Never brush your hair in the mirror in the middle of the night.

In the fourth borrowing room of the school library, there is no one else, and I am left. At this time, it is 5 o'clock in the evening, it is the time of dinner, but I forgot hunger because I found it in the corner. A book with dust on the cover, the cover is gone, I just wanted to see it, and dropped a small note from it. I put the book aside, picked up the small note, and read it: "In the middle of the night, don't comb your hair in the mirror. Otherwise, the ghost will be brought..."

Mo Ming is wonderful. I threw a small note on the floor and went back to take the book. The book was gone.

No, here I am alone, I am clearly on the side.

At this moment, there was a sudden footstep outside the door. Who is coming to the library at this time? I couldn’t help but stumble.

The door opened and it was the administrator Li.

"This classmate, I want to lock the door. Please come out soon, borrow books, come back tomorrow."

Ok, I got up and left the fourth borrowing room. When I left, I picked up the little note. It’s strange that the note is in the book, but it’s gone.

Soon, I forgot about it.

I am a newly transferred student. The newly-returned students of this school have been surprisingly many in the past two years. The dormitory in the whole school is full of people. There is only one dormitory, which is the 213 bedroom I live in now. I heard that as long as four people live in this dormitory, there will be bad things happening. But I don't believe in this evil, don't live here, let me live where? I can't forget, when I just came in, the students in the same building looked at me like that, although everyone was polite, but the eyes were full. Hostility, as if I am a ghost. Later, Jun told me that there was also someone who came in and called Ximei. However, she really brought disaster to her after she came here. Of course, this was after the series of things happened, she told me. Jun is the head of the bedroom, and there are Xiaojing and Arong in the same bed, they are very cute girls.

I don't believe in ghosts, and I never go to fortune tellers. Because my hair is very long, the quality is not good at all, like a pile of straw, so my friends just called me straw. After coming here, everyone can call me like this, this is more or less A little psychological comfort.

There has been nothing happening for a month. I feel that everyone is less hostile to me. Oh, I am still very popular.

But today, I saw such a strange thing, I don’t believe in evil, so I don’t care about it. Now I think about it. If I really can pay attention to one thing, how good it is, maybe it won’t happen so much next. It is.

After studying at night, I went back to the dormitory. I had to choose modern literary works tomorrow. I had to open a night train to read at night. Jun accompanied me. She is the favorite to learn here. Xiaojing and Arong have long slept. When I finished reading it, I looked up at the watch and it was 5:12. Going out of bed, I walked to the toilet.

The corridor was very quiet, and far away I heard the sound of the water coming from the bathroom. So late, who is still doing there? After the bathroom, I took a look inside. A girl, wearing a white pajamas, is washing her hair inside. It seems to be almost washed, and she is combing with a wooden comb. The water dribbled from the hair and wet the back. Washing your head in the middle of the night is not afraid to do it. Turned me into the toilet next door.

The faucet in the toilet is broken, I can only wash my hands in the bathroom.

The girl is still there, still brushing her hair. I walked in and washed her hands with a faucet. Her hair is very long, really dark, I am envious of such hair, but my hair is the same as straw.

Her hair blocked her half of her face. I couldn't see who she was. Don't be a classmate. I didn't say hello when I met. I am still new. I turned my eyes from the hair to the mirror above the faucet and wanted to see who she was.

In the mirror, I can't see her face, and her face is also in front of her hair. She kept combing her hair with a comb, and even more terrifying is that from her wet hair, it was not water but blood.

I am stunned. Let the water in the faucet rush at the hand.

I turned my head and looked at her in reality. The water dripping from her head was not blood.

God, what is going on here.

"Do you want to comb?"

One hand reached me, the girl's hand, white, no bloody hand. Inside is a wooden comb.

Of course I can't pick up her comb, but the hand stretched out without obedience. Just about to touch the comb, suddenly I found that blood was dripping from the comb.

"No, no need..."

I suddenly woke up and ran out of the bathroom.

Just arrived at the door of the bedroom, I saw the girl came out of the bathroom with a basin.

God, I hurriedly opened the door to the bedroom. Jun has fallen asleep. I took the door latch and went to the bed. By the moonlight, I saw that it is now 5 points past 12 o'clock.

"In the middle of the night, don't comb your hair in the mirror. Otherwise you will get the ghost..." I remembered the note.

I didn't sleep well this night, I closed my eyes, and the girl who was full of blood kept combing her hair. I was a little sleepy until the day was bright.

Open your eyes, no one in the bedroom, look at the watch, only 6 o'clock, what's wrong, usually at this time, everyone is still with the sleeping insects, what's the matter? I got up and went to wash my face.

Hey? There are so many people in the corridor, no, wash your face and queue up? I walked over with the basin. Several students left the crowd and came out. I just wanted to ask them what happened. They turned away and walked away. How could they avoid God? No matter them, I must go and see.

Approaching the crowd, everyone silently gave me a way to go. What happened to everyone today, I don’t seem to want to touch me. But this will allow me to see the scene inside. A girl, wearing white pajamas, long hair, black and dense, with some black things between the hair, it is blood. She is already dead.

"She said last night that her hair is a bit dirty, itchy, she wants to wash, who knows that she will never come back again..." It seems that the classmate who was sleeping with the girl cried and said to the classmate next to him. As I said, I looked at me.

"Straw, did you go to the toilet in the middle of the night?" It was Jun's voice.

God, everyone doubts me, I have nothing to do.

Should I tell everyone about that note?

I didn't tell the matter about the paper, they wouldn't believe me, let alone I didn't do anything. These days, I obviously feel that everyone’s hostility towards me is a lot more. I wanted to get everyone's trust back, but I didn't expect that the same thing happened in the near future.

On this day, the school's literary society opened a party. Jun is a member of the Literary Society. She did not return until 11:30 in the evening.

A velvet has fallen asleep, Xiaojing went to her cousin's house, I don't know if I can't come back. Only me, still watching a novel. On the day of the day, Jun was very beautiful. He returned to the bedroom and kept looking in the mirror.

Jun put her hair up. Now, she removed her hair and it seems that she is going to sleep. I saw her picking up the wooden comb, hesitated and started to comb her hair.

Ok, then I slept, and said good night, I fell asleep.

I don't know how long it took, I suddenly woke up. Look at my luminous table, only 12:30. How did I sleep for a while? I rolled over and rushed out to sleep.

Just closed my eyes and suddenly felt that something was wrong, I slowly opened it.

There is no light in the bedroom. By the moonlight, I saw a man in front of the mirror, combing his hair.

It is Jun.

She stared straight at herself in the mirror, her eyes didn't blink, and the hand mechanically held the comb from top to bottom.

Did Jun comb for an hour?

I can't see the mirror from my current direction, and I can't see Jun's face naturally. I gently went underground and quietly walked toward Jun.

"Jun? Are you okay?" Jun's face was blocked by the hair, I still couldn't see it, but helpless, I looked at the mirror again.

Jun’s face was also blocked by the hair, I could not see it at all.

I can't help but fight a cold war. The same thing happened again, unfortunately, twice, I was seen.

At this time, she picked up the gel water next to her and began to spray her head. The water that is sprayed out is clearly blood. The blood ran down the hair of the king to her body and flowed to the ground. But she didn't mean to stop.

Because I am very close to her, some even sprayed on my face, body. I saw that the face in the mirror was full of blood, like a person who had just killed someone.

God, I look down and see, there is no blood on my body, only some people have gel water.

No, this time I can't stand by and I don't believe that there are ghosts. I grabbed the comb in the hand of Jun and threw it on the ground.

Jun Meng turned his head and slammed his face at me: "Why don't you let me comb my hair? I have to comb my hair, give me, I want to comb my hair!"

God, my God. Just as Jun turned her head, her hair floated and I saw her face.

It is better not to look at it.

In the moonlight, I saw that Jun’s black eye gradually turned white, and the last black color was gone. Her mouth was not bloody, and like the eyes, it turned white. Also, there are eyebrows too... This is not a gentleman, this is a ghost.

"In the middle of the night, don't comb your hair in the mirror. Otherwise, the ghost will be recruited..." Jun combed her hair, and the ghost was recruited by her and she was on her body.

At this time, I can't breathe. It’s not that I was scared, but Jun, or the ghost in front of my hand put it on my neck, slamming hard, and kept shouting: "Let me comb my hair, give me a comb, I have to comb my hair..." I feel that I am not getting up, as long as she works hard, my neck will be broken. Jun is not so strong, she must not be Jun.

Yes, my consciousness is beginning to blur. I don't believe in ghosts, I don't believe it, but how do you explain the images in front of you?

Suddenly, my eyes lit up and fell to the ground. Jun also fell down and pressed on me.

It was Xiaojing who came back. She turned on the light, and Arong also woke up. The ghost looked like she was gone, and Jun was unconscious.

"What's the matter with you? When I come back, are you like this?" Xiaojing looked at me. "What happened to Jun?"

It seems that I have to tell them about the note.

"Things are like this." In one breath, I said everything I knew.

A velvet listened and said slowly: "How do you let us believe in you? Do you have evidence?"

Evidence? Of course, I brought it back. I quickly found out what I was wearing in the library that day, took a small note from my pocket and handed it to Arong. A velvet looked and handed it to Xiaojing. Xiaojing took the paper and said nothing.

"Straw, this is your evidence?" Arong said.

Yes, if I don't believe what I said on a note, no matter who writes, anyone can write such a note.

"I didn't write anything on it?" Xiaojing handed me the note.

What? No words? I took the note and saw some creases on it, but there was no word.

At noon the next day, Jun woke up and couldn’t remember anything that happened the night before. Thank goodness, if the king is dead, I think I can't stay in this school.

A velvet doesn't believe me at all. Only Xiaojing, she is very curious about everything and is willing to help me. She took the initiative to go to the library to find the book to help me find evidence. The time of the week passed quickly.

There will be another exam tomorrow, and I have to drive a night train this evening. It’s 9 o'clock, Jun, Xiaojing and Arong haven't come back yet. I have a book in my hand, and I keep reading "Issues", and I slept without knowing it.

I don't know how long it took, I woke up. After all, I had to take the test. I couldn't sleep well. Look at the watch. It's less than 10 o'clock. Fortunately, let's see it.

Xiaojing hasn't come back yet, she went to the cousin's house today, and Ah, and Jun did not come back. It seems that I am alone in this bedroom tonight.

A hoe, I feel my hair is sticky. My hair is so bad, I always stick together and I should comb it. But... the hand just reached the comb, I stopped again, I remembered the words on the note.

It should be okay, less than 10 o'clock. I picked up the wooden comb.

I looked in front of the mirror, it looked so bad, my hair was like a pile of straw, no wonder everyone called me straw. In the mirror, I combed my head.

For a moment, two times, today's hair is particularly supple, and the more comfortable it feels, the more comfortable I feel. I don't want to stop at all.

What time is it? I have to continue reading, I look at the clock on the wall, and the blood of my body is solidified.

The clock on the wall shows a difference of 5 minutes and 12 o'clock. God, I look at the hour and minute hands, and this little negligence is likely to kill my life. I want to stop, no longer combing my hair, but the hand does not seem to be my own, still combing, constantly combing. The feet are also rooted and can't move.

Suddenly, I felt like someone was watching me outside the window. I slowly turned my head to the window. The window was dark. A woman’s face appeared outside the window. Her hair covered most of her face. I couldn’t see her look. I think her hair is black and so close.

How good would it be if I could have her hair? God, how could I have that idea? When is it now?

Looking at the window again, the woman was gone. I got it wrong, this is the second floor.

Looking back at the mirror, I was shocked. Is the person in the mirror me? My clothes, my shoes, even my straw-like hair. But when did I comb my hair to the front?

I suddenly felt that the person in the mirror was not me, the woman, the ghost that was combed by the hair.

At this time, the woman looked up and combed her hair to the sides. I finally saw her face. Her face was exactly the same as my face.

"Come on, let's comb our hair," her voice came from the mirror. To be precise, I didn't hear it. Her voice came directly to my mind.

I obediently followed her, and combed my hair a little bit to the front, covering my face. Obedience I said is only my hand, my thoughts tell me, don't listen to her, don't believe her.

"The hair is a bit long, there is a bit of chaos, cut it." She handed me a scissors from the mirror.

It seems to be a bit long, cut it and cut it. I took the scissors and cut my hair in the mirror. The hair was broken and bleeding came from inside. Flowing down my hair to my face, I feel my blood is slippery, just like my hair, I couldn't help but lick my tongue, I didn't expect my blood to be so cold. Through my hair, I saw that my face was blood in the mirror, and I felt so interesting at this time, the more blood flowing, the more happy I was. I have a comb in my left hand and a combed hair in my right hand.

The blood flowed me quickly, and the blood in the mirror was also a blood. At this time, I have been completely manipulated by the people in the mirror.

I stood a little to the right, the hair on the right could not be seen, and I moved one step to the left. When I stepped out of the ground, my left foot did not fall to the ground, but I stepped on something. I didn't stand, and I fell down. The scissors and comb in my hand also went out.

What am I doing, I suddenly came back, my own consciousness is back. I don't believe in ghosts? How is it at the mercy of the ghosts?

"Get up the comb and pick it up!" the woman in the mirror shouted.

"Don't take it, I just don't take it!" I shouted like a break, and once I picked up the comb, I had to be at her mercy.

I felt a hand out of the mirror, holding my hand and asking me to pick up the comb, and I pulled it back with a strong handle.

"Do you think you can't die without taking back the comb?"

"Yes, I don't believe there are ghosts in this world, I don't want to be at your mercy, I don't want to die!" I cried wildly, I think people all over the world can hear my cry.

I feel that my strength is getting smaller and smaller. The blood on my face is full of people. There are no other people in the bedroom. Unlike the last time, I have helped me with her. Now I can only rely on myself.

Soon my nephew was dumb, and the tip of my finger was about to touch the comb. Isn't the power of man not the power of ghosts? Oh, poor me, this unbelievers, there is a ghost, and today I will die in the hands of a ghost. I clenched my fists and made the final struggle. I must stick to it.

The door opened, Xiaojing, Arong, Jun rushed in.

"Jun, I am right," is Xiaojing's voice. "Straw, don't listen to her, believe in yourself..." This is the last sentence I heard this evening.

Finally, I woke up, it was three days later. My three roommates were watching me next to me, and I haven't felt this warm for a long time.

The most grateful is Xiaojing, who proved that these weird things have nothing to do with me. That day, after listening to my words, she believed that what I said was true, even though I did not come up with evidence. In those few days, she went to the library to find the book I said.

"I haven't found it for six days. On the day of your accident, I found a very old school magazine in the library. There is a related article on it. It is said that some years ago, there was a girl in our school. She has A long, very good hair, and later, she got a disease that caused her hair to fall off slowly. From then on, she hated those who were long and dense in hair. Soon she died. After she died These grievances are gathered together. Whenever someone combs their hair in the middle of the night, her grievances will come to find that person..."

"But Jun and I are not dead?" I interrupted Xiaojing.

"Because it is not a ghost to come to you, it is resentment. The more you believe in her existence, the more powerful it will be. If you don't believe her, the power of resentment will decrease. You and Jun don't believe in ghosts, so It’s not dead. If you see her again, the best way is to throw away the comb, not to look at the mirror.” Xiaojing said very seriously.

I thought to myself, if I could throw away the comb at that time, wouldn’t it be fine?

"Why can't you remember the day?" I asked Jun.

"Then, it may be that the suppression of the monarch is not strong for you? On the day of the accident, you helped the king to drive away the woman, and three days ago, you drove her away by his own strength." I can't help but smile that serious. Forget it, some mysteries are hard to solve.

In fact, I would like to thank the woman. If it weren't for her, my roommates still believe that I am a person who can bring misfortune. And now we are friends in trouble.

A week later.

God, I fell asleep, today is Xiaojing’s birthday, saying that everyone wants to be happy for a night, but I actually fell asleep in the lounge. Looking at the messy hair in the mirror, I picked up the comb and quickly combed my hair.

Uh... my electronic watch tells me that it is 12 o'clock now.