Return to Life by Borrowing Dogs


Lin Yang was sitting in front of the computer, typing a medical report quickly.  ZhuangMuMu quietly touched up and put her arms around Lin Yang.  Lin Yang smiled and shook his head, continue to work.  She lay quietly on Lin yang, enjoying this broad warm shoulder.

Zhuang Mumu has been looking forward to this moment for a long time.  The first time she saw Lin Yang, she was captured by the smiling face of the fuzzy sunshine.  Just did not expect, oneself such oleander girl also can have the open heart time.

Zhuang Mumu likes oleander, which has bright and beautiful flowers but deadly toxins.  From the first day she entered this office building, she decided to be a oleander girl, beautiful and no one dared to cheat her.  In fact, her idea is not too much, in such a complex large company, accidentally will offend people, it is better to be a bright and deadly oleander, don't provoke people, also never let others bully.  Therefore, although she has been working for almost a year, she has few friends.

Until a year later, Zhuang Mumu met Munan.  It was a little girl who had just entered the company, like a daffodil that had not been polluted by the world.  The manager asked Zhuang Mumu to personally teach the intern, but she didn't like Munan.  The girl's attitude towards people is as sweet as sugar, and she is called "Zhuang Jie" one by one.  She often thought, people and people contact, is not all have a request?  Therefore, she always felt that there was no real feeling in this world, even love.  However, Lin Yang was unable to stop and changed her attitude.

That was a Sunday, when Zhuang Mumu and Mu Nan were working overtime, Mu Nan received a phone call saying that her boyfriend invited her to dinner and warmly invited Zhuang Mumu to go.  It was the first time that Zhuang mywood saw Lin yang and her heart

Move.  From then on, she began to dream. She dreamed that Lin Yang abandoned Mu Nan and came to her side. She dreamed that Mu Nan became a white narcissus, withered and died, and became a stiff body.  But dreams are dreams after all, they are unrealistic.  Until, the accident happened.

On that occasion, Zhuang Mumu went on a trip with Mu Nan and Lin Yang.  Lin Yang's car had an accident and turned into a lake on Panshan Road.  All three of them were dumped. She was the only one who was sober.  She was crazy and dragged Lin Yang out of the lake. When she went back to rescue Mu Nan, she suddenly hesitated.  Her heart seemed to have slipped into another self, grinning and saying to her, "don't save her!"  She's dead!  You can get Lin Yang!  At this time, wood nan has woke up, stretched out a trembling hand, still silly to call her ZhuangJie.  She swam coldly into the distance, tightly holding the unconscious Lin Yang, quietly looking at the wood nan slowly sank into the lake.

Lin Yang was hospitalized, and Zhuang Mumu became Lin Yang's new girlfriend, serving Lin Yang on the sickbed assiduously and pretending to mourn him painfully.  Soon, she entered Lin yang's injured heart. in Lin yang's eyes, she became a virtuous, kind and brave woman.

After Lin Yang was discharged from hospital, Zhuang Mumu moved into the room that once belonged to Mu Nan and became the new hostess.  But soon, she found the strange, Lin Yang still thinking about wood nan.  She often saw Lin yang get up in the middle of the night, holding a picture of wood nan secretly shed tears.  She always lies dead in bed, pretending to sleep soundly, actually gnashing her teeth, but she doesn't show her displeasure. She knows that time can dilute everything, hatred can dilute, and so can love.  However, as time went by, she slowly became frightened and always felt that there were a pair of eyes staring at her.  Those are dog eyes.


Sensen is a small female dog, small in size, a hybrid dog, and a pet of Munan.  When Zhuang Mumu moved into the house for the first time, he obviously felt the dog's hostility.  From an early age, she hated this little hairy thing. In her opinion, Xiao Mao puppies are much smarter than human beings. They only need to wag their tails to get food and affection without any effort, while their owners are actually their slaves.  But she put on a loving look very cleverly, because Lin yang told her that this was the pet that mu nan had been raising for three years.  She could see that when Lin yang held the dense, always a pair of

A thoughtful look, it seems that dense is wood nan.  She laughed coldly and thought coldly, isn't it just a mongrel dog, can it sleep with Lin yang?  Can it cook food for Lin yang?  Its owners have been turned into a pile of ashes by her decision. What can it do?

However, Mumu Zhuang was wrong. This puppy will always damage her relationship with Lin Yang properly.  For example, when she and Lin Yang plan to go shopping together, it will jump out and beg Lin Yang to take it out piteously.  After a long time, Zhuang Mumu really hated this damn dog.  She began to think of some way to, at first, she planned to buy dense with food, but dense never bought her account, it only ate the food fed by Lin yang, then quietly bared his teeth to her.  Later, she wanted to get rid of sensen, and pretended to take sensen out to play. then she threw it on the road. when she came home, she cried to Lin yang that sensen had lost it, but every time sensen could find her home.  On one occasion, she threw the dense forest into a far-away suburb. At night, dense forest still found it.  Looking at the dense curled up in Lin Yang's arms and wagging her tail, she was so angry that she clutched her fist tightly and her nails sank into the flesh. But she still smiled and stroked the dense, but she didn't expect the dense to bite her back.  At that moment, she had a cold war, she looked at the dense anger and bitterness of blue eyes, a fear of the idea suddenly jumped into my mind dense is not dense!

After that, zhuang mywood felt a great fear.  Every time when faced with dense, her hair will involuntarily stand up.  However, Lin Yang did not respond to this. He just said that the dense knew life. Before, he only listened to Mu Nan and his words. After a long time, Zhuang Mu Mu will become familiar with the dense.  But Zhuang Mumu's terror thoughts became more and more severe. In the end, she believed with absolute certainty that the dense was no longer a dog!  There is a soul called Mu Nan lurking in its body.

On this day, those oleander trees that Zhuang mywood keeps on the balcony somehow fell to the ground with their pots and flowers.  At first, she and Lin yang both thought that the wild cat accidentally knocked over at night, but after this happened frequently, she began to deny this idea.  One night, when she went to the toilet and accidentally passed the balcony, she saw the dense forest.  Dense stood in the sen cold moonlight, carrying a small head, looked at her just bought oleander.  A picture flashed into her mind immediately: the forest has changed!  It became taller and taller, became a dog-headed woman, and then hit her oleander to the ground with one paw.  This kind of idea makes her comfortable, suddenly understand the purpose of this matter, dense or wood nan warned her that she this oleander woman will soon die like oleander on the balcony.

ZhuangMuMu really afraid of dense.  She told Lin Yang many times, intentionally or unintentionally, that she wanted to send the dense away.

But Lin Yang disagreed and sometimes said meaningfully to her, can't you even hold a dog?  On one of her birthdays, Lin yang and I recalled a lot of happiness between them. at last, we took the opportunity to bring up the dense matter again at the dinner table. Lin yang suddenly overturned the table and spilled all the food on the table. they still did not eat one mouthful of the food.  She was scared silly, dense but without fear, obediently squatting beside Lin Yang, ruthlessly looked at her.  At that moment, she hated and feared. She realized that this damned ghost dog was provoking her.  But Lin Yang's attitude made her really afraid to say anything more.  However, there are more and more strange things. When alone, she often sees a white shadow drifting by. When chasing after it, she finds out that it is dense running past.

At this point, zhuang mywood hug Lin Yang, and felt a chill in the back.  She turned back. Sure enough, in the dim corridor, she saw those dog eyes again.  The dog stood motionless in the darkness, his eyes gleaming.  She froze with fear and looked at Sensen unblinkingly.  At this time, dense move forward a few steps, the dog head exposed in the light.  Her head exploded in a flash. The dense was laughing!  Although it was only a momentary smile, she obviously felt the meaningful malice.  She hurried into the kitchen and began to drum up dinner, thinking of other ways to dispel her fears.

In the evening, the meal will be ready soon.  Lin Yang was still sitting in front of the computer, and Zhuang Mywood quietly felt into the living room, intending to call Lin Yang for dinner.  As soon as she leaned out a head, she saw the dense.  At this point, dense seems to be aware of her existence, very head, looked at her unblinkingly, trance, she saw dense and smiled.  She called Lin Yang in a panic and rushed back to the kitchen.  When eating, she has been carefully looking at the dense at the foot of the, she felt dense has become a time bomb, maybe the next second will blow her daylights out!  After the meal, Lin Yang told Zhuang Mumu that he was going to make a trip to take good care of Zhuang Mumu. He also said that he was ready for dog food and put it in the refrigerator. He asked Zhuang Mumu to take plastic gloves and then feed the dense. Otherwise, the dense wouldn't eat it if it smelled of her.  Zhuang Mywood paused, and his plate broke and cut his finger.  Lin Yang was busy wiping her handkerchief, but she felt chilly. Lin Yang was leaving, that is to say, in the next few days, only she and the dog were left in the house. No!  It is the dead soul of her and Mu Nan!  book.sbkk8.cOm

Late at night, lying in bed, Zhuang Mumu trouble sleeping.  She remembered the program on TV today: a tall foreign host, holding a small pet dog in his arms, solemnly said: ladies and gentlemen, don't think I can tame it easily. its ancestor is wolf clan. if it is not happy, with its biting force, it can bite my throat in an instant.  At this point, the dense lay between her and Lin Yang.  She could almost feel the grim smile hidden in the dark. She turned her head slightly and her muscles tightened. Where there was dense, there was clearly a woman with swelling all over her body.  She wanted to tell Lin Yang what she saw, but she knew that Lin Yang would not believe her and would misunderstand her.

Hate dense dog where can become a person?  !  The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was. After tossing about in the middle of the night, she finally fell asleep.  She had a dream:

The dream was very dark and Zhuang Mumu was sleeping.  Inadvertently she woke up and found Lin Yang missing.  She walked out of the bedroom curiously, only to see Lin Yang standing on the balcony, sculpture generally motionless.  She gently called Lin Yang, and suddenly a figure floated out of the darkness.  The shadow soon drifted behind Lin Yang, quietly reached out and pushed Lin Yang off the balcony.  She let out a scream and rushed over, but once settled down, the figure turned out to be wood nan.  Her whole body was covered with goose bumps. At this moment, Mu Nan suddenly turned around and her head exploded in an instant. Mu Nan's head turned out to be a dog's head.

The dog's head was hidden in the thick black hair, smiled slightly, and slowly squeezed a voice from his throat, "woof, woof."

Zhuang Mumu's hair stood up and froze in place. He could only stare at the dog's head and slowly drift towards himself.

The next day, when Zhuang Mumu woke up, cold sweat was already starting to sweat.  She looked at the dog subconsciously and froze.  At this point, dense has woke up, is standing at the edge of Lin Yang pillow, rigidly staring at Lin Yang, like watching a delicious bone.  She suddenly understood what, wood nan not only hate her, actually more hate Lin yang.  Not long after her death, the man fell into the arms of another woman and completely forgot their vows.  It, or she, is to revenge the two of them.  Zhuang Mumu's cold sweat was dropping more and more. She was really scared and at a loss.

At night, Lin Yang took a bath for Sensen.  The dense forest seems to have changed. It used to love it very much. Now it starts to cry and struggle as soon as it enters the water. It seems that the water can drown it.  Zhuang mywood looked at the dense appearance, the heart is cold bit by bit, trance like saw nanmu floating in the lake struggling.  She ran out with a scream.  Lin Yang followed without understanding, dense also ran out of the basin, standing beside Lin Yang, looked at her with determination, and then proudly shook his body, hard to throw dirty water on her.  The water was as cold as ice.  She went crazy and fled back to her bedroom.

Lin yang shouted with puzzle: "mywood, what's wrong with you?"  "Take that damn Reservoir Dogs away!" said Zhuang Mumu slouches.

Lin Yang still left, although Zhuang Mywood tried to beg him not to leave, but after all, it was a job.  When he left, he coaxed Zhuang mywood to say, "rest assured, I'm not going back. I heard that there are beautiful oleander in that city. don't you like it?"  I will definitely buy it for you!  Zhuang Mywood looked at Lin Yang's disappearing back and shivered.  She can't let Lin Yang leave her, can't let Lin Yang out of any accident, she decided, no matter how to also want to kill dense, even if Lin Yang will scold her back.


After making up his mind, Zhuang Mumu began to try every means to kill Sensen.  Can kill a dog is not as simple as imagined, dense run very fast, she almost can't catch the dog hair.  Later, she tried a lot of methods, such as food temptation, etc., but dense is not to come out, in the end, even the surface is not exposed, don't know which corner to hide in or under the sofa, silent.  She is almost crazy, even can't go to work, looking for dense at home every day, her heart only one belief: kill it!  Kill her!  On several occasions, when she stopped panting, she would feel that the dog was staring at her in the dark. She could even hear the laughter of people, dogs and dogs.

Not only that, Zhuang Mumu began to dream about water: in the dream, she floated in the lake where the accident happened, but she could not move. The water seemed soft and flowing, and in fact it had coagulated her hands and feet.  At this time, suddenly someone ZhuangJie ZhuangJie to call her.  She turned her head and saw a group of fish.  The fish insidious smile said, "we ate the wood nan.  He turned into a wooden nan. "  One by one, he said, and reported, "I ate mulan's mouth, I ate my hands, I ate my eyes." due to this dream, for several days, zhuangmumu did not dare to cook, did not dare to take a bath, and even shuddered at the sound of running water.  Later, the dream came closer to her life. She often dreamed that Mu Nan ran out along the tap water pipe, first with her hands and then with her feet, and rushed to the ground from the pool. Then, the dense dog head rolled up and grabbed her hands and feet and installed them under her head one by one.  While installing, he said to her, "it's all right now. the soul has it, and the body also has it.  Zhuang Mumu, you will die. "

Zhuang Mumu did not dare to stay in this house any longer. She moved back to her apartment.  She thought she could live in peace for a few days, but she was wrong.  One night, she went to the toilet and found the toilet blocked when flushing.  She opened the porcelain lid of the water container to see what was blocking the waterway, but was terrified out of her wits.  In the water container was a dog head, smiling slightly at her.  With a scream, she rushed out of the toilet.  She kept saying to herself that she was hallucinating, but the dog head was so real.  She suddenly understood that the water pipes in this city are all intricately connected. Wherever she fled, Sensen could find her through the water pipes.  Sure enough, in the next few days, at night, she could often see a white shadow flashing before her eyes along with the sound of running water from the water pipe, threatening her up and down.  She was in danger. The air was full of the smell of death.

This day, Lin Yang called.  Zhuang mywood connected the phone and told Lin yang in horror about the strange things that had happened in the past few days.  Lin Yang was silent and obviously did not believe it.

Lin Yang said, "Mywood, go to the hospital."

"I'm not sick," cried Zhuang mywood frantically.  What I said is true! "