Ghost Story

An inexplicable miracle.

We have the custom that the old man will hold a funeral at the same place where his child died, and those who bring relatives will come to help, eat pot dishes or dumplings, etc. Grandmother passed away at Grandpa Two's house. When Grandma passed away, it was summer vacation, and I went to cram school for the last few classes every day. .....

Personal Psychic autobiography

Do you believe that there are ghosts in the world? People who have not experienced them will not understand. What I want to tell you is that it really happened to my mother. I was born at that time when I listened to my mother, and these things made me like the spiritual stories...

Cry at Night

This matter was told by my mother. She is an employee of a clothing factory. This matter also happened in her factory. Her factory is just south of the east side of Team No.5. The factory building in that area was built first. Of course, it used to be a wasteland.

Psychic mother-in-law

This is my real experience. When I was 16 years old, it was like this. Grandma Qingming Festival took me to the cemetery on the West hillside to visit Grandpa's grave. I didn't want to get "unclean" things in the cemetery on the West hillside.


On the floor where we go to work, apart from our company, there are other companies, some small departments, and we only have one bathroom on the first floor. At the end of the walk. There are only two roads in the bathroom, the front is the sink, and there is a mirror at the door.

Dormitory untruth

Presumably, every circle has the habit of nickname, which is not only a way of joking, but also a way of social relations. But it's only after people are familiar with each other. No one shouts for someone else's thin marmoset and so on. But I think my speed of getting nicknames is absolutely different from that of ordinary people. On my first day in college, I had a nickname: Li bold.

A group of ghosts in the book of miraculous records

Listlessly lying on the table waiting for the invigilator to send out the paper, what should come is always to see where a group of school bullies are quietly discussing the test questions and what happened recently. I can't die any more like frost eggplant. "I heard that 4402 girl dormitory was haunted last night, and the whole dormitory was crushed by ghosts." one girl I didn't know said...

Paranormal Movie

This is what I heard from my friends. I heard that he experienced it personally. The encounter scared many of his friends and wanted to break away from them and hang himself once and for all. My friend Ajian is engaged in Thailand budda. He is a kind of yin spirit. Some children will be bound to a small Buddha's card by the wizard after death. .....