Miraculous things in mountain villages

There is an old man named Chen Tiezhu in our village. He is nearly 70 years old this year. He is neither deaf nor blind. The most important thing is that he is kind, he is especially popular with children, and his mouth is full of endless stories. The following is a story that really happened to him. Isn't this the beginning?

It is said that Chen Tiezhu was only eight years old at that time. He lived in the countryside with his grandmother when he was young. His father worked outside all the year round to earn money. Every time he played with his friends, Chen Tiezhu, eight years old, always met with a question. Why did everyone else have a mother but he didn't?  This puzzled him, so he asked where his grandmother and mother had gone.  When it comes to this topic, grandma always has tears in her eyes and looks at grandma so sad, so dutiful Tiezhu never asked grandma this question again.

Behind Tiezhu's house is a dense forest, with high mountains and dense forests. There is no sunshine all the year round. It is especially strange that whether it is sunny or rainy, the forest is always filled with smoke. From a distance, it is full of fairy air, but when you enter it, it is eerie.  Somehow, the village was so poor that even if there was no firewood to burn, no one would go to the mountain to cut wood. Grandma often told Tiezhu not to play in it, let alone walk in. This made Tiezhu very confused.  After all, children have a funny nature. after lunch on a sunny summer day, tie Zhu, Xiao Hua and Xiao Tao got together. the three children were so bored that Xiao Hua suggested that it was better to go to the woods to dig bird's nest.  "No, Grandma won't let me play in the woods," Tiezhu quit.  Xiao Tao said, what does it matter if we just go for the summer in this hot weather?  "But ..." Before Tiezhu finished speaking, he was pushed away by Obana Xiaotao. "What are you afraid of? You are a coward.  After walking for a while, the three of them came to the woods. The trees were too tall and thick. From time to time, a gust of wind blew from the trees. It was chilly and made people's backs cool.  Just when he said he was going in, Tiezhu suddenly felt sick, so Obana and Xiao Tao went into the woods to wait for him.  When the iron column was pulled out, Obana Xiaotao disappeared. Iron column felt a strange sensation. He called their names, but there was no response. The woods were so dense that Iron column did not dare to enter alone.  At this time, suddenly a pair of hands on the shoulder of the iron column, he quickly turned his head and saw a body without head and feet pinching his neck.  Tiezhu said in fear: "put ... hands, I'm almost out of breath, don't ..." just when tiezhu was almost desperate, he saw Xiaohua coming out of the small grass nearby. this headless body turned out to be Xiaohua.  Tiezhu sat on the ground panting, relieved at last, and scolded angrily: "Do you know that such frightening people will frighten people to death? You have scared me. Hum, I won't play with you anymore. I'll go home and tell Grandma."  Xiaohua laughed, "Don't you all say you are bold?  Therefore, if you try, you will never know if you are serious. Let's go. It's been a long time since you came out. It's time to go home. "  "For a long time?  A bubble urine kung fu ",iron column is very confused.  Tiezhu walked at the front, Obana Xiaotao walked at the back, Tiezhu was still thinking about the question just now, just wanted to ask them where they had just gone, turned around, and they disappeared again. At this moment Tiezhu was angry: "You two are endless, aren't you? Well, hide yourself and I'll go."

When she got home, grandma asked Tiezhu what had happened when she saw him angry. Tiezhu told her what had just happened. At this moment, grandma was very excited, as if she had changed herself. She said nervously, "Didn't I tell you not to go to play in the woods?  You didn't go into the woods, did you?  No, I was supposed to go in together, but I had a stomachache, so Obana Xiaotao went in first. Grandma patted her chest and said, "That's good, that's good. The two of them didn't scare you. Since then, you will never see Obana Xiaotao again. Your mother just disappeared in the woods."  "ah?  "Tiezhu was very confused. At that time, the family had several sheep. One of the sheep went into the forest. Your mother went to look for it. As a result, it never came out again. Our village did not know how many people disappeared in the forest. The older generation of old people said that the forest was called ghost forest, and they would never get out when they entered. At this point, grandma began to shed tears again.

Tiezhu did not know how long he slept that night, just when he was sleeping soundly.  He seemed to see Obana Xiao Tao and his mother. He looked at them carefully again. No, it wasn't. Their faces were blue and their rotten eyes were constantly covered with white worms.  He was surprised and asked, "Didn't you disappear?  Why suddenly appeared here? "  At this moment, sad voices kept calling out the name of the iron column: "come on, iron column, we are so cold ... come and play with us, we are cold, come and play with me!"  They came up to me from the woods and pinched my neck with both hands. "Come and stay with us. You killed us. We'll strangle you."  Iron column suddenly woke up, sat up, panting, at this time a pair of hands on my shoulder, iron column suddenly had to turn his head: "turned out to be grandma, grandma, why are you in my room?"  Grandma said, "I heard you talking nonsense at night just now. what is not me? I thought you were wrong. I came to see you. did you have another nightmare?"  Tiezhu said: "Well, I just had a nightmare. Now I'm all right. Go and rest!"  He look at that watch hanging on the wall. it was already ov 3 o'clock.  Tiezhu was lying on the bed, thinking of the nightmare he had just had, and looking out the window through the bright moonlight at the swaying branches like a swarm of demons dancing in a very complicated mood.  What are you looking at?  , a scream voice interrupted iron column meditation, iron column quickly got up and looked around his room, but what is strange is that there is nothing, he got out of bed and walked to the toilet.  The cold wind whistled and blew into your neck. It was very cold. It was like the air conditioner was blowing air into your neck. It was very scary.  After returning to the room, ready to go to bed, uncovered the quilt, suddenly found a man with no face lying in the quilt, looks very scary.

It got up bit by bit and crawled towards me. It was covered in blood, like a body soaked in highly sulfuric acid. The clothes of the whole body were eroded by blood, and the body slowly rotted. The smell choked me and finally became a pool of thick blood.  The sight scared the iron pillar silly, and he couldn't scream. His body could not move at all. It was like being held by a body-fixing spell. Urine flowed down his trouser leg and he sat paralyzed on the ground. The iron pillar wanted to climb into grandma's room. Normally, his room was less than 3 meters away from grandma's room. Now he felt that the room in front of him was getting so far away, so long and moving little by little.  As I crawled laboriously, something I didn't know was crawling on me. I turned around and saw it. It was a face flowing with yellow liquid. My face and its face were almost sticking together. I knew nothing at all.

Tiezhu felt crying, like crying of despair, but more like crying like losing a loved one?  He didn't know how he was. The difficulty was that I was dead. It was impossible. He could clearly feel the beating frequency of the heart.  Slowly he opened his eyes. He saw that his father and some relatives knelt in front of a photo and wept bitterly. I turned my eyes to the photo.  It was Grandma, and I sat up in despair. I felt it, but it was very strange that his legs felt nothing at all. At this moment, a strange woman held me up and said, "Qingsong, come and look, your son, he is awake.  At this time my father came up to me and said, "Your grandmother has gone."  I asked my father what was wrong, and he said, "I came back yesterday, too. your village chief uncle told me that you and grandma were dead."  This made Tiezhu feel very strange. Grandma was fine last night, but now she is a corpse. Tiezhu cannot accept it.  He said, "I want to look at grandma." dad carried me to grandma's body.  What kind of grandmother's body is that? It is not too much to say that she is like a mummy, almost like a mummy, like a corpse that has been dead for many years.

My father took me into the city after handling grandma's funeral.  Later I learned that the strange woman was my father's new wife, who was also my stepmother. She was quite rich and had a large house. It was not convenient to walk these days. I was very tired and fell asleep in my new bed.  When I woke up the next day, my father sat by my bed, looked at me and said, "son, my father will take care of you for the rest of my life. it doesn't matter whether I can walk or not. you are happy."  I replied "oh"

In this way, the iron column was intact legs, but I don't know why collapsed, the collapse can be a lifetime.  "In real life, there are often many puzzles, but please remember, you can not believe in miracles, but you must not disrespect them."