Ten kinds of flowers that attract ghosts, do you know?

When it comes to flowers, it is a favorite thing for many girls. Many boys will send flowers to please girls. But not all flowers represent good, some flowers are full of evil, will attract ghosts.

The other side of the flower is the gentleness of the devil. The flowers that are voluntarily invested in hell in folklore are sent back by the demons, but they are still on the road of Huangquan. The demons can't bear it. I agree to let her drive on this road and give a guide to the souls who leave the world. With comfort. Snow white and blood-red other flowers together represent death. So don't raise this flower at home, it's easy to attract ghosts.

According to legend, after the death of Yu Ji, a kind of grass grows on the tomb. It seems that the beautiful woman dances and is charming and charming. Folklore is the essence of Yu Ji, so this grass is called "the beautiful grass", and its flower is called "beauty." The bright red color of the beauty flower is said to be the blood stained by Yu Ji. It seems that Yu Ji is still alive after her death. She has become a beautiful woman, and she blooms in the late spring and early summer.

Red poppy
During the First World War and after the war, the battlefield bombarded with artillery fire was filled with red poppies. The Canadian medical officer John McRae wrote a famous poem "Flemish" on the battlefield of Flanders. Battlefield. After that, the red poppy became the commemorative flower of the Armistice Day of the First World War. The European and American countries have always maintained and extended the habit of commemorating the fallen soldiers.

Plum blossom
The plum blossoms will make the women in the family affected, and the women will become more sentimental and have excess yin. The masculinity of the male masters in the family is getting weaker, and there will always be rotten peaches. Over time, not only will the Yin and Yang dynasty be inverted, but also create contradictions for the couple, and even bring ghosts to the home.

Silk flower
The average flower will bloom during the day, but the flower is different. This also shows that the flower is a very yin plant. It is said that the flower may be attracted at the moment of flowering, so the flower is very beautiful, but the folk There are very few people who plant.

Green radish
The folks have always said that "a green ghost and seven ghosts", green radish is a kind of plant with evil spirits. Long-term placement in the home will attract the devil, the family becomes sick, and even affects the wealth of the family.

  Begonia flowers
Begonia flower also has a call called "broken flower", which is related to its allusion. It is said that an infatuated woman died in order to wait for the beloved Lang Jun, and finally turned into a jellyfish flower, which is also called a broken heart flower because of Acacia. Therefore, Begonia is an unlucky flower.

  black Rose
Black roses are love and hate, because it not only symbolizes mystery, hope and enthusiasm, it also symbolizes death and bad news. Therefore, although the black rose is very precious, it is not recommended to give it to your girlfriend unless you are cursing your love.

Black mage
The black mage has a beautiful plant shape, and the black-purple leaves are born in the branches. They are mysterious and noble. The leaves are arranged in a rosette shape. They resemble a blossoming lotus flower. They are unique among various ornamental plants and have high ornamental value. The Black Master's flower language is a curse. It has a weird power that can summon the evil spirits of hell.