quickly. What surprised the old man was that he found that the two children were almost indifferent to the feet. The old man shouted at the time, but the children did not have any reflection. They quickly went straight to the wilderness. The old man thought he was a little dazzled. I didn't think about anything else.

When the old man who had reached the age of one heard it, he immediately concluded that the children were ghosts and were thrown into the well by ghosts.

As a result, an older child also said that the well was a problem. He used to play grass in the vicinity. One day he did not intend to look into the well. He even found a large bead at the bottom of the well. He was surprised and excited when he was emitting colorful light. He wanted to jump at the time, but when he arrived at the well, he might be in the midst of the gods. He suddenly smelled the stench that could not be said, and there was a bad feeling in his heart. I fled there.

This matter, of course, alarmed POLI.CE, but the official conclusion is that two children strayed into the waste well, and the lack of oxygen in the well led to suffocation and death.

Soon afterwards, the villagers quietly filled the well.

It has been more than 20 years since this incident. If two children are still there, it is probably a man of nearly 40 years old.

Story three

This story is what I heard from an elder, it was the 1950s. It is said to be true, but it has not been verified.

If you have a map, you can check it out. On the Shitai Line (the railway from Shijiazhuang to Taiyuan), there is a small station called the Soybean Station. There was a strange tragedy on the nearby railway. The railway at that time. There are not so many protective measures now, and many crossings are unguarded. On one of the crossings near the station, one after another, someone was killed by the train, so the crossing was a fierce land.

The thing happened on the summer morning, a 6-year-old girl, temporarily named after the leaves, across a basket, probably came out to mow, and unwittingly went to the middle of the railway. At this time, many adults were working in the farmland on both sides of the railway. Everyone saw the leaves walking in the middle of the railway and did not care.

At this time, the whistle came from far away, and a train came.

The leaves probably heard it. I don’t know why. I stood in the middle of the road and didn’t move. At this time, when adults saw it far away, they shouted and the leaves went to the side. But the leaves still do not move, the adults thought the leaves were deliberate, because the train was far away, it did not pay much attention.

The train is getting closer, and it is already far away. At this time, the adults are a little anxious, they stop their work, shouting the leaves and escaping! The leaves seem to react suddenly and start running to the side, but At this time, strange things happened. The leaves ran to the left, and turned to the right. They ran to the right and turned around and ran to the left. They went back and forth, but they couldn’t run out of the railway. Looking at the situation, it was clearly the two sides of the road. There is something going to chase her back.

The adults also reflected it. Some men put things down and ran in the middle of the road. The women shouted loudly and the leaves ran! But everything was too late for the train to roar. Finally, people only found a few hairs and an empty space next to the railway. basket.

The place where the accident occurred was less than 200 meters away from the murderous mouth. Some people said that there was something there to find a substitute, and the little girl was hard pressed on the railway.

Story four

In the past, the vast majority of peasants did not have any kind of land. To eat, they had to go to the landlord’s house to work as a long-term worker. They also called it alive. You must know that this is very bitter. Don’t say anything, because there is no Sunday, you have to do it every day. Live, usually only a few years to divide some food back to their homes, by the end of the year, the landlord will ask the long-term workers to eat a good meal, and then each person will pay a year of work or food, let the long-term workers go home for the New Year, etc. Spring is over, come back to work.

It is said that there are so many long-term workers, working together in another landlord's house dozens of miles away from home. The harvest at the end of the year is good. The landlord invited everyone to eat dumplings at night, and also drank some wine, and each person was paid for the work ( At that time, people were real, not like the current wages for migrant workers.) Several people were very happy to take the money. It was originally going early tomorrow, but everyone was excited. I didn’t see my wife in a year, and I drank some alcohol. I was impulsive. Going back tonight, dozens of miles, arrived in the middle of the night, the landlord knows, persuaded them, saying that this road is not peaceful, because it was a war era, people everywhere, persuaded them, but young people do not listen, they insist on starting It is.

It didn't take long before I got to the road, and it started to snow. Several people sipped the wine and snowed, but the weather was cold and the night was deep, so it was still cold, so young and young. live.

But when I was about to get home, the night was already deep, and the physical strength of several people reached the limit. At that time, it was actually a hand-stitched jacket, unlike leather or down jackets. How cold it is, when everyone is cold and sleepy, suddenly found the fire at the foot of the front. When I walked in, a few people were there to roast the fire. Under this time, several people were very excited and finally could warm up.

Going over and talking to a few people who are roasting fire, but the few people seem to be less interested in talking, just roaming their heads down, and a few long-term workers don't care so much, they sit around the fire.

There are individuals in the long-term work, older people, and more things to experience. When he sat down, he saw that the people who were roasting the fire were not looking right, and they felt a little stunned. Then they found that the fire was not hot, the colder it seemed to be colder. Maybe it’s a clear mind, he stood up and pulled a few companions, saying that we are coming home soon, let’s hurry. However, few of the companions did not listen. They had to roast again. This person had no way to know that it would be dangerous to go on, and he would leave alone and go home to find someone.

When he arrived home, it was bright. He quickly went back to the villagers to come back, but when he arrived at the place, a few long-term workers were frozen and dead. There is nothing left in the neighborhood, just a few bones.

Some old people said that the few people must be frozen ghosts, and they were littered in the middle of the night, waiting to suck the heat of the living.