Beijing Tongzhou Last Bus


The story I told is true, but I don't know if it really happened.

About ten years ago, shortly after graduating from college, I worked in Beijing and did network maintenance work in a network technology company.  The location of the company is very good, it is in SOHO modern city of Dawang road station on subway line 1.

Two other male colleagues of the company and I rented a house with three rooms and one hall in Tongzhou.  The rent is quite cheap, but the house is a blank one, and it is located in a remote place. It takes at least 25 minutes to walk from the subway station, and most sections of the road have no street lights.  So we seldom take the subway, especially in winter, and we hardly take it.  From the company to the rented land, there is only one long-distance bus from suburban counties, which takes more than an hour one way.  The last bus leaves at 10: 30 p.m. at the Bawangfen.  It takes seven or eight minutes to walk from our company to the starting station.

The two co-workers who share the rent are Xiao Jiao and I are basically villagers. I am from Tangshan and he is

People from Qinhuangdao.  The other is a pony from Hubei.  Xiao Jiao is a network designer and the business backbone of the company. He often needs to work overtime. Sometimes he works too late and sometimes he misses the last bus.

One night in the winter of that year, after work at 6 o'clock, Xiao Jiao worked overtime again, so I was alone first.

Go back to the place you rented.  Coincidentally, pony's new girlfriend was hospitalized for appendicitis and went to bed with him after work.  I was alone in my apartment, playing games on the Internet with my notebook. About eleven o'clock, I was a little sleepy.  After simple washing, I went to sleep.  Xiao Jiao did not come back at that time. He often came back in the middle of the night or did not come back. He was used to it.  I don't know how long, is sleeping soundly, think someone shook me awake, open your eyes, the light is on, small coke stood beside me in horror.

"What's the matter?"  I sat up and asked bleary-eyed.  By the way, I looked at the alarm clock. It was 2: 40.

"Oh, my God, just now I met an evil thing, especially evil."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, but I feel like I'm dreaming."

"You didn't dream. I was dreaming. Go to sleep."  Seeing him was really nothing, I lay down again.

"Ah, ah, ah.  .  .  .  You listen to me say that finish you sleep again, really very evil ".  He shook me again.

"I'm sleepy, let's talk about it tomorrow" in fact, my heart is the most annoying people disturb my dream, like peeing, scattering half, leaving half, not happy at all.  But I am embarrassed to get angry with him.

"I'll treat you to breakfast tomorrow, and I'll talk for a few minutes, then you can sleep again, ok?"  He was just begging me.

"For breakfast, I will have fried liver, steamed stuffed bun and oil cake."  If I don't listen to what he said, I guess I won't want to sleep tonight, so I sat up again and lit a cigarette.

"No problem".  He grabbed the cup at the head of my bed, poured a few big drools, and began to describe what he called an adventure.

After leaving work at 6 o'clock today, you all left. I worked overtime with two other colleagues.  At about 7 o'clock, the fast food we ordered by phone arrived, and we finished eating and went on working.  Around 9 o'clock, the two colleagues also left, leaving me alone.  By the time I finish designing this web page, it will be over ten o'clock.  I took the time to change the details again. around 10: 20, I turned off the computer in a hurry and took my bag to wait for the elevator.  When I trotted all the way to the bus stop, it was already 10: 33.  The last bus must have left, because usually there are still many people waiting for the last bus, and now there is no one.

The street lamp is still broken. Only the light from the office building in the distance makes the station look so gloomy and cold on winter nights.  The company can't go back, you know, without special circumstances and the general manager's instructions, the security guard won't let me in.  I'm going to buy some more supper and then go to the internet cafe to play games all night.  At that moment, a bus came along with its lights so dark that I didn't even notice where it had just come from, as if it were coming from underground.  After the car stopped, the door opened and was facing me. I did not know why, but I hesitated suddenly in my heart, but got on the car.

As soon as I got on the bus, the door snapped shut. I felt something was wrong.  In the dim light, I saw the driver's pale and slender face, white as a zombie in movie makeup. I was relieved to think it was the reflection of the light.  There was no warm wind in the car, it felt cold and chilly, even colder than outside.  The bus uniform worn by the driver is single, not cotton, and extremely ill-fitting, dirty and bulky.  The driver did not look at me, but looked straight ahead.  I looked inside the black car and found that there was no passenger, not even the conductor, except the driver.

Lie trough, this must be a black bus, I think, did not involuntarily hit a quivering, raised a trace of unknown fear in my heart.  Despite some doubts and fears, I took a seat behind the driver.  The in the mind is comforting oneself unceasingly, after a while someone gets on the bus again, it will be all right.  Just as the car was about to start, I noticed a man in front of the car waving to get on.  I felt a twinge of joy at having a partner so soon.  Strangely, the driver froze in wait for a while and stared at the people in front of the car for seven or eight seconds.  I was about to open my mouth to remind the driver to open the door when the door opened.

Then came a lean old man, over 60 years old, not tall, with glasses, goatee, black fur coat, like an artist or a professor.  The old man got on the bus very quickly and felt a cold wind coming in and blowing into my face.  After coming up, I gave the driver a hard look, as if to blame him for opening the door late, and then looked up and down at me.  When the old man came to my side, the car door closed again.  The car was about to start when the old man shook himself and grabbed my arm with his right hand.  My arm immediately felt as if it had been clamped by a large tube clamp.

"Stop the car!"  The old man shouted and blamed me loudly.  "Young man, why do you trip me up? I am old and have bad legs. You can't afford to trip me up."

This is obviously clink porcelain, and the technical content is too low.

"I didn't move my foot, how did I trip you?"

"I almost didn't fall, didn't you see?  If you really want to fall, you have to go to the hospital to show me. "

"Uncle, don't look for trouble, will you?" I was very angry, but I still pressed the fire.

"Young man, if you say so, I'll find another job. Let's go and get off the bus with me."  The old man said, pulling me up with one hand, obviously feeling that the old man's strength was so great that I couldn't resist at all.

"Open the back door and let's get off."  The old man shouted at the driver.  The back door opened immediately.  I knew that once I got off the bus, it was very difficult for me to get up again, so I desperately struggled back.  But the old man's strength was so great that I couldn't resist being dragged out of the car by the old man.

As soon as you get off the bus, the door closes and the bus leaves.  The last bus missed again!  My fire went up to my forehead. one hand grabbed the old man's bo neckband and the other tightly clenched my fist.

"Your ya don't give up, looking for smoke?"  I shouted in exasperation.

Unexpectedly, the old man was happy and let go.  "Young man, can you look at the car?"

I looked around. It was strange that the car had disappeared so quickly.  It's like going underground.  I was surprised and gradually let go of the old man's hand.

"Young man, it is your luck to meet me. Didn't you find the driver without legs when you got on the bus?"

"ah?  Uncle, what is going on? "  I was surprised and nervous. When I got on the bus just now, I was only glad to catch the last bus. I wanted to go back early and did not notice anything.

"You didn't pay attention to the stop sign. You were prompted. You didn't pay attention."  The old man pointed to the dim bus stop and said to me as if he were saying this while walking.

"Babangfen-Babaoshan", I looked up, vaguely see these words.  Hey, when did the stop sign change to this name, I was wondering, just want to ask the old man again carefully, turned around and found the old man was gone.  Can't you?  How is it like a bus? It comes and goes so fast.  .  .  .  .  .  .

"Well, I'll go to bed when I've finished," said Xiao Jiao, who returned to his room.

How do you become so flat and agile, not sloppy, does not conform to his character.  I was not sleepy at this moment, and doubted that he had made it up.  But in the middle of the night, why did he have to tell me such a boring story, and from his horrified expression, he could not see that it was fake.  I am not very daring, but I never believe in ghosts or supernatural things.  Xiao Jiao also knows my character. Why should he tell such a story?  I was just thinking about it when I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my hand. I looked down and saw that the smoke had burned to the end.  I snuffed out my cigarette and was about to get off when I suddenly remembered that it was so late and there must be no car. how did he get back?  So, driven by curiosity, I lit another cigarette and went to Xiao Jiao's room door to ask him what happened.  Pushing open the door, I heard a burst of snoring on the bed before turning on the light.  When I turned on the light, I saw him sprawled out on the bed. The one who slept was called a sweet one.  I didn't have the heart to wake him up again, turned off the light and quietly went back to my own room. My doubts could not be dispelled.


After the story Xiao Jiao told me, I stayed up almost the second half of the night.  I glanced at the alarm clock again. It was almost three o'clock.  I am not afraid, but curious.

I don't believe in the existence of supernatural events in the world at all. I only believe in science.  Facts have also proved that most paranormal events can be explained by scientific data after long-term observation and research.  Both TV and the Internet admit that the vast majority of the ghost incidents are people's mystification.  If I don't believe these superstitious things, I should be very daring. In fact, I just dare not take the subway from work. The reason is that when I get out of the subway station and walk 100 meters, there will be no street lamps. It is said that all around are wild places. It is said that one of the plots used to be a cemetery. I dare not go even if I was killed.

What Xiao Jiao said is true, obviously not in line with scientific logic.  You said it was a fake, he was full to stay up in the middle of the night looking for a story.  After much deliberation, I decided to ask Xiao Jiao tomorrow to find out.  I think that when he still wants to make up his mind, he will use facts to expose him. I am not prepared to cheat him out of dinner.

I have been thinking about this all the time. I don't know how long it took. In a daze, I fell asleep and had a dream.  Dream in the night, a woman was driving an SUV, I was sitting in the co-pilot position, the car was driving on Jingtong Express, the direction was toward my rental place.  Along the way, we talked and laughed. She drove very fast.  Just as the car was passing the balizhuang bridge, the woman suddenly said, "don't turn left."  She seemed to say it to me and to herself.  The words sound just fell, he saw a car coming across, vaguely felt like a car.  The car was still going backwards. The lights were very bright. I couldn't open my eyes because of the strong light.  The car across the street is getting closer and closer, and the lights are getting brighter and brighter. It may hit in an instant.  I was stunned and sat stiffly, waiting for the coming violent collision.  The woman next to her began to honk her horn as hard as she could.  .  .  .  .

The shrill horn woke me up, opened my eyes and found that the alarm clock had rung and it was half past seven.  It was in my dream that I took the alarm bell as a horn.  A false alarm!  Fortunately, it was a dream. Fortunately, it was only a dream. The dream was too real.  It's a beautiful day today. The sunshine outside the window is shining on my face. It's dazzling.  I sat up, my heart still thumping, remembering the dream just now, I was still scared.  Who is the woman driving the car is unknown.  Just remember she said "don't turn left" quite nonsense.  Who turned left on the bridge deck?

After sinking for a while, I got out of bed, washed up and went to find Xiao Jiao.  Pushing open his door, he found that he was not in the room.

"This boy is really a famous stinger in the company. He didn't want to invite him earlier today."  I think, but I can't hide from the first day of the junior high school, but I can't hide from the 15th. sooner or later you have to invite me to this breakfast. it is necessary.

At 8: 54, I arrived at the company and bought a set of pancake fruits for breakfast on the way.  After entering the door, I found Xiao Jiao was not there.  Ask colleagues, just know he went to the customer with the general manager.  He was really wronged.  I didn't see Xiao Jiao and the boss coming back until I got off work.

At six o'clock, work is off again.  I went to a Xinjiang restaurant near Hyundai City for dinner.  The place we rented was originally short of restaurants and the sanitary conditions were poor, so I usually went back after dinner near the company.  In Xinjiang restaurant, I ordered a large plate of lasagna and a large bowl of hot soup. On the lasagna, I added two tablespoons of chili paste.  Three times five divided by two, the police and soup all went into the belly, and the sweat broke out on my head. I felt warm in my body.  After leaving the restaurant, it was quite comfortable to be blown by the cold wind.

When walking to the bus stop, I suddenly remembered Xiao Jiao's adventure and wanted to explore what he said was true and what was false.  Walking to the bus stop, I found that the street lamp was indeed broken, and a large group of people gathered in the vicinity of the bus stop.  These people are basically the same as me, working in the city center during the day and sleeping in the suburbs at night.  One by one in the morning, he entered the city bright and bright as a white-collar worker, and in the evening he returned to the countryside despondently as a migrant worker.  The light coming from a distance is neither clear nor dark. It seems like there is no light at all. In winter nights, this group of people are like wandering ghosts.

I squeezed through the crowd and came under the stop sign. The light was too dim, but I could barely see the words on it.  Due to disrepair, the stop sign has lost its paint and faded, and the font is blurred. It is estimated that even during the day, it is difficult for outsiders to recognize the name of the stop.  However, this is the case. The bold boldface on the top line is especially obvious.  In my heart a surprised, zheng big eyes, look carefully.  It said: "I have to get a license 13132456714" and it was a false alarm.  If you look closely again, you can faintly see the red font "Eight Kings Tombs".  .  。”  I can't see anything else.  I am more sure that Xiao Jiao made up what he said.

The bus arrived within three minutes.  Today was a lucky day. Last week, it was foggy on the 3rd. I waited for 45 minutes to get on the bus. I was so crowded that I almost didn't spit out my dinner.  The kung pao chicken Gai Shui Fan and Mushu Sour and Hot Soup I ate that day did not make me vomit.

As soon as the car door opened, people poured in like a flood. The eager conductor slapped the door and shouted, "Don't crowd, line up to get on the bus."  No one listens to her.  Or refugees generally desperately crowded.  Very easy I squeezed up, actually found a seat in the back row, a window seat, comfortable.  Finally, the car packed like a can started.  I closed my eyes and took a nap.  After a long time, suddenly the car slowed down, opened its eyes and drove out of the car window, causing traffic jams.  Because it was a return trip, most people on the bus were not in a hurry even though there was traffic jam.  Looking ahead, I found that on the balizhuang bridge, lights were blazing brightly, a large crane was parked in the middle of the bridge, and the surroundings of the bridge were crowded with people.  There are only two opposite lanes on the bridge deck.  The maintenance and repair of balizhuang bridge has narrowed the bridge deck in recent days. with such cranes, the monster occupies half of the bridge deck which is not spacious, so the vehicles crawl like turtles.  Suddenly someone in the car shouted, "hey, there's another accident. look at that car. turn it over. hey."  As the car moved slowly, on the left hand side, I saw a white SUV under the bridge, stuck head down in the water.  The big crane is fishing.  On the left side of the bridge is a temporary railing, seven or eight meters missing, apparently hit by this car.  Traffic accidents happen frequently in Jingtong. No one will pay much attention to them.