Dish Fairy Swirling

The night before the school holiday, after the midnight snack, the roommates somehow didn't want to sleep.

"Anyway, there is no class tomorrow, and everyone doesn't want to sleep. Let's play Dish Fairy!"  One of the roommates, Ling, suggested.

"Yes!"  Other roommates agreed.

I was the only one among the four who didn't make any noise. They looked at me in order.

Since I was a child, I have been short of yang qi.  At ordinary times, Qingming Festival or July, I will be very weak.  If I have bad luck, I will be ill and ill for a long time if I encounter this kind of thing, even if it is only close to me.

Although my mother doesn't believe it very much, she still forbids me to touch such things.  I also want to play the evocation games they mentioned, but because of physical reasons, I can't play them every time.

I have not mentioned this matter to anyone.  I just said, I'm not interested in these.

"Play for yourselves ... I won't play ... I'll wash my hands."  I got up and went to the bathroom.

"Are you sure you don't want to play?"  Ling said.

"... don't play ..." I closed the bathroom door.

After I closed the door, I knew they would start playing right away, and those things seemed to be waiting for them, and they were soon invited.  Because I feel breathing is not very smooth.  I couldn't hear what they said clearly.

When I came out, it was only a few seconds before I saw the plate spinning wildly, and their fingers followed the plate.

"How did this happen?  What exactly did you ask? "  I nervously asked, after all, the rumors of the dormitory also heard a lot.  In case  ......

"Have you asked the wrong questions?"

"No!"  They replied in unison.

"What if it has been rotating for a long time?"  Xi said in fear.

I looked at the rotating plate, I could not feel anger, it should not be angry.

Not angry, what is that?

"Which of you asked what exactly?  !"  I am angry and scared.  In case anything really happens, it will be very difficult to clean up.

At this moment, Lingcai said slowly: "I just asked how many turns it can turn at most, and that's it ..."

Looking at the continuously rotating plate, my mind really has no clue.

"You help to think of a way!  My hand is going to dislocate ... "surplus said.

"... I don't play ... save me ..." Xi cried at this time.

My mind was already out of order. Now that she cries, I can't think of anything more.

I looked around the dormitory, I didn't find any spiritual body, but I felt reiki, and not very strong.  If I didn't guess wrong, it should be a child.  It's a child without complaint.

It should hide in a corner that we don't often notice.

I tried to calmly say to the three of them, "whoever you told him to turn just now will tell him to stop."

The spirit body should not want us to see it and hide on purpose.  Since I can't find the spiritual body, I have to use this method.

The three of them looked at each other, and finally the spirit said to the plate, "please ... please ... stop ..." recognized the spirit's voice trembling slightly.

The dishes still did not stop.

"Please ... stop ..." Spirit repeated again.

The dish still won't work.

I can only look at them stupidly and do nothing.

I can't do anything without stopping the dishes.

"... it doesn't listen, how to do ..." Xi cry more excited, fingers quickly leave the plate.

"You don't leave!"  Ying didn't panic as much as Xi: "... as soon as you leave, we will have something to do."

Seeing that the situation could not be cleared up, I stood up and explored around the dormitory.

"what are you doing?"  Ling doesn't know I have this special constitution, so she naturally doesn't understand what I want to do.

"It's all you!  If it weren't for you, this wouldn't have happened!  It's all you! "  Xi cried and denounced the spirit.

"How do I know it won't stop ... I don't want it to happen ..."

They started the war there, and I found the spirit body by accident.

It hid in the garbage can in the corner.  If it weren't for its laughter, it would be hard to find.  The garbage in the garbage can was taken out after dinner, and only the one from the snack was left in the garbage can.

I stood by the trash can and did not dare to look too close to it.  Because I can't breathe smoothly now, I'm afraid I'll suffocate when I walk past.  It is too young to control its aura.

It raised its head slightly, revealing only a pair of eyes.  It can squeeze into the garbage can, and it must not be big.

I turned to look at them and then at the child.  I don't know how to speak.  Like the spirit, like them, are the same.

I'm so old that I haven't spoken to the spirit.  Grandma said she would avoid talking to them if she could.  Because if they knew I could see them, I would get into trouble.

Some spirits do not want human beings to see them. They will try their best to prevent human beings from seeing them.  Some spiritual bodies need human help and will try their best to get human help before returning it.  But in the process, the human who can see them will be very troublesome.

However, both are troubles for me.  I know I have a bad heart and refuse to help people for my own sake.

So every time there is a spirit, I will stay away from it.  Just, this time is different!  They are my friends and I should help them.  Although they deserve it.

Their fighting is getting fiercer and fiercer, and I am getting more and more nervous.  I breathe in and out hard, try to keep breathing and walk slowly.

Three lives depend on me.  If I am unlucky and have something to do, but at least they are alive, sacrificing one life and saving three lives, this bet is worth it.  Thought of here, I think I think myself a little great, almost spit out the snack just now.

I approached it and said, "little friend ... what are you doing here?"

My first sentence turned out to be this one.  Of course they invited it.  I can't wait to slap myself.

The child slowly turned his head and stared at me.

It's hard to breathe.  I thought to myself.

I looked at it, and it looked at me.  Looking at his round eyes, he seemed to roll out at any moment.  I try to keep breathing.  I feel dizzy. I'm running out of oxygen.

We just looked at each other for a few seconds.  They are still very angry and haven't finished quarrelling up to now.

"You ..." It showed the whole head and looked at me askance.

Its head seems to have tilted too far and it is going to fall off.  I'll take a breath.

"... can you see me?"  It was laughing.

I nodded slightly.  Influenced by it, I did not dare to put my head too hard for fear of falling.

He seemed very happy to hear me say so.

I doubt if I was wrong. It is actually a human being and not a spirit.  And my dizziness is psychological.

Because it gives me the feeling of being a simple child.  Although it looks chilling.

However, I quickly knocked over the idea, because its head really exceeded the limits of human beings.

It raised its head straight, turned to look at them, pointed to them and said to me: "... I've come to see my mother ..."

Mom?  !

My heart thumped and I felt I could hardly breathe.  When will they ... why don't I know?

I adjusted my mind and said to it: "... which ... which?"

It still smiled and looked at them still quarrelling, "the one on the left."

On the left.  It is surplus.

Can't you?  When did Ying do such a thing?  Is it for revenge?

However, why does it not complain?

"... they said she was my future mother.  I will be reborn soon. "  It said happily, but I was going insane.

Soon reborn?  The future mother?  That is to say surplus ... Impossible!  Ying, although she has a boyfriend, should not do that kind of thing, and her boyfriend doesn't look like that kind of person and can't do that kind of thing.  We will soon graduate. If that happens to Yingcheng, we will not be able to graduate, and we will not be able to obtain the graduation certificate.

I listened and thought, I felt as if my soul had quietly flown away and my mind was blank.  What the hell is going on here?

"Hey ... forget it!  You see wings, scared into this appearance, so poor ... "Surplus said.

"... yes, it seems too much ..." Xi said with a full face of tears.

Ling looked at the lost soul's wing squatting beside the garbage can.

"Well, forget it!  So not scared! "  Spirit is not good spirit ground say, finger left the dish.

Ling walked over and pushed her and said, "hello ... hello!  Wing! "

I immediately return to absolute being.

It's a spirit.

"We were joking with you ..." Xi said, "... we didn't invite ..."

Not invited?  !  My brain feels blasted.

Was that just an act?  It's a waste for the three of them not to win the Golden Horse Award!  Xi, in particular, should be awarded the best actress award!

"... I'm sorry ... was going to just scare you ... I didn't think you really scared, also ..." Surplus and city said while packing.

Then, this child is ... I immediately understand what.  I looked at Ying and felt unspeakable in my heart.  Do you want to tell her?  I looked at the child again.  It smiled at me, chilling smile.

"What's so good about trash cans?"  Said, ling to take away the trash can.  I quickly caught her and wouldn't let her take it.

She was surprised at my behavior and said, "What's the matter?  So stingy ah ... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ... "

She didn't understand why I had to hold on to the garbage can.

The child is looking at her.

"What do you want?  That's for you ... trash can also want, sure enough, freak ... "spirit went to the bed to tidy up the bed.

Ying said to Ling Yin, "You're terrible ... You scared her silly ..."

"Go ... she's not that easy to be silly ..." She said, playing with her mobile phone.

I don't know what to do, I slowly got up and walked to the desk.

"Wing, I'm sorry ... scared you, you must be very angry ... you can scold us ..." Xi said.

"... no ... nothing ..." I said.

I have to think about the child.

At this time, surplus cell phone rang.

"Hello ... is it?  Well, I'll be right down! "  Surplus happily hung up the phone, hurriedly changed clothes.

"Where are you going so late?"  Ling asked curiously.

"The male said he would take me out ..." He said, and took the backpack to go out.

My heart suddenly throbbed.

At the same time, the child was beside her.

I stopped her: "It's so late, can't we go tomorrow?"

She hesitated and said: "... the males are all downstairs, and I also said that there is no reason to ask him to go back."

"How can someone stop someone from going on a date?"  Ying said.

I looked at the child with stupefied eyes, and it waved happily to me.

"... rest assured ... I will be back soon ... I have the key!  I'm leaving! "  Said, and went out.

Soon after Ying left, Xi asked Ling, "Ling, are your hands sour?"

"No ... your hands are sore?"  Seeing that she can still play with her mobile phone proves that her hands are really not sour.

"It's just strange that you don't feel sour ..." Xi said: "... By the way, Yi, you didn't call your brother today. Didn't your brother look for you?"

"No ..." Say that finish, I climbed into bed, back to them.

Several months passed, and one day Ying cried that she was pregnant.

I know.

I have a presentiment that a child who gives me the feeling of simplicity will soon become not only unsophisticated, but also a resentful infant spirits.

They were invited that night.  However, they invited, please don't go.