Red high heels

Xiao Jiang is a good boyfriend, everything is fine, there is a bad habit, like to tell ghost stories to scare his girlfriend orange. One of his favorite ghost stories is "Red High Heels." Whenever he imitates the story of "Red High Heels" in the voice of a horror film, the oranges will always be scared to hide in his arms, making Xiao Jiang feel full. The happiness and pride, the love for the orange will be a little more. One day, when the oranges were online, they saw a pair of orange high-heeled shoes. The bright patent leather was matched with the vibrant orange, which made the oranges very fascinating. I bought them without thinking about it, but when I received the goods, the oranges were dumbfounded: The store sent the wrong goods, and sent a pair of red high heels.

"What to do if you get the wrong color!" The orange is very angry, shaking Xiaojiang is spoiling. "I don't want me not, red is terrible! I want to retire it and retire it!"

"Ha ha!" Xiao Jiang is very happy, this is more than the ghost story "red high heels", he is holding a pair of oranges while imagining the scenes of these shoes to scare the oranges, it is great!

"Leave these shoes. You have to pay for the tolls. These shoes are not expensive. There are not a few money to return to you in one or two!" Xiao Jiang licks the orange, "Leave it, actually wear it red." It's also very beautiful, it can be matched with your red dress, how good."

Orange doesn't buy it. "It's so ugly, ugly and ugly! I don't like red shoes at all! I don't want to take it home. It's so scary to have a pair of red high heels at home, just like in a horror movie!"

Finally, under Xiaojiang’s persuasion, the oranges did not change the shoes, but they did not take them and placed them in Xiaojiang’s home. When Xiao Jiang saw it, he was in the middle of his arms, and he carefully rubbed the high-heeled shoes on one side, put them in the box, and sent them to the storage room. As soon as the oranges went, Xiaojiang sat on the sofa and wondered how to use this pair of red high-heeled shoes to scare the oranges. The scene was restored, and the oranges were brought to the old campus in the suburbs, and the ghosts were told to the oranges late at night. The place found this pair of red high heels... Xiao Jiang thinks that he is a genius and is excited to start preparing.

The oranges felt very strange. Xiaojiang inexplicably took himself to the old campus where the suburbs were being demolished for a date. The old campus in the suburbs is the only high school in the town where the oranges are located. It has been established since the 1960s and has been used until now. Many of the three generations have studied there and have a long history. However, not long ago, in order to create performance, the newly appointed mayor decided to demolish the old campus and rebuild the stadium, which was the first modern facility in the town, and began a prosperous demolition project. However, now that the demolition is in the planning stage, everyone can still enter the old campus. However, there are very few people coming. Yes, the old campus has to be demolished. What are the good things to look at? The people in the town are all running away from the modern well-being. Who remembers the old things?

"Orange, I don't think it's boring to go shopping on the street, so I will bring you here. Everyone used to go to school here. It will be demolished right away. Let's come back and see it. The last glance is not bad. Xiao Jiang’s face was very serious and explained with the orange, but a smile on his mouth sold him, not knowing what his mind was playing.

Xiaojiang and the oranges sneaked aside while walking and joking, the clear moonlight on the campus sprinkled, adding a layer of beauty to the night, plus no one bothered, it was a pleasure, unconsciously Xiaojiang and oranges screaming For hours, the night is deep.

"Ah! What is that?" Suddenly, the orange walked on the tree-lined road and saw a pile of red things in the woods nearby. She was afraid to grab the next door of Xiaojiang. "It’s terrible, let’s go back."

Xiaojiang seems to be very calm. "You don't want to scare yourself. How can we have a ghost? Let's go and see, maybe it's the clothes left by others." Saying, regardless of the oranges, dragging the oranges and going to the woods go with. The woods of the old campus have not been taken care of for a long time, and the lush foliage has blocked most of the moonlight, and the forest is getting more and more gloomy.

"Ah!" The closer and closer, the orange finally saw it. The woods were a pair of new red high-heeled shoes. She was so scared that she screamed and got into the arms of Xiaojiang.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Xiao Jiang laughed. "Don't be afraid, the shoes are where I put it!" Xiao Jiang licked the orange, and laughed. "How come there will be ghosts, see you timid!" Orange Once heard, it turned out that all of this was arranged by Xiaojiang, and deliberately put a pair of shoes to scare yourself. So I also let go of my heart and make a noise with Xiaojiang.

Both the orange and Xiaojiang were tired and felt home, so Xiaojiang strode into the woods and picked up the pair of red high heels to take home. Carrying shoes, oranges and Xiaojiang slowly go back. "Xiao Jiang, where did you get these shoes, it won't be bought, how much money is wasted?" The orange looked at the shoes and suddenly asked Xiaojiang. "Stupid death, isn't your pair of shoes that are wrongly sold? You are left in my house, I am using waste." Xiaojiang shook the shoes and explained his head. "But, my pair is not patent leather, this pair is leather." The orange pointed at the shoes and explained without hesitation. "Not this pair, my pair is thick, and the pair is changing. Fine, absolutely different." Xiaojiang listened to what the leather patent leather is more and more blurred, I looked at the shoes, impatiently perfunctory, "I did not buy shoes, not who you are, fool. ”

"It's mine!" There was a fascinating voice floating behind the back. "You got the wrong shoes."

Xiaojiang and the orange slammed back, and saw a woman wearing a red cheongsam standing one meter away. The long hair of the micro-volume, the eyes of the charming man, but the face was pale, and the woman showed a faint smile. give me."

Xiao Jiang violently threw the shoes in his hand toward the female ghost, pulled up the orange and ran away, and the female ghost behind him screamed and disappeared. The old campus is very big. Xiaojiang and the oranges have been running for a long time and have not yet ran out. The oranges are really unable to run. They sit on the ground with a buttock, and Xiaojiang looks behind them and finds that the female ghost has not chased it. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. Next to the orange.

"Ah! Shoes!" The orange screamed again, pointing to a red bag on the side of the road, the mouth of the bag was not fastened, and a red high heel was exposed from the inside. Xiaojiang was shocked and took a closer look. Yeah, this is the pair that I secretly placed in the morning. I calmed down the oranges and prepared to take the shoes. Xiaojiang felt that the shoes from the wrong business were a bit wicked and scared the girlfriend. It’s been a long time, why are you really stunned today?! Still take the shoes and send them back to the merchants tomorrow.

In this way, Xiaojiang and the orange returned home with amazement. In order to apologize, Xiaojiang always sent the oranges to his home. After the orange came home, he stood in the window and waved his hand to Xiaojiang. Xiaojiang smiled and turned and walked home. However, what Xiaojiang did not see was the orange in the window. Unconsciously, he wore a pair of red leather high heels.