chat room


Xiaotian is a third-year university student. For those who are good at communication, the time of the university is colorful. But this does not apply to Xiaotian, because Xiaotian is a very introverted and somewhat timid boy. Don't talk about your girlfriend, even the very good brothers are only one person in the same room.

Zhiyuan is completely different from Xiaotian. Others are very sunny, very communicative, and family conditions are very good. Moreover, he is very woman. But even then, two people who seem to be completely out of touch have become a very good friend. And this reason is not only because Xiaotian and Zhiyuan grew up together, but they also had the fate of being born on the same day. Moreover, because both of them have the same special hobby, they all have a strong interest in spiritual events and legends. As long as they are free, the two will sit together and discuss these things. One chat is one day.

Soon, I will graduate soon. Like all the students who are about to step out of the campus and step into the society, Xiaotian often gets confused and confused. To this end, Xiaotian often suffers from insomnia.

Today is Saturday, the other boys in the dormitory are not in the dormitory. Friends who are familiar with college life know that every Friday and Saturday nights are nights for dating students. There is nothing unusual about the situation of a crowd of people in a bedroom. This also includes Zhiyuan. Xiaotian thought that he must have dated with his girlfriend Shi Yu.

Xiao Tian, ​​who was bored and unable to sleep, looked for the future employment intentions on the Internet. Then, as usual, he browsed the website about the spiritual events. Recently, he talked about Taoist’s words about the ghosts. Interested. When I saw God, Xiaotian gradually forgot the time.

When I saw the wonderful things about how to lock the soul, suddenly the computer was turned off and the whole house was in a darkness. Xiaotian, took a look at the phone. It was already 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, and the time for the dormitory to power off was over. "哎" Xiaotian, sighed. The other boys in the same room still did not return. Yeah, it’s strange to come back. Xiaotian thinks like this.

Xiao Tian slammed into his bed, thinking of his future way out, while thinking about the rare magic tricks he had just seen about locking the soul, and his thoughts were in his heart. I feel that I can't sleep. He subconsciously turned on the phone and looked at it indiscriminately. For the boring person, he himself did not know what he was upset. Xiaotian opened his own WeChat, a few friends, a silence. At this time, he remembered what Zhiyuan said before: "Xiaotian, tell you a fun software. You see, this is called Mo Mo, there are people in the north and the north, and there is a chat room about the topic of horror in the evening. I used to play it once when I was bored at night. If you look back, if you are really bored and can't sleep, you can go and have a look. It's very interesting." After that, Zhiyuan installed the chat software for Xiaotian.

Anyway, I can't sleep now. Open it and see if I can find any like-minded friends. Xiaotian thought this way, he opened a stranger. He found that his avatar was a hoe, and there was a big iron rope on his hoe. Your own ID is called "The Dead Man." "This Zhiyuan, when did I set my avatar and name?" Xiaotian didn't think much about it. He simply got familiar with the software of Momo. There is really a chat room about the topic of horror and strangeness. The headline of the room has everything. Xiao Tian first entered several chat rooms, but it was not kicked out by the host of the room. Yeah, it’s easy for him to be kicked by someone who doesn’t talk and can’t be seen. At this time, he saw a chat room titled "A story every day, you have to be bold," and this time, he just entered the chat room with the psychology of trying to see. Maybe it was just the room that opened, and Xiaotian squeezed in without much effort. The head of the room host is a beautiful woman with a half face and a small mouth to show her kisses. Very attractive. The limit of the chat room is ten people, and Xiaotian is at the end. The people in the room are jealous. Like all chat rooms, some are teasing beautiful hosts, and some are greeting each other. The beauty host seemed to turn a blind eye and did not react to the fans' playfulness and jokes.

"Hey, why didn't you see the shadows today? He is going to watch the story of the gods almost every day for a week. Why are people gone today?" "Cut, you still say others, are you not the same? It’s almost a week, Every day I saw you waiting to listen to the story of the Great God. The people in the chat room chilled each other, and Xiaotian felt that they were all acquaintances. I can't plug in myself, but fortunately, this beauty host didn't kick herself because she didn't talk. At this time, the beauty host opened the voice and said something in a tempting tone. "Everyone please be quiet, our gods will come to tell us the story right away." The originally overturned text in the chat room suddenly stopped, everyone Not talking. What the Buddha is waiting for, which makes Xiao Tianqi surprising.

At this time, the chat room shows that a person has squeezed into the chat room that is already full through the member. That person has no avatar, no ID, a blank piece, and at about the same time, the person sent a voice of 60 seconds: "Hello, thank you for listening to the story I told you tonight. Tonight. The story is called 'Dementor'." Xiaotian was immediately attracted by the magnetic and thick voice of this person. He felt that this person's voice seemed to have an invisible magic. No wonder, there are so many people waiting in front of their mobile phones to listen to his stories every day.

The story tonight is about a pair of beloved couples being persecuted and turned into a story of a ghost who uses the secrets of taboos to kill the most overcast people and ask for their souls to regenerate themselves. The so-called extremely yin is the person born in the Yinyin Yinyin and Yinyin. The story is very appealing, and the narratives about those taboos are also very detailed. Xiaotian immediately became fascinated. Soon, the story ends in this strange and passionate story.

"Well, this is the story of the dementor I want to tell you, we will see you tomorrow at the same time."

After that, this person is like a network suddenly disconnected, and hastily disappeared. I completely ignored the praises and applause of the audience, and did not pay attention to the application of friends of the fans during the period, so it disappeared.

At this time, the beauty host said in her very sweet voice: "The story tonight is finished, and I will speak on time at a little tomorrow. Everyone is good night."

After that, the beauty host also quit the room. The other listeners quickly quit the room. Only one person named "Flying in the toilet and flies" stayed in the room. Xiaotian finally showed his first line in Momo with incomparable curiosity. "Who is the storyteller? The story is very good. It’s good. It’s just not enough. Does he only tell a story every day?" For a long time, in the chat room, "Flies" returned a paragraph, "Yes. Ah, he only talks one night, and every day is very punctual, it is 1 o'clock in the morning. If you like to listen, you will come over at 1 o'clock tomorrow, he will be there." "Okay, I will come to listen tomorrow." "Xiaotian returns." "Oh, but this god is really, his voice is strange enough. Today, after telling the story, he still scares people. What to say, tonight, you will die like a actor. Cut!" Xiaotian stunned, he I don't remember hearing that person said such a passage. So he clicked on the last piece of voice from that person and wanted to confirm it. However, the voice did not respond. No matter how it is, the voice can't be released.

Xiaotian didn't think much about it. Maybe it was just a problem with his own network. I didn't hear it clearly. "The amount may be to create an atmosphere. You know that people who tell ghost stories are a little god-like. Love scares people." Hey, do you believe that there are ghosts in this world?"

The two people opened their voices like this, and Xiaotian met a like-minded friend, as if he had changed someone. The shameful introverted on weekdays was gone, and he was constantly exchanged his own experiences and experiences with each other. And add friends to each other. The two talked for a long time, unconsciously, it was already at three o'clock midnight.

"Hey, do you know about the lock-up of the soul?" Xiaotian opened a topic again, but for a long time, the other party did not answer. Xiaotian stared at the screen, one minute, two minutes, ten minutes passed and the other party still did not answer. Maybe you are sleeping, think about it. Xiaotian’s sleepiness has gradually come, and today he simply falls asleep.

"Wake up, wake up, Xiaotian, Xiaotian!" "呜呜~~" "Xiaotian!" Zhiyuan was sitting on Xiaotian with a big ass. "Oh, what are you doing!" "Hey, you said What are you doing, what time is it, still sleeping? Hurry up, today we are not going to have to go out to play together? Hurry up, Shi Yu and Xinlan are waiting! Hurry up, introduce you to a sister today!"

Xiaotian looked at the watch, it was already 11 noon, and he climbed the bed reluctantly. Under the urging of Zhiyuan, I simply rushed out and hurried out of the door.

By the lake, three girls sat in a small boat and frolic in the middle of the lake. Xiaotian and Zhiyuan sat at the lake and chatted about the sky. "Hey, I said Xiaotian, this guy is really good. You see that people are very fond of you. How are your kids so wood!" Xiaotian said nothing. Hearing Zhiyuan’s words, he said: “Zhiyuan, I met a big god in the chat room of Momo last night. The ghost story is very good. And I also know a friend, and I know a lot. We talked for a long time!" After that, Xiaotian took out his mobile phone from his pocket and opened a stranger. He wanted to give Zhiyuan a look at the netizens who met yesterday. but. . . . The netizen who was in the buddy’s column, “The number of flies in the toilet” was gone! It was replaced by an unknown netizen without an avatar and no ID. Xiaotian clicked on the information of the netizen, which contained pictures of some terrible death scenes. Some cockroaches pulled their heads and put out their tongues. Some eyes widened and the empty eyes looked at the ceiling. The pictures in each picture are different, but they all have one thing in common. They seem to be scared to death because they saw something terrible. Fortunately this is a sunny and sunny afternoon, otherwise. Xiaotian really wants to be scared by these pictures!

Along the side, Zhiyuan complained with dissatisfaction. "Xiaotian, you are fine. When did you learn to joke with me! Well, don't make trouble, hey, poetry rain, they call us!! Go!"

Xiaotian, staying in the same place, the ID and avatar of the netizen named flies last night were normal. Why, just change the day? And, it’s exactly the same as yesterday’s storyteller!! Even if he is his fan, isn’t it necessary?

But thinking about it again, this is not a big deal. The netizen just changed his avatar and ID himself and was so surprised. Is it a bit too big to be surprised? Thinking of this, Xiaotian laughed at himself. Get up and walk in the direction of everyone.

Tonight, Xiaotian and Zhiyuan both sit on the bed of Xiaotian. Like Zhitian, Zhiyuan is also a guy who has no resistance to the strange things. He couldn't stand the praise of Xiaotian for the storyteller. He wanted to listen to it with his own ears and verify it himself.

Time, it is almost 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, the two people holding the phone constantly brushing the chat room of Mo Mo. Suddenly, a chat room called "A ghost story every day, you have to be bold" was brushed out, and the two immediately squeezed in. Xiaotian, looked at the people in the chat room, the beauty hosted, listening to the wind and listening to the rain, the small building spring breeze. . . It was still those people last night, but the only netizen who he only met yesterday was "squatting in the toilet and counting flies"! Xiaotian thought that the chat room was full. He didn't squeeze in, just on the mobile phone bar. The only friend outside the far sent a message "Brother, didn't squeeze in? The chat room is full!" Then, Xiaotian looked at Zhiyuan's head and ID, and said, "Hey, Zhiyuan." How do you give your own name so Saobao! Give me a special code to start a dead person! Also get a strange head!" Zhiyuan listened after a sigh, "Xiaotian, I did not I have given you an ID, but I haven't set an avatar for you!" Zhiyuan said seriously, "Don't make trouble, big night, strange and scary!! Look, this is this person!" Because Zhiyuan often After chatting with Xiaotian about the topic of horror, he took a joke with Xiaotian, so Xiaotian did not believe what Zhiyuan said. At this time, the time has been fixed at one o'clock at midnight. Last night, the man who had no avatar, no ID, was punctual, just like yesterday, and used his membership to squeeze into the chat room that was already full.

“Hello everyone, thank you for listening to the story I told you tonight. The story tonight is called ‘Soul soul’.”

On the other end of the phone came a familiar and very magnetic sound, and Xiaotian was very excited. He looked at Zhiyuan on the side, and Zhiyuan was listening to the story of that person very seriously. Very enterprising.

The story of the death is a series of serial killings in a city. All the dead are covered with an iron chain on their necks, and a lock-type lock used by ancient people is hung on the chain. .

Soon, the story is over, and that person, like yesterday, suddenly disappeared from everyone’s face. Did not say a word.

The story of this person tonight has made Xiaotian and Zhiyuan get a lot of interesting information. For example, they know from the story that their birth is a cloudy and cloudy day, because there is a hero’s date of birth in the story. The same as the two of them. It was all the time of July 13, 1993.

"How, Zhiyuan, what are you talking about?" Zhiyuan said that his chin was still in the air. "Well, it’s a pity to say only one story every night!" "Maybe there are any special reasons for people. I feel that I can't sleep at night if I don't listen to his story!" The two whispered I am afraid that I will go to sleep with other boys in the dormitory. After talking about the story of the soul that was mentioned in the story for a while, they both went back to bed and slept. Before going to sleep, Xiao Tian glanced at the friend in the friend bar. He did not reply.

In the next week, except for the day of the second day, Xiaotian had a good morning and went to sleep early the night before. The two of them sit on Xiaotian's bed every night, listening to the story of someone who has no name and no ID. Still, there is only one story per day. Still, when he finished the story, he hurriedly disappeared as usual. Just, faint, Xiaotian feels that there is something wrong with it.

And his netizen flies never appeared again. . . However, the Xiaotian mobile phone has no avatar, and the user without ID has updated an unspecified dynamic every day. There is only one picture of the person who is scared to death. The information that Xiaotian sent to the netizen several times was sinking into the sea.

It was another midnight on Saturday, and the other roommates in the dormitory went out for a date. In the dormitory, only Xiaotian was left alone. Zhiyuan also went out to date with his girlfriend Shi Yu. Xiaotian constantly brushed the chat room and was afraid that others would preempt himself, because he knew that people who entered would not come out after listening to the story. Today, Xiaotian is determined to add the friend of the storyteller. Because he feels that that person must be a reasonable person. How much I want to chat with him!

When the portrait of the beauty host appeared, Xiaotian couldn’t wait to enter. Today, Xiaotian grabbed the position of the sofa. This is the first time Xiaotian grabbed the sofa in this week. At this time, he found that Zhiyuan also came in. Zhiyuan grabbed the bench in the chat room. When the two occupied the position, the chat room suddenly became full. At this time, Xiao Tiancai found that he had not felt the same thing before. It turned out that the listeners he was familiar with were like flies, and one by one did not appear again. Now, other listeners in the chat room, he is so strange.

"Moderator, add a friend? If you open the lecture later, please call me!" Zhiyuan sent a sentence. However, the beauty host did not react as before. This makes the phone at the end of the phone a bit awkward.

At one o'clock midnight, the chat room showed that a person was squeezing in as a member. No avatar, no ID, everything is so familiar.

“Hello everyone, thank you for listening to the story I told you tonight. The story tonight is called ‘chat room’”

"Come here!" Zhiyuan excitedly screamed! "Don't talk!!" Xiaotian immediately returned a sentence in the chat room.

Today’s story tells the story of a bored student who received a boring curse while chatting in a chat room in the middle of the night, but was later killed by a roommate who was pretending to be a ghost.

The story is as exciting as ever, and it is different from the boring ghost story of the online account. Under the professional explanation of that person, the story of twists and turns is even more horrible. Just as the story was about to finish, Xiaotian clicked on the person's avatar and made a friend application. However, the unexpected scene of Xiaotian unexpectedly appeared, and Momo showed that he had added this person’s friend!!

"Well, this is the story of the chat room I want to tell you. Tonight, you will die like a actor!" Without waiting for Xiaotian to think about the strange scene that happened just now, the storyteller is as usual, suddenly The disappearance.

The beauty host said the same as before, and said in her sweet voice: "The story tonight is finished, and I will speak on time at a little tomorrow night. Everyone is good night." After the talk, the beauty host quit the chat room.

The other listeners also quit the chat room one by one after a chill. In the chat room, there are only two people, Xiaotian and Zhiyuan. "Haha, are you kidnapped and don't forget to listen to the story of the Great God? However, the story of the Great God is getting better and better, but this god is really You said that his voice was strange enough. Today, after telling the story, he still scares people. What to say, tonight you will die like a actor. Like the boring curse in the story. Cut!" Xiaotian After listening to the story, I didn’t care about it. I sent a speech to Zhiyuan first. For a long time, Zhiyuan returned a voice. "Xiaotian, what kind of jokes do you have in the middle of the night? You usually say that you are very courageous. You know that you are scared. What kind of curse is there, and the end is not the same as before, will it be tomorrow at the same time?" ”

When Xiaotian heard such a sentence, it was like a hit with a blue sky. His memory of disappearing of the Buddha all came out. He suddenly remembered it, just a week ago. The flies said to him, he remembered that the flies said he heard the same curse. At that time, he also comforted the flies and said that this might be what the other party deliberately said in order to set off the atmosphere. He also clearly remembered that he was also trying to listen to the last voice of the paragraph, but he couldn’t open it anyway!


Xiaotian’s heart was jumping, and he was a little scared. That series of abnormal things are constantly flashing in front of Xiaotian, he dare not continue to think about it!! "Xiaotian, don't tell you, ha, the rain is a little unhappy, hehe. Brother, don't think too much." Go to bed early. Don't forget to let us go to dinner tomorrow!" This is the last paragraph of Zhiyuan's voice. After finishing, Zhiyuan will quit the chat room. Xiaotian is alone in the black-painted bedroom. The more he wants to be afraid, the more he wants to send a voice to Zhiyuan, telling him what he has experienced last week! Hey! At this moment, the news of Mo Mo The prompt sounds. Xiaotian saw that it was actually the one in his friend's bar who had no name and no ID!

Xiaotian slowly opened the man's head with his trembling hand. The man did not speak, just sent a picture, the picture slowly buffered. Ah! Xiaotian can't believe his eyes! The picture is actually a person who died on his bedside. He rubbed his head and pulled his tongue, his hands full of the scalp hair that had been torn down. It was like something unusually horrible before he died! He had a big iron chain around his neck, and a lock on the chain! The scene in the picture is so familiar, and the dead person - - It is Xiaotian himself!!!! Xiaotian scared and threw the phone aside, and the sweat of the beans fell drop by drop. A series of strange things in the past were connected in series, like a nightmare in the brain of Xiaotian!! He wanted to run out of the bedroom. But he couldn't get out of bed, as if he had been imprisoned in this small space by an invisible magic. Xiaotian was almost collapsed, and he took his hair in a crazy way. . . . .

Time, one minute and one second. Xiaotian, curled up at the corner of the bed. The hair in his hand was mixed with blood on his scalp. His eyes were empty and his eyes looked forward. Hey, Momo’s prompt sounds, Xiao Tianmu’s hand groping his mobile phone, he slipped the phone lock, and the phone suddenly became dark. At this moment, a shawl was spread, and the fleshy face was covered with the entire mobile phone screen. The eyes of his two black holes did not have a glimmer of light, and there were two lines of blood and tears. His chin is pulled under his nose, and his hair is still mixed with it! Constantly screaming!! Xiaotian wants to kick the phone out, but the phone bounces back to the bed, and Xiaotian is madly covered with a quilt. Live your own mobile phone and press yourself on the quilt.

After a while, the phone didn't make another noise, and Xiaotian was exhausted by the bed. A big mouthful of gasping. At this time, the quilt on the side gradually got up. Little by little like Xiaotian creeps over. . . . Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time, shown at three o'clock midnight. . . .

Early the next morning, Zhiyuan flew back to his bedroom, "Xiaotian, Xiaotian!! Tell you a good thing!! Leisurely she..." Just the moment that Zhiyuan pushed the door and walked in, He saw Xiaotian leaning against his bedside, rubbing his head, pulling his tongue, his hands full of the scalp hair that had been torn down. There was a big iron chain around his neck, and an ancient lock was hung on the chain! On the sheets, there was a big "one" written in the blood of the red. . . .

One night after one year, Zhiyuan smoked a cigarette on the balcony and looked out the window. Poetry rain packed up the luggage and walked out of the room, holding Zhiyuan from behind. "Zhiyuan, are you thinking about Xiaotian?" Zhiyuan sighed. "Hey, poetry rain, Xiaotian’s death is not clear, but I can’t do anything!! I haven’t caught the murderer yet. The police have special code to eat dry food!!!" Zhiyuan threw the cigarette butt on the ground. "Zhiyuan, don't think about it, you are the best friends. Xiaotian will not be happy when he sees you like this. I have to travel for a few days. You have to be at home these days. Don't think too much, have you heard it?" "When finished, Shi Yu kissed Zhiyuan and took the luggage out of the door." ”

This evening, Zhiyuan couldn't sleep anyway. His mind constantly showed pictures of playing with Xiaotian when he was a child. At that time, Xiaotian was often bullied by other children. Zhiyuan has always protected Xiaotian until the day when Xiaotian died. Zhiyuan has always been the best brother of Xiaotian. Zhiyuan opened the phone, he noticed the software at the bottom of the phone, Mo Mo. . . Zhiyuan also remembered the days when Xiaotian finally died and he was listening to stories with him. Zhiyuan’s tears could not help but flow down. Since the death of Xiaotian, Zhiyuan has not opened Momo this year. He opened a stranger tonight, he was looking for Xiaotian's good friend, but he couldn't find it. . . But he found a friend who has no ID and no avatar. He suddenly remembered the one who told the story a year ago. Zhiyuan opened his information, which is a live picture of some dead and horrible people. When he turned to the last picture, he saw a man licking his head, pulling his tongue, his hands full of the scalp hair that had been torn down. There was a big iron chain around his neck, and an ancient lock was hung on the chain! On the sheets, there was a big "one" written in the blood of the red. . That person is Xiaotian!!!!

At this moment, this person without an avatar, without an ID, sent a picture. . . The picture is slowly buffered. . . . . Time is fixed at three o'clock midnight!!!!