Floating scales

This strange story happened when I was a child. It seemed to be just the first day.

At that time, my father was still setting up a stall on the street, repairing a bicycle, riding a three-wheeled ride. When I was fine, I often went to help. I said that the help was actually not helpful, that is, helping to hand a wrench, and the like. Xiaohuo, at that time, many adults said that I was sensible. In fact, I just loved the excitement. There are several big banyan trees here. When it is summer, it is very cool, so people in the neighborhood like to mix here and brag. Fart, pull his wife's tongue, lick the street, play mahjong. Playing chess. Everyone has it. Of course, there is nothing to say about bizarre things, and there are people who have some ghosts and devils, but they can’t tell the truth.

One day, I still remember that the school was a half-day study, the day was particularly hot, there was no wind, I couldn't sleep for a nap, I really had nothing to do, and I slipped into my dad's car booth.

I don’t know why today, there are very few people under the big tree. Except for the two old men playing chess, I am alone, sitting on the stone pier under the big tree, talking to my dad, and holding it in my hand. A smoked smoky gun.

When I saw it, I was known as Zheng. This person was named Zheng. I didn’t know the name of the nickname. The nickname was Zheng Ruozi. It was a broken purchase. This person is very generous. If he is white, he is stupid. In fact, he is particularly savvy and has a lifetime. Tattered.

In the first few days of saying this, I went back to my hometown and saw that he was still ruining, but at that time, he was driving the car, and now it is driving three rounds.

Hey, let’s say which day, when you talk, it’s a bit off the mark.

When I saw Zheng and my dad, I didn’t consciously scrape together. He and my dad were the strange things he had met a few days ago.

On that day, Zheng Ruozi said that it was a cloudy day. The sale of Lao Zheng was particularly good. In the morning, when he went out to noon, he took a broken car and couldn’t put it in the house. He was ready to go home and pass the commissary. I bought a couple of white wine, got some peanuts, and sat on the brakes. I drunk while walking. Because the old car broke, it didn’t go too fast. I went to Nanhe for a long time. This Nanhe name is called the daughter river. It’s really unclear to call this name. The river is quite wide and there is a large reservoir upstream to supply water for a city.

This Zheng fool's family lives on the other side of the river. She goes through this crossing every day. The small bridge on both sides of the Nanhe River is said to be a bridge. In fact, it is to put a few large cement pipes, which are covered with sand. When the water is small, the water can be in the cement. Flowing through the pipe, a big water, this water will not pass the bridge,

Zheng’s idiot drove to the middle of the bridge in the middle of the day. Suddenly he heard it as if it was a smashing thing. He fell on the brakes and hurriedly braked the brakes (the brakes of the brakes). Brake), when I got off the car and looked down at the car, I didn’t have it. I scratched my head and thought that I could hear it clearly. It’s impossible to get it wrong. I stood up and smashed the broken rope, and I didn’t loose it.

After turning around the brakes, I found that I was not ready to go on the road. Suddenly there was a sound coming from under the bridge.

Looking down into the water, Lao Zheng stunned. He confirmed that he was not mistaken. There was a dark thing in the water. Looking at it, it was not his own scale. Lao Zheng had a big rod. It is a large wooden pole with a degree on the top, a circle on the top, a hook in the head, and a large iron scale. Looking at the simple, in fact, this thing can be called a hundred pounds.

It was his balance scale, and the red rope was still on the scale. He didn’t want to go down the sand slope. When he got to the river, he wanted to go to the scale. When he just reached out, he found the scale. It seems that I have moved a bit, and it seems to be farther away from him. He moved involuntarily and moved forward a little, still not enough.

At this time, he heard a shout. An old man on the other side of the river was yelling at the heartbreaking lungs. While shouting and running to him, he couldn’t hear him shouting. At that time, his head was awake, and then he saw what else was in the river. What scales are oh.

Once again, I couldn’t help but feel the cold sweat. This water area is the deepest place. How can the cast iron scales float on the water? I don’t have time to hurry and climb back to the bridge. I rushed to the other side. go.

At this time, the person who yelled and yelled also ran to him. When he saw the fool, he was not the village head of Henan Village? He looked at him with an anxious look.

The village chief yelled and yelled, you don’t want to die, don’t you know that the reservoir is releasing water today? Still in this ink, hurry up, the water will arrive soon.

Until this time, the fool thought of it. It turned out that there was heavy rain in the next two days. The reservoir was flooded in advance for the flood. The village head was also notified from house to house. The big horn also shouted several times, but it was forgotten by the fool. It is.

In the distance between the talks, I saw the yak water rushed over. The fool and the village chief rushed to pat the ass, and the old man ate the pain much faster. When he arrived at the shore, he drowned the bridge. Zheng said that he had been sitting on the bank of the river for a long time without getting up and had no strength. I can stand up and find that my crotch is leeches, and then tens of seconds later, the consequences are unimaginable. Look at your own scales, and the scales are well hung on the big name.

I still remember that after listening to the story told by Zheng Fool that day, I suddenly felt that the sky was a little hot.

If you like it, I will continue to write, the next one should be (ghost fog) this is more scary.