There are ghosts in school

I have been here for a while, and I have some understanding of the things in this school. For example, the jungle in the back mountain has been haunted. If people go in during the day, it’s not good. When they go in the evening, when they are discovered the next day, There is only one body left; there is a water well downstairs in the female dormitory. A school sister often sees a woman in a school uniform jumping into the well. Although the wellhead is covered, it does not prevent the woman from jumping into the well. After the woman jumps, In a few seconds, it appeared on the wellhead, then jumped down, and so on. Even though the fool knew that it was a ghost; in addition, the most horrifying thing was our male dormitory 507...

Introducing myself, my name is Qiu Feng. I just turned 20 this year. After three years of high school, I tried a college that didn’t go into the middle. I didn’t want to continue reading, but I heard that the big brothers and sisters in the university put the university. How wonderful it is, plus the family doesn't object to the university that I can't read. So, I took the admission notice in the first three months and entered the university with hope, but I entered the university first. I began to regret it, because this school is sparsely populated, with one dead tree attached to it. The green belt in the school is surrounded by mice, so I don’t want to live. I think the quality of teaching is not good. Fortunately, I didn't come to study, so the school environment didn't have much impact on me.

Then, a senior led me to the boys' dormitory, and after explaining some things, I took me to the dormitory 506. Yes, it is next door to the 506, 507 dormitory. There are five people living with me. Wei Wei is called Wang Wei; with gold glasses, the person who is making the bed is named Lin Zicong; two people have heard that in the same school in high school, they also took the school. They are Zhao. Politics, Li Xiaoguang; there is another person, and the one I hate the most, Zhang Qiang, I hate him since I saw him on the first day, because I slept in bed, he slept on me, always from above every night. Koutan to spit a few, really disgusting spit on my shoes, would have been proud of the heart I wanted to hit him up, Chennai he Zhangjiang became apparent, tall and one meter over nine, I could not even jump up and not touch him Don't say anything about your forehead.

Every school has a strange legend. In this inaccessible university, the most horrible thing is that the male dormitory 507 is haunted. This is what I learned after I lived in the school for a while, if I knew this earlier. Things, killing me is not in the 506 dormitory.

In the summer vacation five years ago, students from all over the world went home, but there were also students who could not go back, or did not want to go back. At that time, three male students did not go back during the summer vacation. One night, three boys. I made an appointment with my girlfriend and played the ghost game in the 507 dormitory. Under the drive of curiosity, the six people played the dish fairy first, but did not invite the dish fairy, so they changed the pen fairy. Soon, the six people succeeded. Please come to the society to deny the existence of the ghost - pen fairy, the six people first excited, then began to ask questions, everyone knows that when you ask for the pen, you must not ask how the pen fairy died, the six people at that time I also knew it well, so I always been careful when asking questions, but when the last male student asked the question, the pen suddenly broke off from the middle, and the hands of six people were stained with red ink, and then each The individual suddenly lost consciousness. When he saw something, he hit it. Six people went crazy and the blood flowed out from the dormitory door. When the next day, the teacher found the blood in the doorway. When he opened the door, he found that the dormitory was full of disabilities. Limb arm The blood stained the white wall. At that time, it was reported to the police. Because it was a summer vacation, there were very few students. Under the strong request of the school, the school and the police blocked the news together, but some students heard about it, but not Dare to spread. Afterwards, the school left the 507 dormitory to let the students live, but the students who lived in it were either dead or mad, and the 507 dormitory became more and more evil.

So now, 507 is sealed, but I can’t help but feel a little bit of fear when I live next door. Every night, when I just want to fall asleep, I always hear loud noise from the next door, just like when people are fighting. The sound that is heard, my scalp is numb, if the head is smart, you can imagine that it is scary that a dormitory is full of broken limbs and blood stained the walls.

Tonight, I didn't dare to go to bed too late, so I went to sleep with my roommate, and I took my headphones when I was sleeping, so as not to hear those sounds, but I didn’t take long to sleep, I heard a kind of As the voice of a woman screaming came from under the bed, the sound was intermittent. If there was nothing, listening to it was very infiltrating, I suddenly opened my eyes, the lights in the dormitory were lit, I saw the gold glasses men still reading. Then asked: "Have you heard anything yet?"

The glasses man didn't seem to hear me talking, or dismissive of my words, still burying his head and reading. I paid attention to other people in the dormitory and found that Zhao Zheng, Li Xiaoguang, and Wang Wei had slept, and Zhang Qiang, who went to bed, had slept for more than a week from the start of school, and he never saw him again. Yes, or he knows what happened in the 507 dormitory. Living in the 507 dormitory next door is very unlucky, so it is not possible to move outside to live.

The infiltrating voice is still intermittent, if there is nothing to send, my instinct tells me that the voice comes from under my bed, saying that people's curiosity will kill the dead, and that is not wrong, obviously feels The sound came from under the bed. I couldn’t help but curious and looked down. Then, my pupil suddenly magnified several times, and it was opposite to a pair of blood red eyes in the darkness. At this moment, my body could not move, my head could not Turning, looking at the pair of pupils stiffly, a feeling of death is born, but what makes me fear is still behind, I saw a bloody and horrible face gradually appearing, there are several faces It seems to be the bullet hole left by the bullet, and the rancid blood flows. The most feared thing is not death, but the process of waiting for death. At this moment, I am like a lamb that is being slaughtered, watching the butcher's "squeaky" sharpening knife.

The blood flowed more and more, and finally I dyed the floor under my bed. As the thick black blood gradually spread, under a terrible face, suddenly her lower body was covered, and it was covered with blood. Appear, then the body, then the legs, just like the scene where the scorpion climbed out of the TV in "The Scorpion", my stomach was raging, there was a feeling of vomiting, but I couldn’t spit it out, then a full Black blood, the female ghost of the shawl appeared completely in the place less than one meter away from me. I just wanted to call it, but the mouth of the female ghost was big, and I bit my head. I felt the blood in my neck. Sprayed like a fountain.

"Ah!" I screamed and woke up from my dreams. "It turned out to be a dream!"

I looked up and looked inside again. I found that the fluorescent lamp in the room was flickering. The glasses man Lin Zicong was reading with a novel, and I saw the sweat on my forehead, biting and asking: "What? ”

"I have a nightmare..." I replied as he gasped and waited for me to fix my mind. I found Lin Zicong still looking at me. I continued to say: "I dreamed of a female ghost who was full of blood and bit me. s head……"

"Oh, is that the case?" Lin Zicong's mouth was a strange smile. Suddenly, his mouth became very large, and a smell of rancid smell came, and the whole body began to bleed.

"Ah!" I woke up from my dreams. This time, in order to determine if I was still in a dream, I slammed myself with a slap in the face. I felt a sudden change in my body and pain. So, in reality, I suddenly felt in my heart. An unprecedented joy, wiped the sweat on my head, I found out that my shirt was soaked with sweat. I took a look at the time. At this time, I was already in the middle of the night. Together with the dream I had just dreamed of, I had a lingering fear of the serial nightmare. I took off my shirt and went to the upper body without cleaning my upper body.

This feeling, sleep until dawn, the sun shines through the window warmly on the window, the reflected light shines the entire dormitory. Soon, when I got up and washed my teeth and went to class, I realized that I had been late for two classes. However, in the university, the teacher was not strict with the students, so I walked into the classroom and greeted many students with amazed eyes. I thought it was I was so handsome, but when I was looking for a seat, I found that only the tall man Zhang Qiang had a seat around him. He sat next to him and showed me the mirror. When I saw it, I suddenly broke out with a saying, "God!"

There are a few black things on my face, a bit like a cockroach. At this moment, I suddenly remembered the female ghost dreaming of last night. There are several blood-stained blood holes on her face. If I stop bleeding, look like It’s almost the same as I am now.

"Have you found out?" Zhang Qiang was cold when I looked in the mirror carefully.

"What?" I answered him.

"You didn't find a problem with our dormitory?"

"In the legendary Haunted Dormitory 507 next door, there is no problem to blame!" I answered him, and I felt a little scared in my heart, not to say that only living in the 507 dormitory will suffer?

"Then you still live, don't you find out that the whole dormitory is only two of us? So..." Zhang Qiang bowed his head and said carefully.

"What? You say it again..." I can't seem to understand what he said? Actually, I don't believe what he said. Is it really only me and Zhang Qiang living? How can it...

"On that day, only me and you were taken to the dormitory by a senior, and then the seniors left. I slept for a week and found something in the dorm, so I went outside to rent a house."

"What? We don't have Wang Wei, Zhao Zheng, Lin Zicong, Li Xiaoguang?" I said all my questions, but Zhang Qiang looked at me incredulously.

"You know them..."

"Well, what's wrong?" I replied truthfully, they still got along with me during this time, often went out to eat together and play basketball, but Zhang Qiang said so, I suddenly felt that the second monk couldn't figure it out.

"Li Xiaoguang is not the one who came to the university on the way to the university. Is there another car accident? Are there three other boys, not the three boys who died in the 507 dormitory?"

"Ah!" I felt a chill in my heart. During the school days, I did hear that a student died on the way to college, but I don’t know the name of the student, and there are three people who died in 507 dormitory. I don't know the name. Is it that people who live with me during this time are not people?

"Is it true? You won't lie!" My heart is not so friendly to Zhang Qiang. I don't necessarily believe in what he said.

"Hey, you love it or not, anyway, the person who is dead is not me. The things on your face can prove that you are not far from the death." Zhang Qiang did not look too far, a helpless look.

I don’t know what to do in my heart. How did the things on my face come from? I can only come to a conclusion after I go to the doctor to complete the appraisal.

"No matter what you think, if you have something, come here to find me, I know a master, he gave me a talisman." He said, he wrote an address, then handed his amulet to me, continue Said: "I don't go back for a while, this thing is for you, I will go and ask for it later."

I didn't agree with his amulet at first, but he gave me the paranoia. After school, I didn't go to the dormitory. After eating outside, I wandered around the school. After all, I was unfamiliar with life. It was far away. It was inevitable that something would happen. I thought about what Zhang Qiang told me. On the one hand, I thought about the few people in the dormitory. I suddenly felt that many things could not be explained clearly. I turned and unknowingly went to the back mountain of the school. The back mountain that I usually know from other populations was described. I don’t know how terrible it is. Today, when I saw it, it was like a rumor. I saw the mountains behind the trees. The leaves were like the green leaves on the paper in the autumn. This kind of green is not a feeling of freshness and comfort, but a kind of Infiltrating people, feeling terrible, even if you look at the distance in the daytime, still feel a cold, it is very uncomfortable.

I stood across from the woods, separated by a wide road. When I was about to turn and leave, suddenly a familiar figure suddenly appeared in my sight. Because of the distance, I can only wear it. Judging that the man is Zhang Qiang, he licked a hoe and quickly rushed into the woods. He knew that the woods were afraid of going in during the day, but Zhang Qiang went in, and he still licked the hoe, he wanted What are you going to do? With full curiosity, I followed.

Even in the woods, there was a kind of black in the daytime. I walked through a secluded path and walked for about ten minutes. I heard the sound of the hoe dug. "Zhang Qiang! What is he doing?"

Later, I hid in the dark and found that Zhang Qiang was digging for the grave. He dug for half an hour and finally put down his hoe. He was excited and extended his hands to turn over the things in the coffin. I don’t know because of limited sight. He turned over something. Finally he picked up a bag, picked up his hoe, looked around and looked around, determined that no one had, filled the grave, and then quickly left.

Back to the dormitory, I was puzzled and wondered what Zhang Qiang was doing. What did he do? Why did he dig the grave? At this moment, Wang Wei in the dormitory asked me where to go with the bread? Just one The girl is looking for me.

I heard Zhang Qiang’s words in the morning. I was a little scared to the people in our dormitory. At this moment, I heard Wang Wei say this. If you say that life is normal, it is normal than normal people. It has nothing to do with ghosts. It will not be Zhang Qiang wants to provoke my relationship with my roommate! Zhang Qiang is a man who is high-profile, does not know how to be polite, does not respect others, and has a very weak relationship with his roommate. People like him who lack friends will naturally stay with them all day. Hey, haha, I think so, and Wang Wei’s alert is a little less.

When I heard Wang Wei say this, I quickly picked up my mobile phone and saw that there were a lot of missed calls. I dialed the number of the other party. It didn’t take long before the other party answered the call.

"What do you call me to do?" This is what I asked. The other person’s name is Lin Wenyi. When I first entered the university, she and I reported the same major, and like-minded, they left each other’s contact information. And there are things that are easy to contact in the future.

"Qiu Feng, can you come to the girls' dormitory? Something happened."

From Lin Wenyi’s speech, with a noisy voice, when I heard that she said something, I would not say anything, turn off the mobile phone, and turned to run to the girls’ dormitory. Wang Wei was just thinking about the name of the girl, waiting for him to think. When I first said, "It seems to be called Lin Wenyi," I have disappeared at the door.

The girls' dormitory is a short distance from the boys' dormitory. During this period, we have to go through a tree-planted path and an artificial lake. Not long after, I came to the female dormitory downstairs and saw that Lin Wenyi had been waiting downstairs for a long time.

"What's wrong, what happened?" I asked Lin Wenyi, who was looking at her eyes.

"We have a dead dormitory! I don't dare to stay in that dormitory, can you help me!"

"Dead... man, how can I die." For this girl who met halfway, except for like-mindedness, I didn't seem to have much deep feelings for her. Instead of helping her find a place to live, I was more interested in the dead.

She didn't talk, red eyes, right hand holding my hand, took me to 109 on the first floor of the girls' dormitory. I saw a lot of people standing in front of me. When I walked in, I heard many words of exclamation.

"How can such a good girl commit suicide? How good a girl!"

"Hey! There are such stupid women in the world, it is admiration."

"The thing that the scorpion raises, it is best to die..."

The sultry one is a girl with red hair. I want to have a relationship with the dead girl. I blinked at her eyes and squeezed into the crowd. Then I saw the most difficult scene to forget in my life. I saw the woman naked, her hands and feet were amputated, her head was twisted 180 degrees, facing the back, the most memorable thing was that the face was completely burnt, it should be corrosive things like concentrated sulfuric acid. Splashed. I thought like this, suddenly I flashed a thing in my eyes, and I was shocked. I couldn’t see a female ghost wearing a red dress standing in the corner not far away. The female ghost was hanging and her hair covered her face. I thought it was my eye, so I looked at it, what is the female ghost? But the scene just now is so real, it is not a dazzling.

Out of the female dormitory, see Lin Wenyi still following me, I sighed helplessly, then took her out and rented a room in the hotel to her.

In the evening, I went back to the dormitory. In addition to Zhang Qiang, everyone else in the dormitory was stunned with them. I had forgotten Zhang Qiang’s reminder.

At twelve o'clock in the evening, playing with a mobile phone, I suddenly saw Zhang Qiang send a message saying, "Flee, you may be dead tonight."

This text message looked like a hundred thousand fire, I was shocked, listening to the snoring sound of the roommate sleeping, I felt a little peace of mind, he replied to him "How do you know?"

"Mom, Laozi still lie to you, come to the artificial lake, I asked the Master, he has a way to deal with it."

At this moment, I suddenly became excited. The whole person jumped up completely, quickly put on the shoes, picked up the mobile phone and ran outside the door. After leaving the door, I suddenly saw it inadvertently. The usual 506 actually became 507. I felt a horror in my heart. I didn’t even dare to think about it. I ran downstairs, but when I first ran, I was suddenly stumped by something. When I looked back, it was actually Lin Zicong’s head, resting on the floor, eyes. The child is still turning, "ah" I yelled, quickly climbed up and ran to the darkness, did not know the direction, ran for a long time, and waited for God to come back, but found himself in a gray world, There was a cold air around it, with a bloody smell.

"Oh! I wanted you to live a little longer..." In the gray world, I suddenly came out of a person. I saw Wang Wei at the first sight. His head was carried by his left hand, and his right hand was holding a knife. Come to me, smiled in his mouth: "As long as I kill you, I can reincarnate, just kill you...hehe."

"No, don't, don't come over..." I was afraid because my feet were soft and I sat down on the ground. I really regretted it at this time, why should I come to college, or else I might be at home now, why? Why are you coming to this school? But things are irreparable.

"Want to blame, Zhang Qiang, the kid has not killed us. Fortunately, you protected us last time. Otherwise, we are really flying away, so thank you, but after you die."

The sound was from the left to the far and near. I was sitting on the ground at this time. I just turned my head and suddenly saw Lin Zicong’s head rolling over. I suddenly shook my butt down, but I encountered a sticky and rot. Something, I raised my hand and saw a rancid smell coming. I touched it with a rotten palm. I looked up and saw Lin Wenyi being cut off from the limbs. On the chest, the eyes are red and glaring at me.

"How come, how can you die?" I finally broke out all the fears, afraid to ask the female ghosts in front of me.

"I was dead. Just you didn't find it. Hey, tell you the truth! The girl in the girl's dormitory was killed by me. To kill you, I had to sacrifice others." Lin Wenyi's face became a while. Like a person, I changed back to the night I dreamed of seeing under the bed. The bullet hole on my face was bloody, and at this time I saw it. Her face was not only blood but also some white things. After squirming, then she opened her mouth and spit out countless mites with blood. I yelled, tears almost flowed out, I rolled to one side, almost scared urinary incontinence, okay...

"Why? Why kill me, what good is it to kill me?" I still asked unwillingly.

"Because you are the Buddha's reincarnation, killing you, we will become ghosts, huh, huh." This is Zhao Zheng.

"In order to become a ghost, we have a lot of effort!" Li Xiaoguang smiled at the side, how the sound infiltrated, if I want to die, I would rather not die under this kind of laughter.

"Now... hey, you are dead."

Seriously, I was told by my mother when I was a reincarnation of the Buddha. I didn’t understand it at that time. When I grew up, I gradually forgot about this topic. I am now remorseful, if I knew that there would be such a day...

"Wait, I still have a question to ask." At this moment, I know that both the horizontal and the vertical are dead, and I have to watch it for death.

"Say." Wang Wei raised his left hand, his head was opposite to me. Rao looked at life and death, but Wang Wei was so suddenly, it scared me. I asked: "I will listen to your story." Said, but I still can't understand, how did you die?"

"Don't Zhang Qiang tell you?" Lin Zicong sneered, seeing me with a look of confusion. He said, "Zhang Qiang is the one who killed us and died. I am sorry, time is short... I can only talk about it here. Haha..."

  "and many more……"

My words have not been finished, I feel that my body has been torn apart. The only consciousness is that my savior Zhang Qiang has arrived. He not only did not save me. After Zhang Qiang ate Lin Zicong and others, he smiled and said: "Good. I helped you dig up the grave in advance. Did you see that day? Is there a photo of you in the coffin? Haha..."

Then my body gradually disappeared under the devour of Zhang Qiang... The next second, my soul appeared in Zhang Qiang, next to him. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "Brother, after trying hard to find someone, kill him, you will Can reincarnation..."