I live in a mountain hostel.

I've been having a lot of troubles recently and I'm extremely depressed. I came to a place called battery to relax.  Battery is a quiet green valley flat, full of all kinds of fruit trees, trees, especially chestnuts, cherries, many homes, has long formed a village, and has built more than three or four floors of buildings or antique wooden huts, mostly resorts.

I found a hostel near the mountainside and stayed there. The facilities here are relatively simple and quiet, which suits my taste very well.  The reception hall was empty, with only one man, one woman and two service personnel. Apart from three or four regular customers, there were only a few people in a few places.

I asked for a room on the second floor in the direction of the backer. I simply tidied it up. Soon, I entered my dream.

In a daze, I felt that a very heavy thing was holding me down, making me breathless. I couldn't open my eyes and move. I felt like I was in a dream, but I seemed to understand my situation. It was like the body didn't belong to me. The more I wanted to struggle, the more I felt overwhelmed. Soon I was sweating all over.

The ghost is crushing the bed!

The so-called ghost bed is generally caused by excessive mental pressure due to excessive accumulation. People's consciousness has been awakened, but the whole body is still in a relaxed state. The brain cannot control the body for a while. It feels as if it is pinned by heavy objects and cannot move. It is not really a ghost.

But there seems to be something wrong. I feel like something is really pressing on me!

I tried hard to open my eyes and move my body. It seemed that my heavy eyelids could not withstand a second and could be closed in an instant. It took me a lot of effort to wake up.

"Shout" I could clearly hear the wind outside the window.  This is a house with a backer. In order to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains, a balcony is specially set up and a landing window is opened. I can see the outside scenery with a crooked head. The rocks and trees are as vague and abrupt as ghosts, making people unable to see through it.

All of a sudden, distant hillsides are dotted with blue and green spots, flickering, big and small, floating like they came to the window and seemed to have gone away again in a twinkling of an eye.

Ghost fire!

It seems that the place not far away may be a graveyard.  I quickly pulled back my head and thought of drawing the curtains.

The floor of the house is paved with pine, scattered with light rosin, which is probably the reason why it is suspended. Walking on it, it makes a creaking sound, making people feel a little creepy even in the middle of the night.

The lights in the room are lotus-shaped lanterns, but the bulbs are old-fashioned incandescent lamps, with low wattage. The grayish yellow light gives off a long dark shadow on the wall, which is ghostly.

I felt my throat dry. I got up and took half a glass of water. I used to blow my breath and came to drink slowly. Gee!  There is no water in the cup.  I hesitated a little, it was careless, the water didn't pour into the cup.  I went back to the water dispenser to pick up most of the water and shook it. The water almost spilled out.  I put the cup on the bedside table, yawned, and took the cup again to drink water, eh!  There is no water in the cup!

I looked around and saw that there was not a speck of water stain on the ground. The doors and windows were all closed. I really saw a ghost. What was going on?  I can't make head or tail of it at the moment.

I feel everything around me is so strange between MengMeng pole-axed. I always feel that there is something wrong with the hotel itself that I can't tell. It makes people appall have to move in the morning.

Before daybreak, I couldn't stay in the hotel. A storage room downstairs of the hostel caught fire. Although the fire was not big, it was soon put out. However, in view of the fact that many parts of the hostel were made of flammable wood, in case of any accident, the owner of the hostel informed everyone and moved to another resort down the mountain.

I was wide awake. I thought about it back and forth, but I didn't know what was going on. I encountered a ghost in my sleep, a ghost fire in the valley outside the window, the water in the cup suddenly disappeared, and a fire broke out in the middle of the night. so many strange things happened in a short period of half a day. is this the legendary ghost house?

The next day was a sunny day and my gloomy mood was swept away.

Out of the room, into the hall ready to renew the formalities, "old classmates!"  I almost cried out with joy. I really didn't expect to meet acquaintances in this remote place.

The old classmate was also surprised. His surname was Sun, and he is now the director of the local police station. Director Sun seems to be on official business. After greeting, he hurried off in a car and pulled the alarm. It is estimated that something was wrong.

Sure enough, I soon heard that there was a death in the hillside hostel where I used to live yesterday: a front desk manager and an intern clerk both died in the hostel. there was no trace of murder at the scene. the two slept well, but they could never wake up.  After the accident at the hostel yesterday, all personnel were evacuated. The owner left only one hall manager and clerk to watch the store and monitor the fire. Unexpectedly, several hours passed and the fire didn't happen again. Both of them were killed.

I recalled all sorts of strange phenomena last night and did not find any clue. I really saw a ghost.

No progress has been made in the case, and another bizarre car accident has occurred here.

In front of the hostel on the mountainside is a mottled gravel road, which crosses the broad dirt road directly below the mountain at 90 degrees and is parallel to the asphalt road below the mountain. the three roads form a big "gong".

There was a traffic accident at the intersection of gravel road and broad dirt road.

On the side of the road in the sink lay a man, covered in blood, mixed with black mud, like a red pottery figurine.

I also came to the scene at the first time. The deceased was a drunk-about 40 years old, with a Chinese character face, slender eyes and a broad nose. He had just shaved his beard with green light. He had a slight scar on his left face, serious injuries to his waist and legs, obvious tire marks on his trousers, single guiding pattern, and model size 145/80R18.

I carefully checked the surroundings of the scene, but found no identical tire marks. Only a close tire mark was vaguely found on the roadside. I carefully identified it as an imported Tiguan Bridgestone tire with 235/55 R17 road tire and normal running tire mark.

I feel very strange that the tire marks on the injured person did not match those on the surrounding tires.  Isn't it that the injured person was hit here, or was the tire mark printed with this single guide pattern before the injured person was hit?  But why didn't the injured have any other marks left by the impact?

And if there is a fierce collision, the scene should leave scratches, that is, the marks left on the road due to the sliding and rotating of the vehicle tires. The width and clarity of the marks vary greatly. Although there is no established rule to follow, the identification of scratches is very simple. It can be clearly seen at the scene of the accident, such as turning scratches, acceleration and deceleration scratches, collision scratches, etc.  But here we can't find any marks of wiping.

Is it my own judgment except the problem? I am puzzled. Even if it is not a collision between two cars, there will be no horror when the two cars collide. It is a collision between a person and a car. In the moment of the collision, due to instinctive reaction, The parties are all urgently braking or rushing to the steering wheel. They often leave deceleration and turning and printing on the spot. On the road surface, they will even leave a black tire side slip mark, which will not disappear for a long time. This is The footprint left by the tire slipping outward due to the centrifugal force of the vehicle is very obvious.

Maybe there is no collision here?

Soon the identity of the injured person was found. His name is Li Maoqing. He turned out to be the real master of the mountainside guest house. He grew up in this mountain village. He invested in this guest house five years ago and has been run by his wife. He has been working with people in the county to develop real estate all the year round, and he can't go back several times a year.

The villagers also said that the deceased was a big filial son. His father died early. It was not easy for a mother to pull alone. It was not easy to go to the wife for thirty years. The days have been tight. There is really no way. A few years ago, the family left the aging mother in the village, and the whole family went out to work and live. No one thought that this kid had a fortune in his life, but after a few years, his pockets were bulging, and the wind and the scenery returned to the mountain village, and he invested in the guest house.

As the saying goes, there must be something wrong, the family is rich, the days are better, the old lady’s body suddenly fails, and the good days have not been over a few days. Li Maoqing was sad, but the old lady worked hard for a lifetime. She couldn’t enjoy the day with her. She has money now, but what can I do? The old lady can’t enjoy it. Since then, Li Maoqing has once again gone down to the city. The guest house on the mountain has his wife, Yang Xuhua, who runs alone. The business is not bad, and the plains are ruining. Later, I heard that Li Maoqing and the people had joined the building and became the real big boss. The villagers were envious and wanted to talk to Li Maoqing’s boss and find some work on his construction site. But everyone can't see him all the time. It seems that everyone can see him until the year of the year. The specifics are not clear. I did not expect that I saw him now and died.

I want to know about the final accident and I am going to call the old classmate. The phone has not come and hit, the phone bell rang, and took it up and looked at it. It turned out to be a classmate. It was said that it was one of the members of the case-handling team. There was really no time during the day and it was agreed to have a meal at night.

I took the opportunity to inquire about the questions in my heart. The old classmates scratched their heads and said that the case is not yet fixed. He is not good at saying anything. Although things are rather embarrassing, they can’t find any doubts. Basically, they are suicide. Li Maoqing’s Death is an ordinary traffic accident, but because there are fewer people at night and there are no cameras around, it is difficult to find an escape.

I am very disappointed, but the sixth sense tells myself that there is an article in it, and there is a certain relationship between the two accidents.

I asked: "Can you find an imported Tiguan car that enters the mountain village?"

"Li Maoqing's car is an imported Tiguan." The old classmates said with certainty.

"Oh." I was amazed.

I decided to check the car myself. The car was parked in the parking lot in front of the guest house.

This is a German imported Tiguan car. The tire used is a Bridgestone road tire of model 235/55 R17. It is 80% new. There is still a lot of yellow dirt in the longitudinal pattern of the tire. I knocked down a few pieces. Contrast with the soil on the dirt road to confirm that it is undoubtedly the same soil. It seems that the fetal track left on the dirt road is this car, perhaps Li Maoqing driving, what happened after the car stopped, this may be the key to the problem, it seems that it is necessary to investigate Li Maoqing's wife.

I suddenly had a strange idea:

Li Maocai is six or seven years older than his wife, Yang Xuhua. Due to the disparity in age, Li Maocai and his wife have a relatively flat feeling. Especially in recent years, since the death of the old mother, the relationship between the two has been greatly cracked. Li Maocai has since renewed Leaving the home in the mountain, throwing the business of the guesthouse to Yang Tuhua, and returning to the city, I went back to the house except for the New Year's holiday. The two of them became strangers, only the divorce certificate. It is in this situation that both husband and wife have their own emotional circles, especially the wife Yang Fushihua young and the boss wife, who has long been eye-catching with a lobby manager of the guest house, and scored one. Li Maocai suddenly went home this time and took the two people to the present shape. Li Maocai was furious, and the lobby manager was scared enough. Yang Tuhua was afraid that things would not be able to stand in the village, simply do not endlessly, a torch The lobby manager burned and died, and designed to kill Li Maocai and created a car accident scene.

Is Yang Biaohua really a woman who is so vicious in my heart? I don't quite confirm it.

Sudden blows made Li Maoqing's wife feel awkward. This is a young woman of thirty-three and four years old. She looks like a gorgeous woman but is obviously a rustic. She is a typical image of a rural woman who has seen the world. When I saw her, I had no idea of ​​the twists and turns. I don't believe that this woman has such a great ability. It may be suicide and general traffic accidents. It is just a coincidence. It seems that Li Maocai’s death is the fault of this Tiguan car. I decided to take a look at this Tiguan car again.

Once again, I came to the Tiguan car and suddenly found that the left front tire hub screw of the Tiguan car had been twisted. It seems that the tire has just been replaced for a long time!

In my mind, the tire footprint on Li Maoqing's trousers suddenly appeared: single-guide pattern, model size 145/80R18, so different from Tiguan tire, it will not be used temporarily? Temporary use, spare after emergency, right, Spare tires! The spare tires of many cars are not full-size, this should be the spare tire of the Tiguan!

Things have turned, and now we need to find this spare tire as soon as possible. Soon through the old classmates, I opened the spare tire of the car. Sure enough, the spare tire was used! From the texture of the spare tire, I found a black soil particle different from the dirt road. This is the black mud spot I found from Li Maoqing. Completely matched!

It seems that Li Maoqing was injured by the spare tire of this car, but this car was opened by himself. It’s a hell, how can he hit himself?

Who has opened Li Maoqing’s Volkswagen Tiguan? I asked the old classmates, and the old classmates smiled: “It’s not easy, just take a look at the fingerprints or look at the camera on the mountain road.”

Things are not so simple. Through investigation, only Li Maoqing’s fingerprints are on the steering wheel, and the camera on the road clearly shows the image of Li Maoqing’s driving. It can be confirmed that Li Maoqing was alive at least before going up the mountain. No one had driven his car. Li Maoqing did not go home all the year round. Why did he come back now?

Things are getting more and more confusing.

It turned out that yesterday was the day of Li Maoqing’s mother’s sacrifice. Li Maoqing came back to the mother to go to the grave. His maiden's grave is in the mountainside behind the guest house. Li Maoqing said that this will allow the old lady to see her home every day.

I suddenly remembered the ghost fire of last night. It would not be Li Maoqing’s old lady. The water in my cup was gone for no reason, the fire in the guest house, and the clerk’s death for no reason.

It seems that it is a haunt. Whether his aging mother is not willing to die, now turned into a devil to retaliate, the world will not really have such a ruthless ghost, even to their own children and grandchildren.

When things are investigated here, I feel that I have entered a dead end.

After having lunch, I decided to leave here. It was originally a distraction. I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing again, and it made people feel uneasy.

I just finished the check-out procedure, and suddenly I heard people say that Li Maoqing’s wife is also dead! I can’t believe my ears. It’s all so sudden and unexpected. It’s like summer snow, winter thunder, I Was completely stunned, this is what happened. It is said that Li Maoqing’s wife was taken away by the police and asked several times. The pressure was too great and she jumped into the building and committed suicide. The poor family broke down in an instant.

No one dared to go in the guest house anymore. Everyone said that it was really haunted, and they could hear ghosts at night.

This in turn inspired me to continue the investigation, I decided to re-enter the mountainside guest house.

Within a few days, the lively guest house has been very depressed and desolate. The dust has fallen to the ground, and the scattered confetti is blown like a paper money by the wind. It is scary.

I entered the small storage room. This is the place where the fire broke out. There are still traces of fire, which gives off a strange smell. I suddenly got a little dizzy and accompanied by nausea, and quickly quit.

Once again, I entered the room I had lived in. Everything seemed to have no major changes. Looking out of the window, everything was so quiet and beautiful, not like a haunted place. There was no change in the water of the water dispenser. I decided to repeat the action of drinking water again, but the cup could not be found. I opened the faucet of the water dispenser and the water rushed down to the water storage box. For a while, there was no change in the water in the water storage box. Was there a problem with my eyes that night? It was impossible for my own lips to have problems.

Where is the problem? I looked around and suddenly found a cup of drinking water in the corner. I picked it up and looked at it. Not only was it a fool, it turned out to be a magic prop. After pouring it into the water, the water would not flow out. of. That day I just woke up from my sleep, had a nightmare, saw a wildfire, my heart was afraid of tension, and I was not familiar with the situation. I didn't see that it was a magic prop. But who put the magic props in the room, is this intentional to make a tense atmosphere, think of the cold and clear situation of the guest house, probably someone deliberately made, not let people come, but what is it for?

I entered the room where the clerk died. There was nothing unusual here, but there was an ominous atmosphere, and soon I came out. I decided to re-enter the storage room and put on a mask.

There are some repair tools in the storage room. The power supply equipment is very professional, and there is no open fire point. How can it suddenly catch fire? Look at the burning marks. The fire should be small, basically no big things burned out. . I carefully examined, a broken glass bottle caught my attention, this is a wide-mouth glass bottle, some yellowish particles left on the broken glass pieces, giving a strange taste, what would it be?

I suddenly remembered the chemical knowledge I learned in the middle school textbook. The white phosphorus is famous for its yellow phosphorus, which is highly toxic, flammable and difficult to store. Is this what the white phosphorus is after spontaneous combustion?

I took a closer look and confirmed that this is a legacy left behind by the burning of white phosphorus. It seems that this may be the culprit causing so many changes.

Things still have to start from the deceased Li Maoqing, Li Maoqing has a lot of outside scenery in recent years, and the actual days have been very sad. The office building developed in cooperation with people has already become a bad building due to the break of the capital chain. The people who want to keep the accounts are endless, Li Maoqing Like the ants on the hot pot, you can only hide from the office, dragging the day is one day.

A while ago, he hid in the northeast. He was very sentimental when he was hiding in Tibet. When he thought of his life, he felt that he was most sorry for his aging mother. He was going to the mother’s day. Li Maoqing suddenly thought of filling the soil on his mother’s grave. Do your filial piety. But a group of debt collectors have already lived in their own guest house. They threatened to live on the day when he paid back the money, and the business was not very good. The wife could not cope with it. After thinking about it, Li Maoqing decided to come back and designed a strategy.

Li Maoqing came back alone. I didn't expect to have a tire in the place where I didn't live in the village. Li Maoqing could only change the spare tire by himself. When I waited until the repair shop, I repaired it again. This is what I found on the spare tire. Different from the black soil of the local dirt road, the mark on the Mao Maoqing trousers and the black mud point are also formed by replacing the spare tire.

When he returned home, it was evening. He quietly came to the guest house, opened the storage room, and took out a bottle of white granular medicine - highly toxic white phosphorus. He took out a little and went outside the window of the guest house. The melting point of white phosphorus was very low. The air will emit blue-green phosphorescence. This is the fire that I saw. Li Maoqing wanted to use this to scare the accountants in the guest house until they scared them away.

Who knows that the white phosphorus in the storage room has also spontaneously ignited and triggered a small fire. Taking this opportunity, Li Maoqing asked his wife to arrange for the clerk to clean up all the personnel on the grounds of fire safety, and seeing the completion of the matter, the development of the matter The difference.

Due to insufficient understanding of the toxicity of white phosphorus and the lack of any protective knowledge, the clerk who arranged the guesthouse had white phosphorus poisoning, and no one found it to be poisoned.

When Li Maoqing discovered that it was already too late, Li Maoqing was very scared. He was flustered and wanted to escape overnight. Maybe he was flustered. Maybe it was destined to be empty. The whole person fell on his back. It happened. The back of the skull suddenly smashed. On a curved stone tooth on the side of the road, the blood flow is not limited, and it is immediately killed. The scene is like a traffic accident, especially the tire footprint on the body is misleading people's judgment.

As for the death of Li Maoqing's wife, it is that things are gathered together. Two people, huge debts, and relatives leave and pressure around them, and she is crushed.

Things have finally come to the fore. The so-called haunted house is nothing more than a coincidence of natural or artificial creation. It is still the pressure of life to really crush this family.

There is a kind of unspeakable taste in my heart. I have to pack my bags and I want to leave here immediately.