Midnight hearse

Zhang Yao is a female college student who has just graduated. She has beautiful eyes and looks.  Zhang Yao works as an accountant in a small company in X City, which is a branch of a large company.  The staff here is tight and the workload is heavy.  Therefore, the company works overtime till midnight almost every day.  Zhang Yao originally wanted to change jobs to try a bigger company, but because he has just graduated, coupled with the current employment difficulties of college students;  Therefore, Zhang Yao has not been able to find a satisfactory company.  Every day it is repeated "nine to nine".  The boss of the company also harassed her frequently, which made Zhang Yao feel exhausted physically and mentally.  The boss of this company is surnamed Zhou and is called "Zhou Youkuan". However, the employees of the company always call this name too common. This week, the employees are often "exploited" to work in shifts. Therefore, the subordinate employees call him "Zhou skinned" behind his back.

This "Zhou Youkuan" is uglier than that week in TV. He is a fat man, a fat man with a full face. His belly is like a woman pregnant for seven or eight months, and he has big black teeth. He walks like that "Big Mac".  Zhang Yao is particularly annoying to him. Zhou Youkuan stares at her every time he works overtime at night. Zhang Yao feels scared every time Zhou Youkuan stares at Zhang Yao. She dare not look into his eyes.  Fortunately, Zhang Yao was not the only one who worked overtime at night. In Zhang Yao's words, "You saved my life."

The second in command of this company is called Li Dehao. He is the deputy general manager here. If you want to say that he is good at this, he must be kowtowing to others.  Of course, it is flattering Zhou Youkuan. It is said that this Li Dehao was an ordinary employee when he first came to the company. He climbed to the position of deputy manager step by step by relying on his "housekeeping skills". For example, when "Zhou Youkuan" went to the toilet, Li Dehao would run to the toilet and send him a newspaper as soon as possible. Zhou Youkuan's desk has always been cleaned by this deputy manager Li Dehao. The cleaning elder sister would not let him clean it.  The employees of the company also nicknamed him "good shot".

At the end of the afternoon, when I came off work.  Zhou Youkuan came up to Zhang Yao, who was sorting out the documents. He still looked at Zhang Yao with that kind of bedroom eyes. Zhou Youkuan said, "Xiao Zhang, I have an appointment with a client for dinner tonight. Why don't you come with me tonight?  By the way, I'll acquaint you with the business, so that I can promote you. "

Zhang Yao embarrassed to squeeze out a smile "Zhou Zong ah, sorry, I have an appointment with Wang Lan for dinner tonight, I'm afraid I can't go with you!"

Zhou Youkuan was not very happy. His facial expression turned a 180-degree turn in an instant. Zhou Youkuan said, "The company has a batch of accounts to do at night. You and Wang Lan stay to work overtime!"

Before Zhang Yao could refuse;  Zhou left in a hurry with money!

That night, Zhang Yao and Wang Lan worked overtime until 9: 00 midnight to complete the accounts. Wang Lan sat in a chair and stretched himself and complained. Wang Lan said, "This week's skinning is really damn. Every time I see us not pleasing to the eye, I deliberately let us work overtime."

Zhang Yao sighed "alas!  Yes, he doesn't call so many employees in the company, but he just calls us, he is deliberately making things difficult for us! "

Wang Lan said, "This is the world.  We just graduated college students are not easy to find jobs, how can this person not bow under the eaves!  Accept my fate. "

Two people finished cleaning up the accounts on the table and hurried downstairs.  Zhang Yao and Wang Lan originally lived together in the dormitory of the company, but Zhang Yao is a quiet girl. She can't stand the noise of the dormitory. Last month she just moved out of the dormitory of the company. She rented a house in "Gu Lou Lane", which is not too far from the company. The "Gu Lou Lane" is about seven or eight kilometers away from Zhang Yao's company, and it takes more than ten minutes by bus.  In fact, there are many houses to rent closer to the company, but it is slightly more prosperous than Gu Lou Lane, so the house price will naturally be higher.

There are two reasons why this alley house in Gu Lou is cheap. One is that the place is remote and the alley is deep and narrow.  Another reason is that the houses are very old, just like the name of this place.  Most of the buildings here are old buildings from the 1990s, so the house price is naturally cheap, almost the price of cabbage.  Zhang Yao is a newly graduated college student.  They are also not so well off, so this kind of rental housing is naturally favored by young men and women who have just entered the society.  There are a lot of single women like Zhang Yao or single men living here, all of whom are looking for cheap housing prices.

After coming out of the company, Zhang Yao and Wang Lan said goodbye.  He hurried to catch the last bus, and Zhang Yao came to the bus stop No.9.  Quietly waiting for the bus No.9 to arrive, Zhang Yao looked at the table below. It's 9: 06 now. The bus should almost arrive soon. She often takes the last bus No.9, and this bus can reach this stop at about 9: 10 every time.  Sure enough, bus no.9 came along in a short time. the bus was very old and was expected to be scrapped in a few years.  The old car door crashed with a clash and Zhang Yao got on the old No.9 bus.

There were few people on the bus at this time. Zhang Yao took a seat casually and sat down.  Because there are not many passengers on the bus;  It was better to walk on the road. The driver drove very fast and arrived at the terminal in a short time. By the time Gu Lou Lane was reached, the passengers had almost gone. Zhang Yao and a small old lady were left on the bus. After the car stopped, Zhang Yao got up and walked to the door. At that moment, the driver shouted at the old lady. The driver said impatiently, "I said you should get off the bus quickly. I have to hurry home to celebrate my wife's birthday!  Dally with "

Zhang Yaogang walked to the door of the bus. Hearing this, he looked back curiously. He saw the little old lady carrying a big black bag and moving with difficulty. It seemed that there were many things in the bag.  Zhang Yao did not hesitate to see this situation, and returned to the back of the carriage to help the old lady with the big bag. Zhang Yao said, "Grandma, I'll help you with it, and took the big bag from the old lady's hand.  Help the old lady to carry down the bag.  The little old lady smiled gratefully.

The driver in the car glanced impatiently and saw that the two got off the bus before swearing off ...

Zhang Yao said curiously, "Grandma, where are you going at this late hour?"

"Zhang Dian Zi Zhuang died today. I went to do some legal work for him. I want to go home."

This big night to listen to the old lady suddenly come up with such a word;  Zhang Yao couldn't help shuddering, Zhang Yao should be a cry;  Looking at the old lady, she said, "oh, are you a wizard?"

The old lady answered the irrelevant question and said, "there are not many good girls like you now!  Thank you ... I'm going back, see you soon! "  Said the back up the bag disappeared in the dark alley ...

After the old lady left, Zhang Yao was thinking more and more strange, thinking of what the old lady said just now to the dead.  Zhang Yao's heart was in Mao Mao's. She didn't dare to stay long at the thought of these. She also hurried to Gu Lou Alley ...

After returning to the rented house, Zhang Yao felt extremely tired. She lay in bed and soon fell into a groggy sleep. I don't know how long he slept. He felt someone calling her name in the house, and the voice was far and near.  As if from hell!  "Zhang Yao ... Zhang Yao ... Zhang Yao ... Zhang Yao ...

Zhang Yao opened his eyes in a daze, the bed was filled with a layer of white mist, vaguely she saw a figure in the white mist, Zhang Yao set eyes to see the soul is falling out, the man he is too familiar with, fat body, a full face of abscissa, his face went white and white, "ah ..." The man turned out to be "Zhou Youkuan" Zhang Yao gasped;  "Zhang Zong, how did you get here? How do you know I live here? What do you want to do?"

Zhou Youkuan smiled and his black teeth leaked out. Zhou Youkuan said, "Zhang Yao, I like you. I've come to pick you up. Come with me."

Zhang Yao shouted and shrank into a ball: "Zhou Youkuan, you don't come here, you come here again I will call the police, you don't come here ... don't come ..."

Zhou Youkuan jumped up with a strange smile. Then Zhou Youkuan's face suddenly twisted and changed. His face was covered with blood and he rushed at Zhang Yao ...

Zhang Yao issued a heart-rending scream … "Ah" ...

Zhang Yao sat up from the bed, she exhaled panting, cold sweat had already covered her cheeks, Zhang Yao panicked looked at all corners of the room, at this time it was already bright, the room what also have no!

Zhang Yao patted his frightened heart and said to himself, "Alas, I was scared to death. It turned out that I had a nightmare just now!  The dream was so horrible, as if it were real. Is this what people often say about love love love? "

At this time of Zhang Yao haven't been able to pull my thoughts back from the panic, suddenly a rapid phone ringing, really startled her, ding Rinrin ... Ding Rinrin ... The phone was from Wang Lan, Zhang Yao pressed the answer key ...

"hello;  Zhang Yao, what's the matter with you? Look at the time now.  Why don't you go to work ... "

Zhang Yao looked at the bedside alarm clock;  It was almost eight o'clock, and Zhang Yao said, "Oh, dear.  Wang Lan, I may be too tired to oversleep. Tell the leader I'll be right there. "

At the other end of the phone, Wang Lan lowered his voice and said, "You'd better take a taxi. There's something big going on at the company!"

"What's the big deal?  What is it? "  Zhang Yao asked curiously while packing.

"Oh, you don't ask.  Hurry up and come here, you will know that "good shot" is getting angry, that's all. "

"Oh, oh, I'll be right there." After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yao rushed out in a hurry. She had no time to have breakfast at this time. She stopped a taxi and headed for the company.

Soon the taxi arrived at the door of the company, Zhang Yao hurried out of the car, when she pushed the door and walked into the company was startled, everyone's desk was hung with a white flower, they seem to be talking about something in a low voice, at this moment and Zhang Yao's neighbor Wang Lan expression of eyes to Zhang Yao, Zhang Yao quickly walked to his desk, Zhang Yao quietly asked "Wang Lan, what happened to the company?  Why do you all put a white flower on the table? "

Wang Lan said in a low voice, "There was a big accident at the company. Last night, Zhou Zong suddenly had an accident and fell off a cliff and died.  I heard that his brains fell out and his face was covered with broken glass from the car. Oh, that's terrible! "

Zhang Yao's mouth was wide open and she didn't make a sound for half a day. She was too surprised and surprised. Yesterday afternoon, the "Big Mac" that could still say "move" disappeared today. She felt that life was so fragile. Suddenly Zhang Yao thought of the love love love last night. Zhou in the dream had a full face of blood and remembered those words in the dream: "Zhang Yao ... I like you, I'm here to pick you up, come with me ..." He vaguely felt that this was not so simple as love love love. A strange fear came to her mind.

"Zhang Yao ... Zhang Yao ... Zhang Yao, what's wrong with you ..."

Wang Lan shouted several times before Zhang Yaocai recovered from his frightened thoughts.  Zhang Yao said, "Oh, it's nothing. It's just a little unexpected."

Wang Lan lowered his voice and said, "What's so unexpected about this? Usually this" weekly skinning "always bullies us. I think heaven has eyes. This is retribution!"

Zhang Yao subconsciously nodded, then the office door was opened, Li Dehao deadpan came in, the office immediately was silent, Li Dehao subconsciously pulled his collar and said, "presumably everyone already knows the news of Zhou Zong's death, Zhou Zong can be said to have done his best to our company during his lifetime;  I did my best, especially to protect our subordinates. Now General Manager Zhou has just passed away.  It can be said that he died young.  Today, Zhou zong's family is having a funeral, so I want to take all the staff of our company to Zhou zong's family to see him off on the last leg. please raise your hands if you don't want to go! "

Any of you who don't want to go please raise your hands. Obviously, this sentence carries a certain "threat". The general manager is gone, and the next successor is the deputy general manager. At present, any employee also doesn't want to offend Li Dehao. Although they all don't want to go, but still no one raises their hands to push off.  Li Dehao also demanded that every employee must cry out after arriving, saying that only in this way can he show respect for the leadership.  Li Dehao then contacted the bus and said that all the staff started on time at 9 o'clock.

After Li Dehao left, the staff in the office were scolding, saying that anyone who died had to kowtow to others. This is really a "good job".

Wang Lan said to Zhang Yao, "Alas!  After leaving a tortoise, another tortoise came. They were all of the same virtue. Li Dehao was suffering and sad on the surface. In fact, he wished Zhou skinned to death. This week he skinned to death. He was the general manager. Now he is not singing this play to the leaders of the head office.  With false feelings. "

Zhang Yao said, "Crows in the world are generally black. It's not the same for us who is the general manager. Don't worry about it."

The rest of the office also talked in a low voice. By nine o'clock the bus had arrived at the company's downstairs, and all the employees were reluctant to get on the bus.

Zhou Youkuan lives in Xiushan Villa, which is not too far from the company. The bus soon arrived at the gate of the villa. After all the employees got off the bus.  Li Dehao let all the white flowers don't in his chest, and told one side, saying that when he walked to the front of the hall for a while, he must show the feeling of grief. All the people didn't speak, one by one, with his head down, he walked into the living room where the hall was set up.

After entering the living room, Zhang Yao subconsciously looked around.  She saw that the hall was full of people, all of whom bowed their heads silently.  There is a big "drink" in the center of the mourning hall. wreaths are placed on both sides of the drink. Zhang Yao saw a "glass coffin" under the word "drink"

Li Dehao led all the employees to swarm in, and all the employees came to the coffin one by one, covering their mouths like a joke and crying.  Zhang Yao subconsciously looked at Zhou Youkuan in the glass coffin, although Zhou Youkuan had no blood and broken glass on his face at this time.  But his changed face;  His face went white and he was dressed in a shroud. He looked terrible.  After seeing Zhou Youkuan's face, Zhang Yao remembered the nightmare last night. He did not dare to look at it again. After bowing, Zhang Yao pulled Wang Lan back to the doorway of the mourning hall.  Zhang Yao whispered, "Did you see Zhou Youkuan's face just now?  That face is horrible! "

Wang Lan said, "Although the mortician has adjusted his face, he can still see that his face has changed shape. It is estimated that his blood has drained away, so his face is so pale!"

"I'm afraid when I think about it, don't say it again, or I'll have nightmares at night!"  Zhang Yao said.

The two men thought they had finished the morning.  I should be free, but I didn't expect Li Dehao to take all the staff to the funeral home with the hearse. This surprised everyone. This villa is very remote. The staff came by that bus, so they had to continue to take that bus when they left, so they had to be at Li Dehao's mercy.

At noon, people in too many cooks carried the glass coffin in the mourning hall to the decorated hearse.  The driver on the hearse was very big. His eyes were very big. The big ones were a little scary. He looked like a cow's eyes when he saw them fiercely.  The driver's eyebrows were still raised and he looked a bit fierce. Zhang Yao thought that maybe only this kind of person could be competent for the job.

The hearse is very luxurious. There are many yellow and white flowers inside and outside the hearse. Zhou Youkuan's portrait is placed at the front and bottom of the hearse. Zhou Youkuan on the portrait is staring at the front with gherardini. When Zhang Yao sees the big portrait, he can't help but think of the nightmare last night. Finally Zhang Yao dare not look at it again. She turned her head to one side in panic.

At this moment, an old man with paper sticking came up from a distance. The old man was very thin and his face was full of wrinkles, as if it were like the dried date.  The old man's hand carrying two paper men walked quickly towards the hearse.  Zhang Yao saw it;  The two paper men are a man and a woman. Their height is exactly the same as that of adults. The two paper men are very lifelike.  The paper man drew a black suit, even the shirt and tie inside the paper man's neck were clearly visible.  The paper woman drew a little red cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers, which looked very bright. The facial features of the paper woman were very delicate and pretty, very young, but its red mouth and lips with the big pale face seemed a bit strange.

The old man put two paper men on the hearse carefully.  Then gently off the hearse, this just quietly leave.

Through the window of the funeral car, the two paper men are faintly visible. Wang Lan whispered, "The two paper men look like real people from a distance. If they suddenly see these two things at night, they will not be scared to death."

Zhang Yao said, "You really hate it. The more people are afraid of something, the more you say it. It really scares me to death."

Then they reluctantly got on the bus under the leadership of Li Dehao. Ten minutes later, the hearse headed for the villa. The bus and several other funeral vehicles followed closely. The mighty funeral procession set off ...


The funeral procession took about 40 minutes.  Finally arrived at the door of the funeral home, all got off the bus one by one and followed the hearse slowly toward the funeral home.

When they came to the hall of the funeral home, they said their final farewell to the body.  Li Dehao ran to Zhou Youkuan's body and cried, "Zhou Zong, why did you leave us so quietly? Who will lead us when you leave?  Zhou Zong ... Zhou Zong ... is really jealous of talents. "  Li Dehao did not seem to have a drop of tears on his face, but he still symbolically wiped his face with his hand.  Then Li Dehao turned and looked aside at Zhou Youkuan's wife, who was crying in a pair of black sunglasses at the glass coffin.  Li Dehao said, "Sister-in-law Zhou, I'm sorry for your loss. Don't be too sad. It's not good for your health.  There are still many important things in the company. We'll go back to the company first. Take care of yourself! "

Zhou Youkuan's wife did not speak. She nodded lightly.

Li Dehao this just with all the employees of the company hurried out of the funeral parlor condolence hall, out of the condolence hall after Zhang Yao saw the two strange paper men, they leaned against the corner;  Is quietly standing beside the brazier;  Waiting to be burned, they seemed unwilling to make a pair of funerary objects. Their eyes looked straight ahead at wait for a while, as if their hearts were full of resentment.

I saw these two strange paper men in the funeral parlor.  Zhang Yao suddenly felt a little scared. Zhang Yao turned around and quickly got on the bus.  After Li Dehao this ordeal;  People on the bus felt exhausted. On the way back to the company, the employees did not speak too much. They all narrowed their eyes one by one and took a nap. Zhang Yao looked out of the window listlessly. She remembered the strange dream last night. She vaguely felt that the dream seemed not so simple.

The employees took most of the time to attend the weekly paid funeral. Today's work cannot be finished naturally, so almost half of them will stay to work overtime when they get off work. Zhang Yao and Wang Lan are the overtime professionals of the company. They are almost indispensable for all kinds of overtime work. Tonight they will stay to work overtime again.

They worked from the afternoon until 9 o'clock in the evening to finish today's work.  The two men complained as they walked toward the company's door. Wang Lan said, "This Li Dehao is darker than Zhou skinned. It seems that we will not have a good life in the future."

Zhang Yao sighed and said, "Yes, we probably won't be able to escape Li Dehao's" talons "in the future. Let's make a living one day at a time. Let's make another way to make a living after we finish this year!"

Out of the door of the company, the two people said goodbye in a hurry. Wang Lan walked towards the dormitory of the unit, while Zhang Yao walked towards the stop sign not far away.  Zhang Yaogang walked to the side of the platform.  The No.9 bus pulled up slowly, the shabby door opened with a crash, and Zhang Yao walked up quickly.

The number of passengers in the car was still very small. As it was the last train at midnight, the car was very quiet. Several passengers were squinting and reposing, while others were staring blankly at the night sky outside the car window. They seemed tired.  Zhang Yao casually found an empty seat and sat down. Zhang Yao subconsciously looked out of the window and suddenly.  A car came up behind the bus. When I saw this car, Zhang Yao's heart almost jumped to my throat. It turned out to be the hearse in Xiushan Villa during the day.

Zhang Yao thought she was wrong. She rubbed her eyes and looked out of the window. "Ah" Zhang Yao couldn't help calling out her voice. She was not wrong. The white hearse was getting closer and closer to Zhang Yao, and the portrait of Zhou Youkuan was still hanging in front of the hearse!  Zhou Youkuan on the portrait still looked at the front with gherardini as if he were about to jump out of the portrait.

Suddenly the hearse sped toward the side. The hearse was close at hand to Zhang Yao in the bus. Zhang Yao clearly saw that the light was still on in the hearse's carriage. Zhang Yao saw through the dim light that a glass coffin was still in the car.  What is even more frightening is that there are two paper men in the hearse. The two paper men are a man and a woman. The man is dressed in a black suit and the woman is dressed in a small cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers. Ah, Zhang Yao gasped. "Aren't these two paper men the same ones that gave Zhou Youkuan a funeral yesterday?  Why are they in the hearse?  At this moment they should be burned! "  The atmosphere of terror immediately filled the whole carriage!

Zhang Yao did not dare to take another look. She hurriedly turned her head and blocked her eyes with her hand. Zhang Yao gasped heavily. At this moment, she felt that her hair was going to stand up. There was a deathly silence in the carriage. The silence was a bit terrible, as if she could hear nothing but Zhang Yao's gasps.

After driving for more than ten minutes, the car finally arrived at the terminal "Gu Lou Lane". Zhang Yao was like a frightened rabbit.  Quickly ran down the car, and then non-stop ran to the depths of the Gu Lou lane ...

The ten-minute journey took Zhang Yao only five minutes to get to the rental room. Zhang Yao lay in bed and couldn't sleep. She was thinking about the scene just now. Why did the hearse appear in front of her?  Outside the hearse;  What about Zhou Youkuan's portrait?  What made her wonder even more was why there were those two paper men on the hearse.  A chill seeping into her bone marrow filled her whole body, and this night was destined to be a long and horrible night ...

The next morning when Zhang Yao arrived at the company, he was almost late again because he did not sleep well last night.  Two big black circles appeared in her eyes. As soon as she arrived at the company, Wang Lan asked her, "What did Zhang Yao do last night? How did your eyes swell like pandas?"

At this time, Zhang Yao was not in a mood to joke. Zhang Yao said, "I met a strange and horrible thing on the bus last night. Guess what I saw."

Wang Lan said, "What strange thing is it? It's mysterious. Maybe you saw a ghost."

Zhang Yao lowered his voice and said, "I saw the hearse with the body of Raju last night!  Zhou Youkuan's portrait hasn't been picked yet. What's more frightening is that I also saw the two paper men buried with him.  It really scared me to death. "

"Ah, really have such a thing?  This big night to see the hearse is really quite scary, or run into weeks have money that hearse, that is even more horrible. "

Zhang Yao said, "It's not strange what you said. The funeral was finished during the day and the portrait of the hearse was still hanging at night. The two paper men should have been burned. Why did they appear on the hearse again? It's terrible to think about it!  I didn't sleep all night last night. "

Wang Lan patted Zhang Yao on the shoulder and comforted him, "Don't be paranoid, maybe the hearse driver hasn't had time to take off the portrait, I think it's just a coincidence."

After a busy day, they still couldn't get rid of the bad luck of working overtime. It seems that the company has endless work to do. That night they worked overtime until 9 o'clock before leaving in a hurry.  Zhang Yao still got on the old No.9 bus as usual.  The car is still dead and there seems to be fewer passengers in it tonight.  Zhang Yao habitually walked to the back of the car, she found a window seat to sit down. When the car walked two stops, all the passengers on the car were gone, leaving only Zhang Yao and the driver in the empty car.  Behind the driver's seat was a billboard of some shampoo. The billboard blocked the driver tightly. Zhang Yao could not see the driver at all in the car on the left rear side, as if the car was only Zhang Yao himself.

Zhang Yao subconsciously looked out of the car window. Terror happened again. Zhang Yao actually saw the strange hearse again, and Zhang Yao saw it through the window.  Zhou Youkuan's portrait was still hanging on the hearse. The strange portrait was still looking at the front with gherardini ...

Suddenly the window of the hearse slowly fell down, and a big pale face caught Zhang Yao's eyes. Zhang Yao could hardly believe his eyes. It was the paper man who was driving ...

The paper man didn't have any expression on his face, so now staring at Zhang Yao ...

Suddenly the rear window of the hearse also slowly fell down, and another face appeared in front of Zhang Yao, it was a bloody face, turned out to be dead Zhou Youkuan.  Zhang Yao is going crazy!  She saw Zhou Youkuan sitting on the glass coffin staring at her straight ... Zhou Youkuan's arms were still holding the paper woman with the little cotton-padded jacket with broken flowers!

"Ah ............" Zhang Yao issued a woman's unique high decibel screams!

Suddenly the car stopped suddenly, and then the old car door "crashed with a clash" opened. The sound of the door opening was so loud that Zhang Yao was startled. Zhang Yao gasped for breath. It turned out to be the terminal station. Zhang Yao did not dare to stay longer for a moment. She rushed off the bus quickly. She just turned around and met another face!

Zhang Yao couldn't help but let out a cry, the wrinkled face turned out to be the little old lady the night before yesterday!  The old lady was carrying the big black leather bag on her shoulder.

The old lady said slowly, "girl, I didn't think we'd meet again. it's fate!"

At this time of Zhang Yao is out of her wits;  A blank in my mind;  That was not enough for small talk. Zhang Yao nodded symbolically and hurried towards the alley. At this moment, behind Zhang Yao came the husky voice of the old lady, "Girl, you have met something unclean!"

Hearing the old lady's remarks, Zhang Yao felt that her whole body blood seemed to rush into her brain, and her brain felt "humming" immediately.  She turned around in panic and looked at the old lady. Zhang Yao thought to herself, "Isn't this old woman the wizard? Have I really met a ghost?"  Zhang Yao looked at the old lady in front of him like he caught a lifeline. Zhang Yao walked quickly to the old lady and Zhang Yao said, "Grandma, please help me. I really hit a ghost. Just now I saw that strange hearse again!  It turned out that a paper man was driving. I also saw the dead man. Grandma, please help me ... "Because of too much panic, Zhang Yao spoke incoherently.

There are a row of seats waiting for the bus next to the platform of the terminal. The old lady motioned Zhang Yao to sit down with her hand and patted Zhang Yao on the shoulder and said.  "I think this" ghost "is not something you just got into this evening. Don't worry. Speak slowly. What is going on?  "

Finally, Zhang Yao said the matter in detail like a spill the beans. Zhang Yao said, "Grandma, I had a nightmare that night. I dreamed that our company's boss Zhou had money. In the dream, he came at me with blood all over his head. He also said that he liked me very much and wanted to take me away.  As a result, when I went to work the next morning, I heard that Zhou Youkuan had died in a car accident, coincidentally that night.  At that time, I felt something was wrong. I felt that the dream that night was too real!  That kind of feeling is like Zhou Youkuan actually came to my room.  Later, the deputy general manager of our company asked our employees to give Zhou Youkuan a sob when his body went to funeral home cremation.  I saw the hearse for the first time. It was very luxurious and I remember it very clearly.

Results that night I saw the strange hearse again in the bus, Zhou Youkuan's portrait was still hanging on the hearse, and the two strange paper men ... "

Zhang Yao cried and continued, "Grandma;  I'm going crazy. I can't believe my eyes. I saw Zhou Youkuan just now. His face was covered with blood and he stared at me like this!  Grandma, please help me. I'm so scared ...

The old lady gently patted Zhang Yao on the shoulder, and the old lady said, "Girl, you are haunted by ghosts. If I didn't guess wrong, he wants to kill you.  Let you be his "ghost wife".

"Ghost wife?  ’

"Yes, the love love love you did that day was actually a" heady nightmare. "

"What is a heady nightmare?"  Zhang Yao asked in horror.

"The nightmare of headedness means that the evil spirit enters your dream and takes away your soul from the dream."

At this time of Zhang Yao has a chilling feeling.

Zhang Yao puzzled and said, "Why didn't Zhou Youkuan's ghost take my soul away that night?"

"Because he just died Yin qi is not so heavy, so he can't bring your soul out of your body up to now, but it seems that his Yin qi is more and more heavy, estimation has become a spectre, the minds of people;  After Heng's death, most of them have become spectres! "

At this moment, the old lady put her finger on her finger and counted it out. The old lady went on to say, "A ghost is just looking for him. He doesn't have much time. I think he will haunt you tonight!"

"Ah ..." Zhang Yao's mouth was wide open, and his heart trembled violently in "poop-poop-poop" due to fear. Zhang Yao said timidly, "To kill me tonight!  Grandma, please help me. I dare not go home now.  What should I do? "

The old lady said, "All things in the world are spiritual. The two worlds of Yin and Yang cannot be reversed. He wants to lock his soul and go away. The world no longer belongs to him. He insists on going his own way and does not want to harm people's lives. How can my old woman stand idly by? It is our Taoist duty to subdue ghosts and eliminate demons. Don't worry, girl, I won't let him succeed."

Zhang Yao gratefully said, "Thank you, Grandma, what should we do?"

The old lady asked, "Do you live in the Gu Lou Lane generation?"

Zhang Yao pointed to a nearby alley and said, "Yes, the first small building through this alley is my residence.  I live on the first floor. Do you live nearby, Grandma? "

The old lady said, "Yes, I also live in Gu Lou Lane, and I am not far from you."

At this moment the old lady unzipped the large leather bag and Zhang Yao looked at it.  It turned out to be full of Taoist instruments, such as bells, compasses, dust whisks, tokens, yellow watch paper, wood blade, etc. The old lady took out a bell from her bag and said, "This" Sanqing bell "can drive away the soul temporarily. You take it home and put this Sanqing bell on the pillow when you go home. If the ghost is going to harm you tonight, this bell will ring itself. Sanqing bell only needs one ring.  There will be an enchantment in your room. The ghost cannot break this enchantment.  As soon as the barrier comes out, I'll get to your downstairs and use a multiplier to subdue the ghost. "

Zhang Yao was still a little uneasy when he took over the bell. Zhang Yao said, "Auntie, I'm so scared. Why don't you come home with me tonight?"

The old lady said, "We monks all have a" Taoist spirit "in us.  If I go;  The ghost must be aware of it and it is very difficult to lead him out, so it will be difficult to catch him again.  Well, it's very late. Go home quickly. "

At this time, Zhang Yao was very afraid, but she had no choice. She had no day to live in peace if the ghost did not disappear. She thought of these Zhang Yao gritting his teeth and running towards the dark Gu Lou Lane alone ...

Zhang Yao immediately hid in bed after returning to the room, she put the old lady gave her the bell on the pillow, Zhang Yaoqiang cheer up did not dare to sleep, she was afraid of falling asleep after weeks of ghosts will hook her soul in the dream, Zhang Yao so scary looking out the window staring blankly.  But Zhang Yao was too tired. Last night she almost didn't sleep all night. Plus, she worked another day today. Finally, she fell asleep drowsily ...

In the middle of the night.  Suddenly there was a ringing bell. Zhang Yao sat up like a chicken blood. She remembered what the old lady said, "If that ghost is going to harm you tonight, this bell will ring."

Zhang Yao had no time to think about it and reached for the bell, but there was nothing on the pillow!  “

Zhang Yao's heart is almost broken. I clearly heard the sound of the bell just now, but now I can't find the bell!  The haze of fear hung over the whole house, and Zhang Yao's upper and lower teeth were chattering incessantly because of too much fear.  Suddenly a dark head poked in through the window!  Zhang Yao looked trembling.  Which old lady was it?

At this time, Zhang Yao was like a drowning child being pulled out of the water. She had a feeling of being reborn. Zhang Yao quickly ran to the window and opened it.

The old lady said, "Come out, the ghost has broken my barrier. It is very dangerous here. Come with me ...

Zhang Yao had no time to think about opening the door and ran quickly toward the outside. At this time, the old lady was waving to Zhang Yao beside a taxi. Zhang Yao was puzzled. The old lady seemed to see Zhang Yao's concern. The old lady said, "I called a taxi, and we will leave here immediately ...

Zhang Yao ran to the side of the taxi. She and the old lady pulled open the door and quickly got into the taxi. The taxi looked like an arrow from the string.  It was like driving deep in an alley.

Outside is dark, in addition to the car lights around a little light can't see anything, at this time the old lady's face some serious, the old lady didn't speak, she looked straight at the front wait for a while motionless, if not the old lady with your eyes open;  Zhang Yao thought she was asleep.

Zhang Yao panicked. He did not know where they were going, much less where they were now. Zhang Yao said, "Grandma, where are we going?"

At this time, the old lady did not speak. She held out a finger and pointed to the road ahead. Zhang Yao saw that the fingernails on the old lady's hand were five centimeters long. The sharp, black nails looked very horrible. Zhang Yao said with trembling, "Grandma, why are your fingernails so long?"

Suddenly a man's voice came out of the old lady's mouth.  "is it?  The voice of "Zhang Yao" is clearly Zhou Youkuan's voice. Zhang Yao trembled with fear. Suddenly the old lady's face also turned into Zhou Youkuan's face. He said, "Zhang Yao, I love you so much. Marry me. I'm here to pick you up. Ha, ha, ha, ha ..." His mouth was full of black teeth with a smile!

At this moment, the car suddenly changed shape, which is still a taxi, turned into a hearse!  Zhang Yao found himself sitting on a coffin ...

Zhang Yao is about to collapse. Zhang Yao thinks she is going to die. She thinks they are on their way to hell ...

All of a sudden, a voice came faintly, and it seemed to come from a very distant place, "girl, close your eyes and don't think about anything. you are still in the nightmare of headedness, and you should concentrate.  Try to talk to me with your mind.

Zhang Yao closed his eyes and carefully recalled everything in front of him. "I'm still in a dream, so this is a nightmare?"

Then came the voice of the old lady, "What do you see now when you open your eyes?"

Zhang Yao slowly opened his eyes. Another scene appeared in front of her eyes. A big river appeared in front of Zhang Yao. Zhang Yao was sitting on a small boat at this time. She had an extra paddle in her hand.

Zhang Yao panicked and said, "Auntie, I saw a very wide river. I was sitting on a boat with an extra paddle in my hand."

"Listen, I'll teach you two pithy sayings," Gankun reincarnation, all is forgiven "in your heart.  Take the oars and row forward quickly. Don't stop when you see anything along the way. Hurry. "

"Dry kun reincarnation;  All is forgiven "Zhang Yao did not dare to neglect, saying the pithy formula silently in his heart, while grasping the paddle, he strove to paddle forward for about 15 minutes. Suddenly a voice for help passed," Zhang Yao, help!  I am Wang Lan, help! "

"Wang Lan," hearing the voice of Wang Lan, Zhang Yao's brain buzzed, and Zhang Yao looked for fame. "Ah" was indeed Wang Lan. Wang Lan actually fell into the water. At this time, Wang Lan struggled desperately in the water, watching him drown in the river.

Zhang Yao looked at the good sisters fell into the river immediately panic hands and feet, she turned the bow and rowed toward the water Wang Lan in the past, just then came the voice of the old lady in the sky, "the girl this is illusion, don't in the past ... do you forget you are still in the heady nightmare?  What you see is an illusion. Leave her alone. Time is running out. He will disappear if you recite the formula silently.  Move forward quickly. "

After hearing what the old lady said, Zhang Yaocai suddenly realized, "Gankun reincarnation;  All is forgiven "Zhang Yao continued to read the pithy formula in her heart, and she strove to continue rowing forward.

Finally, Zhang Yao saw the bank of the river, and then the old lady's voice came faintly, "Go ashore and move forward, don't look back ..."

After landing on the shore, Zhang Yao jumped onto the shore with all his strength, and then ran forward without stopping ...

Zhang Yaogang ran for a while before he heard the sound of a car honking behind him. Zhang Yao instinctively looked back. The sight almost made her daylights out!  It turned out to be the hearse Zhou Youkuan was riding on!  Which paper man is driving the hearse?

The hearse was rushing towards Zhang Yao's side quickly. Under the feeling be nasty, Zhang Yao remembered the two pithy sayings "Gankun reincarnation, all is forgiven" Zhang Yao did not dare to look back. She ran and silently recited the two pithy sayings, "Gankun reincarnation, all is forgiven ... Gankun reincarnation, all is forgiven ..."

Finally he saw a glimmer of light ahead, and Zhang Yao dashed toward the beam of light with all his might ... Then blacked out at the moment.

When Zhang Yao woke up, he was still lying in his bed, with the string of bells beside her pillow. By this time it was already bright ...

Then a hoarse voice said, "You're awake."

Zhang Yao's head turned out to be the old lady, who was wearing a cassock and sitting behind Zhang Yao.  Zhang Yao rubbed his eyes and asked, "Mother-in-law, why are you here?  What happened last night? "

The old lady said, "My" psychic compass "kept turning around at about one o'clock last night. As long as the psychic compass kept turning, the ghost was nearby. At that time, I decided that the ghost must be near the barrier I set up.  I underestimated him when I felt your place.  I was still a step late, and I found that your soul had been led out of the enchantment by that evil spirit. "

At this moment, one side of Zhang Yao said doubtfully, "Last night I was awakened by a rapid bell sound;  But when I woke up;  The bell is missing.  Then I saw you. You told me that the ghost broke the barrier and said the danger here would take me out of here. "

The old lady said, "can this Taoist enchantment be broken by ghosts? in fact, the thing is, the sanqing bell does ring beside your pillow. once the sanqing bell rings, enchantment will appear in your room. ghosts cannot enter.  At about 1: 00 in the middle of the night, when the yin qi is heaviest in the day, the evil spirit uses the power of "yin Shi" and "heady nightmare" to confuse you. the one you saw out of the window last night, I was in fact the illusion of the evil spirit!

After hearing this, Zhang Yaocai suddenly realized that it was no wonder that he got into the hearse by accident.  Zhang Yao went on to say, "Auntie, how did you pull me back from my heady nightmare?"

The old lady said, "last night, when I felt here, I found that your soul was no longer there, but the barrier I set up still exists. from this, I concluded that you entered the nightmare of headedness, and the evil spirit hooked your soul to the outside.  Seeing this, I broke through the window and blocked your "mind" so that I could "shout" to your soul from a distance.

Zhang Yao said, "Oh, it turns out that it is true that my soul met Zhou Youkuan's ghost in nightmare?"

"Yes, the ghost brought your soul to his grave, he wants to keep you in his grave forever;  Be his ghost wife. "

I heard that Zhang Yao couldn't help but draw a gasp, "I can't think of the evil spirits with money this week!  What do you mean, "Gankun reincarnation, all is forgiven"?  Did the two pithy sayings you taught me save me in my nightmare? "

"These two pithy sayings are the two spells handed down from my ancestors, as long as there is no other thoughts in my heart.  Merely reciting the pithy formula can drive away ghosts and curb demons!  As for the ghost;  You don't have to worry about it in the future, because he was taken away by the devil's messenger in the middle of the night! "

After hearing the old lady's words, Zhang Yao was extremely grateful and excited. He said that he would kneel down and kowtow to the old lady. The old lady grabbed Zhang Yao and said, "Girl, it is our Taoist duty to subdue ghosts and eliminate demons. We don't need to do this big gift."

When Zhang Yao was excited, he took out all the cash and gave it to the old lady. However, the old lady refused to accept anything. The old lady said, "You don't have to stay with me any more, just do good deeds in the future.  All right, girl, I have to go, "said the old woman and headed for the door.

Zhang Yao quickly followed out, "Grandma, where do you live?  How do I call you?  I may as well visit your old man's house in the future. "

"everyone called me mother-in-law Meng, miss, we are predestined friends to meet each other, goodbye ..." then the old lady slowly walked towards the alley in the distance ...

Ding Rinrin ... Ding Rinrin ... A hurried telephone bell rang. The telephone was from Wang Lan. Zhang Yao pressed the answer key. There came Wang Lan's voice "Hello, Zhang Yao, why are you late again today"

Zhang Yao said, "This girl is in a good mood today.  I decided to take a day off work and enjoy my life. "

Wang Lan said, "Are you crazy today?  Two days' salary will be deducted for absenteeism! "

"I am not crazy, I am so happy, I am free!  I have a new life!  Ok, let's not talk about it. I'll tell you a story tomorrow. the name of the story is midnight hearse!  “