Small advertisement after school


Carrying the newly bought guitar on the way back to the bedroom, I couldn't adjust the little song, and went into an unmanned alley.

It is the black wind of the moon, no one.

A fear of no reason wrapped me, and I shuddered involuntarily. Suddenly, I heard a very crisp sound behind me, it seems that the metal products are twisting.

That's right, twisting.

I was standing upright and listening to me. The voice became more and more obvious and more and more harsh. I finally figured out where it appeared, and it turned out to be my guitar box!

Suddenly, a strong force exploded behind my back, and the guitar that was originally carried by me fell to the ground. Like the coffin cover that was opened, the guitar's box turned on slowly...

Quiet, landing sounds.

I can hardly think about it, so I watched it. Then, a thin line was drilled out of the guitar box, and there was a faint silver glow in the moonlight.

It is the string on the guitar.

The string seems to have a vision. After looking around, it seems to lock me. A sudden contraction, like a leopard hunting, rushed toward me. I was so scared that I couldn’t help but escape.

The ankle came up with pain, and the string was tied to my ankle like this, and it was ring-shaped and ringing. I felt that my entire leg had to be unloaded by it, and the blood oozing out slowly, and I immediately wet my pants.

  what happened!

I was so scared that the first reaction was to unplug the haunted string. I spent a lot of effort, but it stuck to my lap. No matter how hard I tried, it didn't do anything except to make the bleeding more intense.

The pain made me recover a little rational, and I understand that it is not a way to consume it here. I glanced at the guitar box scattered on the ground. It seemed to be courageous and I put it back on my shoulder again.

Dragging the legs wrapped around the strings, I almost fled and fled the uninhabited alley. The lights in front are so bright, I know, I went to the bedroom.


I kept the guitar box on the bed, and I kept breathing.

"Man, are you smashing your legs?" Zhang Fan, in the same bedroom, looked at my bloody pants and looked at the guitar box that I had closed.

I licked my lips and said nothing. What happened just now is too spiritual, I am not sure if I want to speak it out.

"Is it broken? Show me a quick look." Zhang Fan is a kind of old-fashioned person who is over-enthusiastic. Seeing me without saying a word, I thought it was too painful for me. When I came up, I rolled up my trouser legs.

I don’t know if I can’t help it. Because of the passage of time, plus I took a lot of roads, the ankles that were originally bloody and fuzzy were even more embarrassing. The strings were deeply trapped in the flesh and almost broke all my blood vessels. I can even feel the pain in the bones. It seems that it uses a little more force. My entire leg is amputated.

"This, this..." Zhang Fan exclaimed, but I obviously felt that there was more horror in his tone than fear.

A short silence, then Zhang Fan opened his mouth: "Man, I will show you something."

Under my gaze, Zhang Fan slowly picked up his sleeves. It is a big summer now, and he is always afraid of heat. But it seems that since yesterday, he has been wearing long sleeves.

Until now, I only know the reason!

The data cable of a computer is wrapped around his arm. The string on my ankle is exactly the same, the data line is very tight, almost all his arm is unloaded. The blood that has solidified and the new blood that is pouring out are more sinister than my wounds.

What is the situation!

I looked at him with horror, and suddenly remembered that the data line seemed to be on his newly bought computer. This product has wanted to have a good computer since the beginning of school, and the family has been keeping money. I don't know how. He suddenly bought a new one this morning and asked him where he came from, and he refused to answer it.

"What you know in your heart is that the ghost is coming."

At the time when my mind was in chaos, Zhang Fan’s voice came.


That ghost, I have to talk about it a few days ago.

We are an old school. Although they have been refurbished, the miscellaneous houses and empty houses left behind during the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been kept. Things that have been around for a long time are always reminiscent of ghosts, so those houses are rarely visited, and over time they have become recognized as forbidden places.

One night, I passed by.

It was a very small house that was so small that it was so bad that it was ruined by the rain. On the dilapidated wall, a notice paper caught my attention. The kind of handwriting, but also a brush, very ancient feeling, but new.

I took a closer look and turned out to be a small ad:

What do you want? House, car, computer, piano? Write what you need to me and replace it with a part of the body. Deliver the money in one hand, and deliver it 12 hours after receiving the goods.

I smiled helplessly and estimated which boring person was making a prank. Turned and prepared to leave, but suddenly like a demon, stopped living.

Although it is a joke, is there nothing wrong with trying it?

Part of the body, oh, you have the ability to really take it.

Thinking about it, I have taken out the pen from my bag. I wanted to have my own guitar a long time ago, very handsome and very eager. Since he can say anything, just write a guitar!

I wrote the word "guitar" under the notice paper, and I left if nothing happened...

This morning, I suddenly received a courier.

I was puzzled for a long time, I didn't have the habit of buying online, and my family didn't have to give me anything by courier. Is the courier company wrong, actually sent to my hand. It was quite big to see that stuff, and I was curious to unpack the package.

Actually, it is a guitar!

At that moment, the excitement in my heart was simply no way to describe it in words. Come true, the little ad posted on the small house will really give me what I need!


Needless to say, Zhang Fan’s computer is also the origin.

"What to do?" I was so anxious to cry, and the pain in my ankle told me that time was tight. If you don't take it anymore, I may really lose a leg forever!

"You don't bother." Zhang Fan frowned very seriously. "There must be a way."

I don't dare to talk any more. Although my buddy is a little fatter and has a hot heart, the IQ is still very high. He can think of solutions to many things.

"Right!" He suddenly raised his head, his eyes sparkling with excitement. "The ghost said, use a part of the body to change, did you say who you want to use?"

"Ah?" I stumbled and didn't understand Zhang Fan.

"You are stupid!" Zhang Fan was so excited, grabbed my shoulder and kept shaking. "We can, find the dead man's arms and legs to the ghost!"

After Zhang Fan said this, I realized it. Yes, it’s too smart, it’s not what we want to be! What is the relationship between the body part of the person and even the dead?

"But, where are the dead?" But very quickly, I was distressed.

"Climb to the crematorium, you should be able to find the body." Zhang Fan pulled me up, no matter what blood was still on my leg, "Twelve hours, we still have time!"

I was almost mechanically squatted by him, all the way. I am crazy, I don’t know the location of the crematorium. I only know that it is very far and very dark in the suburbs.

When I arrived, I realized that what is really black.

I couldn’t see my fingers, and the crematory in the night had already got off work. There wasn’t even a light in the square. The taxi driver who brought us looked at us with a sneak peek, and then ran away without a trace, as if there was a ghost chasing.

"Are you sure, are we going to steal the body?" My voice was shaking.

"Otherwise? Are you going to be amputated?" Zhang Fan looked at me obliquely, and the eyes in the night were white. For a moment, I think he is so strange and horrible.


Walking into the morgue, the pungent smell of the face made my brain emptied for a moment.

It was white everywhere, and a dead body lay quietly under the white cloth. Very cold, obviously it was summer, but I felt covered with a thin layer of ice. The wind blew the half-covered door squeaking, and it was like a sneaky night in this quiet late night.

Zhang Fan also squatted for a while, but quickly adjusted the state.

Just open a corpse closest to us, and the appearance of the cockroach appears in front of us. It seems to be a sick old man, who is so thin and thin that there is no trace of flesh, just like the mummies of ancient Egypt, only the dead yellow skin is stuck on the coffin.

"I'm sorry." Zhang Fanyu said to himself, his eyes are a haze he has never had before.

He took out the prepared kitchen knife from his arms and cut it toward the ankle of the body. I didn't dare to look at it when I closed my eyes. The fear that couldn't be said made me tremble.

We are dismembering.

This is the only thought left in my mind, watching Zhang Fan cut the leg of the body and then attacking his arm. Two muffled sounds, the dry limbs fell on the ground.

I discovered that the old man’s body was squinting.

The eyes are already rotten, leaving only two empty holes. However, the hole seems to have been watching me, watching Zhang Fan, full of resentment and threats.

I fled the same, picked up the arms and legs on the ground, and smashed into the crematorium with my back in the black bag. I feel that he is still staring at me, licking his hair, until he runs out of the air, and he is out of breath, I barely calm down.

Back to school, the last ten minutes left in the twelve hours agreed.

The legs are already hurting myself, and the bones are almost broken, leaving only a trace of bones still connected. As if as strong winds blow, this leg will roll directly from my body.

The creeps are stunned.

I don't know how I supported it. I removed the body from the bag and placed it next to the small advertisement. I pray that Zhang Fan's method works, otherwise I really want to lose a leg forever.


Ten minutes seems to have a long century, and Zhang Fan and I are standing next to the small advertisement, holding my breath and waiting. Gradually, the pain on the ankle began to ease, and the string that could not be pulled down was sent.


I was ecstatic in my heart and looked down. Really, the strings have fallen off the ankle, and the original fleshy ankles began to heal. The speed of healing is not at all human-achievable, and there is no other explanation except for ghost power.

I breathed a long breath and only felt that the heavens and the earth were bright.

Going back to the bedroom and falling asleep, I feel that I have never been so tired. It was a kind of psychological and physical double fatigue, and I was swept away like a tidal wave. I slept like death.

When I woke up, I was awakened.

I sat up with a squid and it was so familiar. Still an ankle, the feeling of being struck, as if to break from it at any time.

What happened, has it been solved?

My horrified eyes fell on Zhang Fan, and he obviously woke up earlier than me.

"Why?" I asked if I spoke.

"Look at it yourself." Zhang Fan didn't seem to want to say more. He didn't wear a shirt at the moment, and the data line appeared again on his arm. The same flesh and blood is blurred, blood flowing down his arm and chest, he is being treated with gauze and alcohol.

After receiving the computer that Zhang Fan handed over, I found that the computer was completely unusable, and only one interface was displayed as soon as it was turned on.

A completely black screen, a line of words like blood stained:

"Be fresh."

I was shuddering, and the helpless eyes fell on Zhang Fan. What should I do, can I use my own body to meet the requirements of that ghost?

Zhang Fan stopped the work in his hand and looked at me. His dawn was unprecedented, and I was worried that I was worried. He licked his lips and two low-pitched characters came out:



I don't know how I agreed. Anyway, at this moment, we have prepared the tools.

This time is not a kitchen knife, it is too inconvenient to carry. Zhang Fan found a long fruit knife and used the sharpening stone to rub back and forth many times. Just like the preparation of Jing Yu as the king of Qin, it can almost blow hair.

I was trembled all over my body, taking over the black bag that he handed, and carrying it on his back as if he had carried a mountain.

We pretended to be nothing, eating, attending classes, and even chatting with classmates. The wound has been temporarily stopped by the treatment of Zhang Fan. It should not be seen as long as it is wearing long-sleeved trousers.

Time passed really fast, twelve hours, not long time let us hesitate.

The night fell slowly, and we both sat on the remote benches of the park, facing the man-made lake. The night wind came slowly, bringing us rare reason for the madness.

Suddenly, Zhang Fan’s cell phone rang, and both of us were frightened by this sudden sound, and it took more than ten seconds to pick up the phone.

"Hey?" Zhang Fan's voice is very calm, "Oh, Xiao Yan!"

I stumbled, it was actually the phone of our good friend Xiao Yan.

Zhang Fan opened the hands-free very witty, so that both of us can hear clearly. There was a voice from Xiao Yan who laughed and said: "I heard that you have a new computer. Can you taste it for your buddy?"

For a moment of silence, I and Zhang Fan face each other.

"Okay, just a little Xu is also, let's go eat a spicy, then go back to the bedroom to play games?" Or Zhang Fan responded quickly, the same laughter tone.

A few minutes later, we met Xiao Yan at the school gate.

I couldn't face Xiao Yan's eyes at all. He was still so sunny and healthy. He showed off a handful of banknotes to show off to us, saying that he was treating him tonight.

Good brother, really a good brother.

But we are going to kill him.

Because this is the only choice.

When Zhang Fan made this suggestion, I did struggle for a long time. However, the pain from the ankle made me completely crazy. I don't want to be a person without a foot, even if I have to sacrifice my good brother.


The three people walk side by side, just as usual, the relationship is good enough to put each other's shoulders. Under the arrangement of Zhang Fan, we turned into a remote alley.

“I recently discovered a new Mala Tang,” Zhang Fan said. “It’s quite remote, but it’s really delicious!”

Xiao Yan has no doubt at all. Too much trust us. All the way to talk and laugh, and gradually away from the crowd.

I saw Zhang Fan’s eyes on me, yes, the time is up.

I was not prepared at all, and I was shaking all over. My eyes were on my fleshy ankles and Xiao Yan's body, and I couldn't make up my mind.

However, Zhang Fan is more determined than I am!

He suddenly took a fruit knife and did not hesitate to hold Xiao Yan's neck. Xiao Yan’s eyes have not even changed from a smile to a horror, and they feel a cold neck.

Then, it is the blood of the rushing.

Zhang Fan’s knife was almost quick and accurate, and there was no bias to cut Xiao Yan’s artery. I have never seen so much blood, it is a blood red waterfall. Because of the proximity, the warm liquid splashed on my body, face, and even in my eyes and mouth.

I want to call, but I can’t call it out.

Zhang Fan put Xiao Yan, who had not yet died, on the ground, and made a few more knives on his stomach to make sure he was dead. He ordered me to take out the kitchen knife in the black bag.

I shuddered and handed the knife to him.

He started with a slap in the face, like the uncle who bought meat in the vegetable market, and slammed Xiao Yan’s arm down.

Blood is like a spring, and even white bone splashes.

He didn't immediately go down to Xiao Yan's leg, but handed the kitchen knife in his hand to me: "You come."

I understand what he meant. From this moment on, both of us are already murderers. However, murder cannot be done by him alone, otherwise I may call the police in the future.

He looked at me, the light was cold.


I don't know how I lifted my knife and how it fell.

I didn't have enough strength. I only left a very shallow knife mark on Xiao Yan, which was not enough to cut a leg. I resisted nausea and nausea, and squatted down and began to rub back and forth with the blade.

The dense knives are piled up together, and a steady stream of blood rushes out.

I almost finished it with my eyes closed. I felt his leg was broken. The meat, blood vessels, blue veins and bones that connected his legs were cut off by me one by one. Until the last knife, I cut to the hard ground.


I was shaking all over, holding up the fleshy legs and arms, wrapped in plastic bags and placed in the black bag behind me. Then, we cleaned up the scene with the fastest speed, and the dismembered Xiao Yan was thrown out of the dead, replaced with blood-stained clothes, and ran back to school.

  You still have time.

We panted to the side of the small advertisement and placed Xiao Yan's limb in the designated position. I almost have to soften down the whole person, terrible, terrible... I actually killed someone!

Zhang Fan stood beside me, I could hear his heavy gasping.

Suddenly, the wind in the ears changed, as if there was something that should not appear.

I was shocked and hurriedly turned back.

Standing behind us is a person with incomplete limbs, no, it should be said to be a ghost. He has no arms and legs, and the only remaining body and head are not broken. A few rags covered him, and it was faintly visible to be the costumes of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Actually, it is an ancient ghost!

"Ha ha ha..." The ghost smiled and walked slowly to us. The limb that was originally quietly placed on the side suddenly flew toward him as if he had been pulled by some kind of power.

The sound of flesh and blood squirming seems to be boiled in boiling water. Visible to the naked eye, Xiao Yan's limbs began to blend into the body of the ghost, gradually becoming part of his body!

"I want to be born again, I want to be born again!" He smiled slyly, and his greedy eyes fell on me and Zhang Fan. "You two, even for your own friends, you can kill... Hahaha, you are a man, oh Man!"

He slowly stepped forward, as if a mountain had overpowered me, and he couldn't breathe.

"I just have a body and a head missing, or just use both of you..."

This is my last memory, the last memory.