Death of Evil

Tang Chuanchuan is my junior high school classmate. She is not only excellent in both academic and academic performance, but also slender and beautiful. She often wears a high ponytail up to her hips. She is born with a goose face, snow-white skin, almond-shaped eyes and small cherry mouth. In our school, she is a well-known and popular beauty. However, such a teenage girl committed suicide by taking poison. This caused a lot of whispers in our school at that time. Many people said that Tang Chuan Chuan was taken away by her sister-in-law. Why? Please listen to me slowly.

Tang Chuanchuan's sister-in-law works in the post office in our town. We all know her. She is modest and kind and meticulous in her work. She has established a good reputation among the local people and people respect her very much.

Such a good public servant of the people, but her family life is not happy. Her husband and a woman from the barbershop in the same town started an extramarital affair. There was a lot of uproar in our town. She couldn't stand the humiliation and her spirit collapsed to the limit. She committed suicide by taking poison on a stormy night. It is said that she died very sad that night, perhaps because she was too uncomfortable after taking poison. She caught blood all over her body during her bitter struggle on the edge of death, and finally shed blood at 7 o'clock.  Her eyes were staring angrily and her mouth was wide open. Her relatives used their hands to close her eyes. She just didn't close her eyes. What does it mean to die unsatisfied? I think it is appropriate to use it on her sister-in-law!

Tang Chuanchuan has been boarding at her sister-in-law's house. She has a good relationship with her sister-in-law. Seeing her sister-in-law die too tragically, she cries more than anyone else. She hates her uncle's fickleness and betrayal.

My sister-in-law was only 39 years old when she died, and she didn't belong to the end of her life, so she couldn't enter the room. The family had to set up a tent in the courtyard, put the body on the mortuary board, and stop in the courtyard for 3 days before she could be buried.  (Custom in Hometown)

On the third night, it was drizzling in the sky. According to the rules, it was time to put the deceased into the coffin. This was the last time to say goodbye to the sister-in-law. After the loved ones saw the sister-in-law's body for the last time, they had to put the body into the coffin, and the coffin lid on the ingot was separated from yin and yang.

Everyone's sad mood is beyond words. Tang Chuanchuan looked at her sister-in-law's body and was even sadder. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind outside. A whirlwind whirled around the room. At last, it whirled around Tang Chuanchuan for a long time. Tang Chuanchuan's eyes were dazed and his face suddenly lost color. Although everyone felt the wind chill, they all felt that maybe it was her sister-in-law's soul. No one was afraid of the strange wind, so nobody paid attention to it. Finally, the family members were unwilling to close the coffin.

The next day, it was time for the funeral. My sister-in-law was very popular when she was born. While people felt sorry for her, they also cursed the two shameless dog men and women viciously. Many villagers came to send her to the last leg.

The weather was surprisingly good that day. It could be said that the sun was shining brightly. A line of people followed her sister-in-law's coffin to a high post, which was the place where her sister-in-law slept.

After a blow-and-blow ceremony, people put their sister-in-law's coffin into a well-dug earth pit and were about to bury it with earth. Mr. yin and yang shouted to all the miscellaneous people to withdraw from the earth pit three zhangs away, leaving only him and his two disciples to complete the burial of the coffin. because the death of the sister-in-law was a fierce death, the heart must be filled with resentment. in order to prevent troubles, Mr. yin and yang only left himself and his two disciples, because Mr. yin and yang knew that,  The shadow of the living must not be reflected into the coffin pit, because the shadow of the human being is like the soul of the human being. If the shadow is reflected into the coffin pit, the shadow of the human being will be buried with the coffin. You said that the soul of the human being will be buried, and the human being will die without the soul!

People listened to Mr. Yin and Yang very much, and all of them withdrew to three zhangs. Mr. Yin and Yang looked around and ordered the two disciples to prepare to bury the coffin. The disciples shoveled the earth high into the coffin pit with shovels. At this moment, all the people present were surprised to see that Tang Chuanchuan did not know where to come from. She jumped into the coffin pit with astonishing speed and frantically, lying on the coffin raving and shouting.  "I don't live, I don't live, god you also accept me!"

Her body was covered with soil. She cried in pain. Her eyes were red. People thought that the girl was crying too much and her eyes were red. They thought that she was too reluctant to give up her sister-in-law and hurt her sanity to make such an abnormal move.

Tang Chuanchuan caught Mr. Yin and Yang off guard when he made such a noise. He looked at the dazzling sun and frowned. He hurriedly ordered the two disciples to go down and pull Tang Chuanchuan up. Before coming down from the coffin pit, he also bit through the middle finger and drew two symbols with blood and pasted them on the chest of the two disciples.

The two strong disciples jumped down and took great pains to carry Tang Chuanchuan up. She was still in an unstable mood, so her relatives had to carry her home.

After returning home, Tang Chuanchuan cried and laughed all day long. She said every day that her sister-in-law would come back and call for a place far away.

The family believed that she was stimulated, and her heart could not accept her sister-in-law's death at one fell swoop. she temporarily injured her mind. she would get better after a period of time. her parents followed her everywhere, fearing that something would happen.

After Tang Chuanchuan's mood stabilized slowly, the family relaxed their vigilance. It was totally unexpected that she had drunk pesticide without any warning. Although the family sent her to the hospital for rescue, they were unable to recover.

She died in the hospital and wanted to pull her body home. Mr. Yin and Yang made a scarecrow out of bamboo and straw, dressed the scarecrow in the clothes that Tang Chuanchuan had worn before his death, and then tied a rooster that had performed the evocation ceremony to the scarecrow to attract Tang Chuanchuan's soul.

Lead the soul chicken in front of the road, Tang Chuanchuan's brother cried while shouting Tang Chuanchuan's name, a line of people passed by our school gate, then lead the soul chicken in front of the uneasy cackling, its eyes looking straight into the school, all present cried, they all know Tang Chuanchuan reluctant to leave the school.

More than a month after the death of Tang Chuanchuan, her uncle went crazy inexplicably. Originally he was dressed decently and became dilapidated. He was crazy, crazy, silly and raving all day. No one in the whole town sympathized with him, saying that he deserved it.

The shameless woman was ashamed to stay in her hometown and went out to work. She never came back.

Ah, at this point in the story, I have a strange sadness and carefree rise. Perhaps the beauty is very unlucky. I don't know how a teenage girl can drink pesticide to kill herself. Even if her relatives are sad, she will not do such extreme things. I can't understand it. At that time, all the people couldn't understand it and could only explain it with something strange.