The horror story of coach

Home!  I took the long-distance bus from Luzhou to Xingyi, but this experience will definitely make me remember for a lifetime.  I spent the previous two nights in the internet cafe, that is to say, I didn't sleep for two days and two nights, plus I had some worries, so my mind was in a daze. if it weren't for the thought of going home to support me, I think I would have slept in the waiting room of the station for the first time!

There were not many people taking this bus today. The business bus, which can accommodate more than 30 people, only took the front rows, about a dozen people.  I packed my luggage and sat down in the back row. I was the only one in the last row.  As soon as I sat down, I was confused. I fell asleep before the car started.

I don't know how long it has passed. I was awakened by a cold wind.  There are only two possibilities that the weather in this season can be awakened by cold air. One is the air conditioner in the car, and the other is rainy Guizhou.  I stretched out my hand and put it in the air conditioner. No cold air was blown out. Maybe I have already entered Guizhou.  !  I didn't stretch very comfortably and adjusted my sitting posture because of sleeping changes.

It was already dark, and there was silence around, and there seemed to be no sound.  I think something is wrong, but I don't know what it is at that time.  Took out his cell phone and looked at it. It was 12: 25 in the middle of the night.

The car didn't turn on the light, it was dark.  However, even outside the car, there is no light coming in, which is impossible for cars traveling on the highway.  All of a sudden I found the reason why I felt abnormal just now. The car was too quiet!

Apart from the sound of people, there is not even the hum of cars!  Is this normal?  ?

Thought of here I gently stood up, although I sat in the last row, but according to the normal visual angle and the concentration of the night, should be able to see the people in front, but what I saw, is only a dark and empty seats!  My head suddenly exploded with a humming sound. What's going on?

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it, but I was stunned by the scene I saw just now. I was holding a cigarette in my hand and let it curl up.  I didn't react until the cigarette end burned my finger.

I knew the pain, indicating that it was not a dream. I stood up and walked to the driver's position in the faint moonlight. He did not turn off the lights.  And so I saw the most horrible and unforgettable scene!

Under the light moonlight, the outside is not a familiar road, but a dark meadow. There is a group of people vaguely on the ground, but they are all lying on their sides.  The door of the car was open. I restrained my fear and excitement, walked out of the car trembling and walked to the group of vague people in front of me.

"ah!"  A loud voice came from behind me, I was really startled!  I turned around trembling and saw the driver sitting on the ground, leaning against the front of the car.

Staring at me with his frightened eyes, his right hand pointing stiffly at me!  His mouth was wide open, as if he had something to say.

I saw that it was the driver and my heart was hanging down.  I walked towards him and asked, "Uncle, what's the matter?"

"You don't come here, ghost!  You are a ghost! "

He shook his hands in panic and kept saying that I was a ghost.  Although I am a little gaunt and flustered, I can't match the ghost word.

I asked him doubtfully: "Uncle, I am not a ghost, I am a human being. Can you tell me what happened?"  The driver uncle's mood was still so excited. He looked at me and said nothing, but pointed at my hand and turned to the group of people lying in front of me.

I turned around and came here. I saw that everyone was covered in blood. In the dim light of night, the blood was grayish brown and there was a slight cold light under the moonlight.  My forehead fear was raised again.  Eyes swept from these lying people one by one, and finally my eyes stayed on two especially familiar faces!

These two fuzzy faces are so familiar to me!  It was as if I had seen them somewhere, but I couldn't remember who they were.

The driver didn't look at me like he was lying. His eyes became empty and he kept saying, "23 lives, 23 lives!"

I squatted down in front of the driver and asked, "Uncle, you tell me what happened?"

He looked up at me, then at the bodies not far away, jumped up and pulled me to the front of the group, pointing to the bodies I had just seen and saying, "You are dead!  You are dead! "

I looked at him and pointed to one of the familiar faces I just looked at. He said that was me?  How could I lie on the ground covered in blood?  I went to bed as soon as I got on the bus. Is it really a dream?

I looked at him doubtfully and looked at the ground very much like my face. To be honest, he was really like me, with the same clothes as mine, the same trousers, shoes, even the beard and hair on his face. The only difference was that I was standing and he was lying down.

I looked at the driver and another familiar face pang, he and uncle driver beside me are the same!  What's the matter?  I forced myself to calm down, smiled and said to the driver, "Uncle, is there an accident?"

When he heard of the accident, his eyes were extremely dilated, as if he had seen a scene that touched people's souls.  He squatted down and grabbed his hair with his hands!  "I was too sleepy, so I didn't control the car properly. I only reacted when the car rushed out of the road, but it was too late!  It's too late now! "

Listening to uncle driver's words, I imagined the scene at that time in my mind. when I thought of the car tumbling down the road and arriving on this strange grass, my heart throbbed and I was scared.

But I looked at the intact car and then at the body lying on the ground. I was full of doubts. If there was an accident, how could the car stop here intact?  Even if it is lucky enough not to tip over, it cannot be without any damage.  And look at this, the car was driven by people, not rushed down from the road.

I looked at the driver squatting on the ground and wanted to ask why the car was not damaged and why he was all right.

But at that time I saw the dead body on the ground and saw another one besides the face very similar to mine. Isn't this him?  Are we all dead? What are the spirits here now?  ?  But I clearly felt pain just now. Is it pain or ghost?  Is there pain, is it really a dream?

I thought that I was dead, and a familiar figure appeared in my mind for the first time.  I said I would wait for her to come back. If I died, how would I wait for her?  If I die now, what if one day she comes back and cannot see me?  I can't die!

I shook my head violently, thinking only that I could not die!

I forced down my shock and said to the driver, "Uncle, now we should call the police. What do you think?"

The driver listened to my words, shook his head and said, "I have seen it. all the cell phones have no signal here. how can I call the police?"

I took out my cell phone and saw that there was no signal, but when I saw the screen of my cell phone, my original excited heart had a ripple.  Because the mobile phone screen is a photo of me and her, for her sake, I can't and won't die so early.

I looked around and saw that this was a ravine and the car was parked by a quiet river.  Up is a rugged mountain road leading to the highway halfway up the mountain.  Looking at this not very wide mountain road, I think our bus can drive up!

So I said directly to the driver, "Uncle, look at this road, can we drive up?"

When the driver heard this, he looked at the car, looked at the road again, and nodded his head gently.  I was overjoyed. If I could drive the car onto the road, it would be over.

It's just that I don't know how the bus that had an accident didn't have anything.  And the driver is unscathed?  What is even more puzzling is how can I sleep peacefully in the car?  And how can there be bodies like me and the driver on the ground?

We carried all the dead bodies onto the car, and we didn't care about the relics scattered all over the floor.  The driver took a deep breath from his seat and the car started slowly.  On the mountain road full of rubble and weeds, our bus staggered towards the road.  What makes me feel strange is that even though the car is so bumpy, even though the car is winding along the mountain road, I still haven't heard a sound!  Why is this?

After a long time, the car finally stopped at the side of the road smoothly, then the cell phone also had a signal.  The driver jumped out of the car, checked the car and said, "strange, is the car all right?  ?”  I didn't care about him, but called the police.

I told the driver that I called the police. He just nodded and went to check the car.  I also slumped down on the ground, occasionally passing cars on the highway, but I hardly saw our existence.  Every passing car honked its horn and roared past.

Also don't know how long, the police uncle finally appeared.  When I heard that peculiar sound, my heart was filled with excitement. When I saw several police cars appear at the corner, I jumped up directly.  But I am depressed that no matter how I wave to them, they seem not to see me!

The driver also saw the police car. He just stood aside and stared coldly at the approaching police car.

The bus stopped beside our bus and several traffic policemen and several policemen in white coats got off the bus.  When they saw the car nearby, deep doubts immediately arose in their eyes.  One of the older policemen said, "It's strange. What's wrong with this car?"

Several other policemen also looked at the bus parked on the roadside with unbelievable eyes.  When I heard this, I stepped forward until he did not see me standing in front of him. I began to worry.  He can't see me?  ?  I said, "What's wrong with this car?"

But he seems to have not heard a word of my question.

At this moment, the driver came up to hold me and said, "Brother, don't bother, we-we are all dead."

After listening to what he said, my heart is like boiling water. I don't believe it. I am obviously fine and can feel pain. I am also a normal person.  He said I was dead?  ?

I looked back at the driver, he sighed and shook his head, simply lit a cigarette and leaned against the police car to smoke. I also reached for a crouching beside the police car to smoke. The two of us looked at the busy police like bystanders, as if everything was none of our business.

The white-coated policemen jumped out of the car with nervous and frightened eyes after they got on the bus.  One led the team and said to the old policeman, "Liu Dui, I'm so old, I haven't seen such a strange thing!"

The policeman also nodded, then asked, "What is wrong with this car in your experience?"

The policeman in white should be a forensic doctor. He looked back at the car and said, "In my opinion, this car is possessed by a ghost!  Otherwise ... "

Before he could finish, Liu Dui interrupted him directly and said, "Nonsense!  What kind of possession?  You are an atheist when you are a policeman. How can you make such a low-level mistake? "

The medical examiner who led the team did not evade his questioning and said, "Then in Liu Dui's opinion, why is this car like this?"

Liu Dui suddenly closed his mouth. He did not know that this was the first time he had met the traffic police for so many years.

I don't know what they said about the car, isn't it good?  It's just that the passengers on the bus are dead.  Although I don't know why the car in the accident will be in good condition, but we can drive it up from the ravine, there should be no big problem!

I looked at the driver, who was also looking at the police in front of him with questioning eyes and listening to their conversation.

After a while, the police on the spot came to a conclusion and looked at Liu Dui with incredible eyes.

Liu Dui gave a white look and said, "Xiao Wang, please tell me what the situation is!  My old bones can stand the stimulation. "

The police officer called Xiao Wang took a deep breath and said: "after analysis and on-site trace investigation, this car rolled down the mountain directly. there were traces of being pressed and punctured by the rolling of the car, and the damage degree of this car was 90%!  Twenty-four people inside, all killed.

According to the preliminary estimation of the cause of their death, they were all killed by physical blows, that is to say, the car ran out of the road uncontrollably, causing the car to roll from the mountainside to the grass along the riverside at the foot of the mountain, and all the passengers and drivers inside were spared.

However, I have been a police officer for so long, and also a person who believes in science. I can't understand why this car is parked at the side of the road.  What makes me even more confused is that the alarm phone just now was the number of a passenger inside, but I just saw that the mobile phone with that number was turned off three hours ago ... "

Xiao Wang said in one breath the results of his investigation, which made him dizzy. He couldn't help but took another deep breath. Before Liu Dui could speak, he added: "None of the people in the car had ever left the car. According to the on-site analysis, there was no third party, that is to say, the people in the car ran to the car by themselves.

Although they lost their lives three hours ago, half an hour ago they came to the car and found a place of their own!  Besides, this car ran down the mountain to the highway itself, and the number also called the police with us!  "

"Is this possible?  ?”  Before Liu Dui could speak, the leading forensic doctor yelled.

Liu Dui was also full of doubts. He said, "You said this car has been wrecked for three hours?  Will there be people who have done good deeds but do not want to remain famous? "

Xiao Wang shook his head bitterly and said: "Don't say that there are good people. Even if there are good people, even if they are not one, it is impossible to get this car onto a highway tens of meters high. We have seen that there are no signs of other vehicles stopping at the scene. Only the explanation I have just given can explain all this."

At this time, the police who went to inspect the foot of the mountain also came up. One of them said to Liu Dui, "Liu Dui, we have seen that there is only one rugged mountain road from the highway to the foot of the mountain. This mountain road can only be walked by one person, and it is also very dangerous. If you do not pay attention to it, you may fall off.  We saw a lot of things on the grass by the riverside, which were probably the belongings of the passengers on the bus, but we didn't see a dead person. "

Liu Dui gave him a look and said, "Let's leave this alone and take the dead back to the county funeral home. The car will be pulled back by a crane early tomorrow morning."  Several other policemen replied that they were busy with their own affairs.

The smoke in my hand had already come to an end. I played it out naturally.  Don't want to this shot, cigarette butts fell on Liu Dui's head, he was already filled with anxiety by the accident, now someone put cigarette butts on his head, he angrily turned to reprimand the prankster.

However, he turned around and did not see anyone. He swallowed what he had just said.  He looked at the busy policemen, and no one had time to smoke, let alone throw cigarette butts at him behind him.

I thought they couldn't see us or see our things. I didn't think he was thrown by my cigarette butts.

My curiosity was great. I bent down to pick up a small stone and threw it at him. He was hit again. He turned angrily and then turned angrily. But I saw his body shaking obviously, and my heart felt funny unconsciously.

When everything was ready, the police got on the bus one after another.

Before getting on the bus, Liu Dui asked the driver, "Did you see anyone smoking?"

The young driver glanced doubtfully at Liu Dui and said no.  Liu Dui sighed and waved, and the police convoy gradually disappeared at the end of the road.

The police came and went quickly. although they took numerous photos and made many investigations, they could not explain this strange scene. I think it will only be regarded as a general traffic accident, right?  When all around quieted down, it was just me and the bus driver.

I said to him with a wry smile: "Uncle, what shall we do next?"

He also smiled bitterly, looked at the mountains around him and said to me, "let's go home!"

Back?  Where are you going?  He didn't speak or mind me. He came to the bus and the bus started soon.

I got on the bus, too. I came to the bus. the bus was obviously good, but why did the police say it was damaged by more than 90 percent?  Also, although the winding mountain road has some dangers, we have not yet driven the car safely?  These policemen are really useless!

Our bus was slowly moving along the road when I discovered that there was no blood on me!  When carrying the corpse just now, I got a lot of stains all over my body. Why haven't I got any now?

However, there are too many questions tonight. I didn't care too much. I just can't believe that I have lost my life!  Maybe I am just a wandering ghost now?  Or maybe I am dreaming now?  There was nothing to say all the way, I was immersed in my own thoughts, and the driver also drove with concentration.  We started to return directly to Luzhou along the route.

When I got to Luzhou, I didn't realize my luggage was gone until I got off the bus.  So I have no place to go!

The driver looked at me and kindly said to me, "Brother, go to Uncle's tonight!  Although we are all dead, the dead will go home. "

I nodded naturally.  When I parked my car in the parking space of the station, I went to his house with uncle driver. his house was originally in xingyi, but since I wanted to go to Luzhou at any time, I also bought a house in Luzhou, so there were only two of us.

I was sitting in the living room watching TV, the driver went to do a simple wash, then took out a basket of fruit and put it in front of me, saying: "people should enjoy it even if they die. come on, eat apples."

I smiled and picked up an apple and took a bite. I felt dry and astringent. I looked at him with a wry smile. He also gave a wry smile and took out a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and drank it alone.  I put down the apple and chatted with the drunk driver uncle.  When it was time to rest, uncle driver gave me another apple and said, "we are not alone on the yellow road. we have brothers with us. ha ha."

His calm also infected me. To tell the truth, although I knew that I might be dead, I did not have much sadness. The only thing I could not let go was her in my heart. I said I would wait for her, but now I have to wait for the next life.

I don't know if she will shed tears for me when she knows about me.  Will you feel sad for me?

I smiled at the driver uncle and said: "uncle, you go to rest first!  Although we are all ghosts, I feel that I want to sleep. What about you? "

"Me too, I seem very tired."  Then he smiled and went into the room.

I looked at my cell phone and it was only 2 o'clock!  My heart is naturally one more question!  Is the speed at which we drive.  According to the time, we drove at 11: 30 at noon, and at the accident site, I think the time is 12: 30, and the time has passed for 12 hours. Even if the accident was three hours before 12: 30, it was around 9: 30. Our car had been driving for 10 hours and had already entered Guizhou, but how long did it take us to drive back?

The time we spent at the riverside plus the time the police stayed together was no less than an hour.  But we only finished the ten-hour journey in half an hour?  Can this not make people wonder?  But I think everything is normal for the driver. I think he may have accepted the fact of death.

But have we really changed into ghosts?  I did not dare to think any more. Seeing that my cell phone was running out of electricity, I knocked on the driver's uncle's door and said, "Uncle, do you have a charger?  My cell phone is dead. "

Uncle Driver grunted in the room: "What kind of cell phone do you use when everyone is dead?"

However, he still opened the door and handed me a universal charge, then said, "there is no socket outside. give me the battery and I will charge it for you.  We can also listen to your mobile phone when we walk along the yellow road. "  Then we smiled at each other.

I gave him the battery, and then dragged my tired body to lie on the sofa of his house. With tiredness and thoughts, I soon fell asleep again.

When Liu Dui was still in his dream, the phone rang uneasily. He opened his eyes confusedly and pressed the answer button habitually. "No, Liu Dui, no big deal!"

Liu Dui's sleepy head immediately cleared up. He said to the other end of the phone, "What's the matter?  What's the big deal? "

The man at the other end of the phone calmed down and said: "Liu Dui, the tow truck driver we sent to the scene of the accident last night to pull the car back said there were no so-called buses, and Wang, who went there together last night, said there were no signs of an accident.  Liu Dui, did we dream together last night? "

Liu Dui was still brooding over last night's car accident, but now hearing the news, his mind was shocked or shocked.

He forced himself to calm down and said, "What collective dream?  I think someone deliberately covered up the fact of the car accident!  So many people have died. This is a major traffic accident. Please check it for me immediately.  By the way, go to the funeral parlor to have a look and publish the photos of all the dead so that people can claim them. "

Liu Dui severely hung up the phone, quickly put on police uniform after washing, and drove to the traffic police force, driving his own car on the way to the police force. Soon the phone rang again.

He got through to the phone, and there came the voice "Strange, Liu Dui, I just went to the funeral home, and all the bodies pulled in last night were gone!"

"what?  ?”  When Liu Dui heard the news, he almost didn't control the car. When the car stopped at the side of the road, he picked up the phone again: "Are you sure all the bodies are missing?"

The other end of the phone said: "Yes, Liu Dui, I didn't open the door when I went to the funeral parlor. When I went to the room where the bodies were stored last night with the uncle who kept the door, the door was locked, but when it was opened, there was nothing inside."

Liu Dui is also beginning to worry. This is a serious traffic accident. If it is covered up by those who are willing to do so, I don't know if I can still keep my job.

He said to the phone, "Look at the scene and I'll be right there."  He hung up the phone, then made several more calls and drove straight to the funeral home.

The funeral parlor was on duty last night with an old man, and at the moment he was talking to a policeman for no apparent reason.

Liu Dui parked his car and came to the duty room, where several policemen had gathered. He glanced at them. Several people who went to the scene of the accident together were there last night. Before he could speak, Wang shouted at him.

"Liu Dui, it is incredible!  I have just checked here, and there is no trace of man-made damage to the lock. However, there are only two keys in this mortuary. One is held by this gentleman and the other is in the cabinet of the office. "

At this moment, the doorkeeper also spoke. He said: "The police informed me that you know I left with you after I came here last night to store the body. I didn't do it."

Liu Dui pondered and said, "Where is the key to the office?"

After hearing what he said, the others all gave a wry smile, but still Xiao Wang said, "I went to the office just now and saw that the key was rusty. it is impossible to open the lock. do you think who would steal from the morgue if nothing happened?"  Liu Dui was completely stunned.

What the hell is going on here?  Is it really a collective dream?

Just when many people were lost in thought, last night's forensic doctor made another shocking discovery. he said: "all the relics collected from the dead are gone and completely disappeared!  Also, those photos have become scenery. "

Liu Dui waved his hand and said: "I have guessed, perhaps, we are really dreaming together!"

Then he walked out of the funeral home duty room.  The rest came out one after the other. After Wang said goodbye to the doorkeeper, a line of people came to the traffic police force.

No one can explain why in this case, but Liu Dui's heart could not be calm for a long time. I think anyone who meets such a thing will have his head on it!

Arriving at the police force, just as they were preparing to hold a seminar on the accident, a policewoman sitting in front of the computer told Liu Dui, "Liu Dui, I contacted the stations in Luzhou and Xingyi. The bus arrived in Xingyi around 5 o'clock this morning. The passengers on the bus had nothing to do and arrived at their destination one after another.  I think we may have gone crazy together last night. "

Liu Dui has been hit hard and has not responded much to the news. Instead, he calmly said, "Do you know where this bus is?"

The policewoman said: "This is also the place where both sides of the station cannot explain. Now this bus is parked at Luzhou station, but it should have been at Xingyi station."

Liu Dui slumped down on the sofa, lit a cigarette, watched the smoke rise in front of his eyes, watched it flash left and right as the air flowed, and finally he gritted his teeth and burst out a sentence: "Case closed!"


When I woke up faint, I found myself on the bus. Everything around me was the same as when I got on the bus. The bus was driving on the highway and there was a buzzing sound.

Next to me, I don't know when an older middle-aged man has been sitting. I shook my head or some dizzy head, recalling the dream that made me puzzled. Then I stared at my left hand in surprise. I was holding an apple that had been bitten in my hand.  But before I got on the bus, I didn't buy any fruit except a bottle of mineral water. how did this apple appear in my hand?  And seems to have been bitten not long ago?

I reflexively took out my cell phone and turned it off!  I opened the cell phone cover, no battery!

At this moment, one of the two drivers came to the last row and asked me to follow him to the front. He whispered to me, "Brother, did you dream?"

I looked at him in surprise, and then he took something out of his pocket. It was my battery.

I opened my mouth and did not speak, but showed him the apple in my hand. He said to himself, "It's not a dream!"

I looked around and saw that everything was normal, not a dream?  Then why are we still alive?  And the others are unscathed?  It seems that nothing has really happened.

The driver uncle added: "Brother, it seems that we are all hallucinating. What do you think?"

I didn't answer his words, but put the battery into my cell phone. After turning on the phone, I looked at the time and it was only over 3 pm.  It turned out that the car had only been driving for less than five hours.  Then I said to uncle driver, "uncle, this may be a joke played by god on us, hehe."

Then the driver slapped me on the shoulder and said, "it's just a joke, ha ha, but you have to finish this apple!"

I looked at the apple, remembered the dream that was not a dream, and took a bite.