The first seven souls have a bad habit


I don't want to repeat the pain of losing my baby. I just want to tell my personal experience, there is really a soul!

The baby left because of an accident. On the fourth night, I saw that many people on the Internet could see Amitabha dying in the dream of a Buddha. So I lay in bed at night. Woke up in the morning, clearly remembering that I saw my child in a dream: I saw her sitting in a room on the side of the road, but I knew she left us, worried that she was not good to her, so I wanted to go far It is. Seeing her from a distance is a good thing, but she saw me and called it "mother." I used to hug her. She stared at my neck and said, "Mom, I am fine!" and said she is eight years old.

The first seven souls have a bad habit


After six days of human purgatory, I really feel that the baby is back home!

When I was sitting at the table at 7 o'clock in the first seven days, when I died, I suddenly smelled the baby. The taste will not be forgotten for a lifetime, but it only appears for a short time. I thought this was my illusion.

At 8:30 in the evening, I was sitting in the bedroom and going to open the computer. At this time, I clearly smelled the smell and lasted for more than ten seconds. I think it was contaminated before the clothes on the chair, but after I searched carefully, I couldn't smell it anymore.

When I was approaching dawn, I suddenly smelled the familiar taste. I know that baby will say goodbye to me!

Because the custom of the home can not enter the cemetery, the child can not become a monument after death, the elder can not burn her paper. I want to know what else can I do for my baby besides hard thinking?