A woman in a white raincoat

The rain kept falling, as fine as a needle.  The sky is gray and the earth is silent and boundless.  I ran all the way forward alone in this endless rain, while a woman in a white raincoat was running after me ...

I didn't have time to look back. No, I didn't dare to look back at all. I could only feel the existence of "white raincoat" intuitively.  I clearly feel that behind me, the thing that is fast as the wind and fluttering in the wind is getting closer and closer to me ... a cool feeling is coming gradually. I use all my strength on my legs and fly quickly ... unfortunately, it is late, I was suddenly caught by a hand ...

My legs were off the ground and my whole body flew upward.  I tried to turn my neck and look back at the face, but my neck was like a splint, unable to move at all ... I struggled desperately, my hand suddenly loosened, and I fell straight down from the sky like a sandbag filled with lead with a whoosh ...

"Ah ..." I let out a cry, opened my eyes, stretched out his hand and touched the sweat on his forehead, and that damn dream.  I dark scold 1, slowly out of bed.  My wife was awakened by my cry. she rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked me, "what time is it?"  .  Without looking up, I murmured, "6: 30".  The wife said "oh". one second later, she suddenly seemed to be hit with stimulant. she jumped up from the bed and asked with her side face: "did you have that dream again?"  I didn't answer her words, a butt sitting on the sofa beside, lit a cigarette must be god.

His wife shook her hand to the knob of the radio nearby and turned on the radio gently.  The radio is broadcasting the weather forecast "... it's cloudy and drizzly today, and the northeast wind is level 3 to 4 ..."

My wife looked pale and stared at me blankly.  This has been the same rule for 25 years. As soon as I have that terrible dream, it will be 6.30am when I wake up, and it will rain every day.  This rule has never been wrong in 25 years.  I buried my head in the sofa and recalled bitterly the rainy day 25 years ago.

That year I was just in the third grade of primary school, and there was a toilet on the south side of our school playground.  On this day, I was playing football on the playground with several close friends Xiao Qiang, teddy boy, big head Yong and Mao. I don't know how long we played. gradually, all the classmates on the playground were gone, leaving the five of us still playing frantically.  It was getting dark and began to drizzle, but none of us cared. We were still kicking.

After receiving a good shot from jack Bauer, I dribbled left and right past big head Yong and looked up to pass it on to the next person. just then, through the misty rain, I vaguely saw a man in a white raincoat coming out from the corner of the school wall.  He lowered his head and could not see his face clearly, but with his slim figure and walking posture wrapped in a raincoat, I could tell that it was a woman.  But I didn't think much about it at that time. I just felt a little strange. After a short glance, I passed the ball out firmly ...

The ball reached ALFY's feet. ALFY made a long pass with big feet to pass the ball to Mao, but the ball had long eyes, drew a beautiful arc in the air and flew directly into the ladies' room from the air.  All of us looked in the direction of the ball. At the moment the ball flew into the ladies' room, the man in the white raincoat turned into the ladies' room almost at the same time.

As soon as everyone watched the ball being kicked into the women's toilet, they all complained noisily about ALFY. ALFY was forced into helplessness and had to agree to pick up the ball himself, but how could boys enter the women's toilet?  ALFY asked everyone to do something for him. While everyone was scratching their heads, Big Head Yong suddenly clapped his thigh and said, "What's so hard about this? Didn't a woman in a white raincoat enter the toilet just now?  When she comes out later, shall we let her carry it for us? "  Teddy boy slapped his forehead "ah, yes.  Then let's wait outside the toilet for a while. when she comes out, shall we just ask her to take it for us? "  So the five boys stood about five meters away from the toilet, staring at the toilet exit with five pairs of eyes.

After about five minutes, the woman hasn't come out yet, at this time it was getting darker, the rain seemed to get a mysterious call under the more dense, small couldn't help sneezing.  This made everyone feel that the rain was a little cold. ALFY and Mao couldn't help jumping around.  Teddy boy was still complaining while jumping: "women are just bored when they haven't come out for such a long time."  Xiao Qiang took the conversation and said, "ah, I said she wouldn't come to" big! "  Everyone in this sentence laughed.  At the sight of this, Ermao quickly put her index finger on her mouth and made a "hiss" gesture. "Keep your voice down. She can hear you. It will be bad if you don't give us the ball."  Everyone was quiet again.

It was getting darker and darker, and the drizzle was still falling.  The five of us were all drenched in clothes, shivering all over and staring at the exit of the women's toilet waiting for the woman in the white raincoat to appear ... One minute passed, another ten minutes passed, and the woman still didn't come out.  At this time, the playground became extremely quiet, only the sound of drizzle trickled us five into a group, in this dark space full of rain, none of us said a word more, as if we were in another world, listening to the voice of god ...

I don't know how long, the sky suddenly flashed a flash of lightning, we just woke up like a dream.  Everyone, you look at me, I look at you.  Look at the exit of the women's toilet again, still nothing happened.  It is completely dark all around. In the empty playground, we are like five stray lambs, lonely and helpless in this chaotic world.

"What is that?"  Big head Yong gave a hoarse cry because of nervousness, and all eyes followed the direction of his fingers ...

A dark figure appeared to be wearing a huge hat and rushed towards us from the direction of the school gate.

"Ghost ......" I don't know who used a changed voice cried.

The five men immediately ran like cowardly soldiers on the battlefield when they heard the order to retreat.

"Stop, stop ..." Behind him came a hoarse voice of a woman shouting. Xiaoqiang heard the voice pulling me back. "Isn't that Mrs. Li?"  , I have a look, isn't it?  Isn't that uncle Li's wife who showed our school the gate?

"hey, you're all back, it's Li a po" Xiao Qiang shouted at the others.

With a black umbrella, Li mapo panted heavily and rushed to us, complaining, "you children, I'll call you out loud. what are you running for?"  I've been watching you in the window for a long time. It's raining. You don't go home. You can't stop watching women's toilets here. What do you want to do at an early age?  Go home quickly ... "

"no, Li apova, you misunderstood," Mao argued.  "Yes!  , we just want to take the ball and go home, because we accidentally kicked the ball into the women's toilet, we dare not go in to take it, just saw a woman go in, so we want to wait for her to come out, let her help us pick it up, "jack Bauer interjected.

"Is it?"  Li A-po still has half faith in us.

"But, but the woman went in, and so far she hasn't ... not come out ..." Big head Yong's voice just fell and the sky flashed across a red flash of lightning, followed by a dull thunder, which scared us all up with goose bumps.

"Then I'll go in and have a look and help you pick up the ball."  With that, Li Po turned around and went into the toilet.

Five pairs of eyes were glued to the toilet outlet, their hearts filled with tension and expectation ...

Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed across the sky, reflecting our five little white faces. At this moment, a person came from the toilet exit. It was none other than Li A-po.  Li A-po's face was pale and her eyes were strange. Her eyes were fixed on the faces of the five of us.

"Li mapo, what's the matter with you?  Did you help us get the ball? "  Teddy boy asked some timidly.

"No Ball" is concise and clear. Why does Li's voice become so cold?

"No ball?"  Almost at the same time, we were surprised to ask.

"Li a po, that ..., then can you help us ask the woman if she saw it?"  ALFY almost cried out and said suddenly, Li's face was dark and her eyes seemed bloodshot. Her voice became more fierce and low. "I said, no ball, no one more."

The last few words came out of Li's mouth and everyone shuddered ...

"No one?  No one?  Then what we saw … "ALFY was talking to himself, saying that he suddenly started to run.  Other people also suddenly return to absolute being and dispersed in a hubbub, desperately ran home ...

The next day, when we arrived at the school in fear and trembling, we heard that Li A-po died of sudden illness last night. It was said that the death was extremely horrible. We were scared out of our wits and listless for many days.

Two weeks later, a group of policemen fished out a rotting woman corpse from the school's women's toilet. The woman corpse could not identify her face. The only thing that was still very clear was a white raincoat wrapped around her ...

Later we heard that the woman was raped and killed in the woods behind the school one rainy day a month ago and dumped in the women's toilet.  When we were about to have winter vacation, old Li was dismissed by the school because some people thought he was crazy. he often walked around the playground alone at night, saying "retribution!"  Retribution ... "Scared the neighbors all dare not sleep at night.

By the next semester, all five of us will be transferred to other primary schools.  From then on, none of the five of us mentioned the rainy day again.

In a twinkling of an eye, we grew up, married and had children.  Fifteen years later, by chance, I met Da Tou Yong on the road. Only through chatting with him did I know that he often had the same dream as me.  When parting, big head Yong said to me mysteriously, "do you know why Li a po died?"  I shook my head, and Big Head Yong came up to me and whispered, "When I heard that the woman was killed, I called for help to Uncle Li and Aunt Li, but Aunt Li didn't let Uncle Li meddle, so Uncle Li didn't go.  Otherwise, perhaps … "I heard it with a long sigh, so, my ears again remind of the voice of uncle Li," retribution!  Retribution ... "

After that, whenever it rains, I will have an equally strange and strange dream. Whenever I wake up, the clock always points to 6.30 exactly. I don't know when or when I will stop.  As for what Li saw in the women's toilet?  That may only be known to her, which is a mystery that we will never be able to solve.