Long ghost story

The horror story of coach

Home! I took the long-distance bus from Luzhou to Xingyi, but this experience will definitely make me remember for a lifetime. I spent the previous two nights in an internet cafe, that is to say, I didn't sleep for two days and two nights, plus I had some worries, so my mind was in a daze, if it weren't for the thought of going home to support me. ......

Midnight hearse

Zhang Yao is a female college student who has just graduated. She has beautiful eyes and looks. Zhang Yao works as an accountant in a small company in X City, which is a branch of a large company. The staff here is tight and the workload is heavy. Therefore, the company works overtime till midnight almost every day.

Beijing Tongzhou Last Bus

The story I told is true, but I don't know if it really happened. About ten years ago, shortly after graduating from college, I worked in Beijing and did network maintenance work in a network technology company. The location of the company is very good, it is in SOHO modern city of Dawang road station on subway line 1.

I live in a mountain hostel.

I've been having a lot of troubles recently and I'm extremely depressed. I came to a place called battery to relax. Battery is a quiet green valley flat, full of all kinds of fruit trees, trees, especially chestnuts, cherries, many homes, has long formed a village, and has built more than three or four floors of buildings or antique wooden huts thatched roof .....

Small advertisement after school

On the way back to my bedroom with my newly bought guitar, I hummed a ditty and walked into a deserted alley. It is the dark moon and the high winds that make no one. A sense of fear without cause wrapped me up, and I shivered involuntarily. Suddenly, I heard a clear sound behind me. It seemed that some metal products were twisting.

There are ghosts in school

It's been a while since I came to this university. I know something about this school. For example, the jungle in the back mountain is haunted all the time. If people go in during the day, it's not good. If they go in at night, when they are found the next day, there's only one body left. There's also a well under the girls' dormitory. Some students often see a woman in school uniform jump down the well....

chat room

Xiaotian is a third year college student. For those who are good at communication, college time is colorful. But this doesn't apply to Xiaotian, because Xiaotian is a very introverted and timid boy. Don't say girlfriend, even a very good brother has only one person in the same bedroom.

Dish Fairy Swirling

The night before the school holiday, after the midnight snack, the roommates somehow didn't want to sleep. "Anyway, there is no class tomorrow, and everyone doesn't want to sleep. Let's play Dish Fairy!" One of the roommates, Ling, suggested. "Yes!" Other roommates agreed. I was the only one among the four who didn't make any noise. They looked at me in order.

Library ghost story

In order to meet the college entrance examination, I go to the library not far away from home every day to look for review materials. There is no way. It is an age when computers and networks are not popular. If I want to find a place with more information, I have to go to the library. Although I seem to work hard, in fact, my grades are not good.