Thinking about the story

I am a white-collar worker. I heard that a friend committed suicide in the villa last night. I sadly went to the scene with the police. The police were collecting evidence. I looked around and saw my friend’s diary. He was alive. Love to write a diary. I thought about it sadly, and opened the diary, which read: "May 25, sunny. There is a strange smell in the house. It will be cleaned at noon, but sometimes the taste will be great. ”

The notes were torn down here, and there was a word that could not be seen clearly. I then looked down.

"It's so cool and cool, I'm going to run for a while!" I saw it here, and I felt inexplicable. What happened? Suddenly I thought of something, and I greeted the police and left.

A: The first sentence of the diary, the first sentence, the second sentence, the second word, the third sentence, the third word, the sentence that was torn off, the fifth and fifth words, the sixth sentence, the sixth word.

Today's weather is good. In order to escape the heat, I returned to my hometown in the countryside. My hometown is cool, especially when I am sitting in the vegetable field at night. The fellows sitting next to me chatted about the commonplace. "Do you know that the old mad dog of the old Wang family has run away?" "No, the dog is not killing the old Wang's daughter. Will Lao Wang kill it?" "Who knows! Hey." Cut, the village People are the people in the village. Even if a dog is lost, they have to talk for a long time, but the dog bites the dead. . . Forget it, I shook my head in fear. In the evening, I was alone in the vegetable field, and the cold wind blew. I shook and angered and threw out the sharp stones in my hand. The fucking summer is still so cold?! Wait, I heard a strange song. Calling, weird, I used to look black when I saw it. I only saw a little red light. It turned out that I was smoking. . . Oh! Wait! Everything is too late.

A: The sharp stone that I threw out of my hand picked up the mad dog and licked one of its eyes. He gave a mourning and squatted to prepare to attack me. I saw the red light in his eyes as smoke. . . .

Summer is here, the sweltering weather has caused countless people to swim in the river, but I just heard about the story of the water ghost, it is really not a cold on this river, let alone I am caught in the crab in the river. "Xiaoxuan will swim down for a while!" I won't go! "You are coming down! It's cool." Although I do have a little heat. . . Hey! When the voice just fell, I was dragged down by my companion, and I threw it! I was thrown into the water. Angry complained. "Really, what are you doing!" But it was really cool, I looked at the clear water.

A: There are indeed water ghosts in the water, because I mentioned that there are crabs in the water, and so many people swimming in the river, the water can never be clear.

It’s unfortunate, I’m working overtime this evening, and the manager must have an opinion on me! I’m thinking indignantly, I’ve packed everything up and ready to go home, I went to the toilet before I left, and there’s only cleaning left in the empty company. Worker, the aunt who had been cleaned before was replaced by a young man with a mop. It was too late. I quickly went back to my home after going to the toilet. I thought about it and I lost my sleep.

A: The young man is actually a murderer. He killed the aunt and dragged her body to the toilet to prepare the corpse. It disguised as a mopping. The mop's hair was aunt's hair, and the mop rod was a stiff corpse.

I am a sophomore student. I am very fond of learning. I am sitting in a classroom with only a few people and I am studying in the evening. I am determined to learn ten points tonight! The sister who sat in front of me turned back and smiled at me. Just ask me to borrow a book. It’s so beautiful! Some girls look good on their faces, and they don’t necessarily have a side face. I don’t know if the school girl is such a girl. I thought quietly, looked at the watch showing nine and a half, and packed things out of the classroom. After leaving the classroom, I ran wild!

A: Sister is a ghost! Sitting in front of me and just over-loading, it is reasonable to see only the side face, but what I see is the face of the school sister, no one can turn his head to one hundred and eighty Degree