Competing with the dead for land

The village dullard is an unbelieving man!

These years, see the next door left and right will tear down the house to rebuild, see others are living on the foreign house, his heart is also itching. So he reasoned with his wife: his wife raised pigs on a large scale at home, while he went to other places to work. When he got enough money, he tore down the old house and repaired the new one.

By the end of the year, the money is almost saved. Erleng someone will tear down the old house, hit in situ infrastructure new house. The right steps of his old house were next to a double grave. The gravestone had collapsed, and what had been written on it had been blurred, but the appearance and decay of the gravestone could tell how old it was.

Erleng son had asked his grandfather when he was young, who is the owner of the tomb? His grandfather did not know, only that it may be some years ago, is an ancient tomb.

The tomb was too close to the erleng's house. There was only one step between the tomb and the house. It was estimated that it was less than half a meter. Erleng son will be the old house demolition, to expand the area a little bit, but to the left is no way, that side is close to the great valley, and is a landslide zone. Erleng had to hit the idea in the right. He worked hard for several days, abruptly split the head of the tomb in half, and moved the foot of the wall to the cemetery by nearly a meter.

< / p > < p > see erleng split the tomb to build a house, the village has learned feng shui old man thought it would be unlucky, have advised erleng can not and the dead for land, or the area of the house shrink, or change the foundation to rebuild.

Erleng did not agree, he is not willing to shrink the area, in other places to buy the foundation he did not want to spend this money! He repeatedly to persuade his old man said: "nothing! I return true don't believe this evil!"

See kind words mutually persuade have no effect, the old men also have to shake a head to say: "you two leng son, as soon as possible meeting suffer a loss!"

The house was quickly built, and in a few days it was as high as a man.

One night, the sky is dark, hand can not see five fingers. Erleng worried about the rain, simply live in the tomb in the shed. He may have done a little more alcohol before going to bed. Under the strong stimulation of alcohol, he quickly fell asleep on the simple wooden bed.

In the middle of the night, the erleng suddenly felt a burst of cold, he hit a wake up. When he opened his fishy eyes, he was stunned by what he saw: he was lying naked in the open yard.

How could I sleep on a wooden bed in a shed in the yard? He broke out in a cold sweat at the thought.

Suddenly he remembered what had just happened in his dream --

In his sleep he heard a husky man say, "damn it, he's fighting us for land. Kill him!"

The woman replied, "he can't sleep next to us! Don't kill him first, throw him into the yard first, teach him a lesson... "

The man thought for a moment and then said, "well, first let's see if he knows what's interesting! If you keep fighting us, kill him."

Then he felt himself picked up and dropped heavily into the yard

The more he thought, the more frightened he became.

When morning came, he sent back all the men who had come to work, and one man restored the ruined two-man tomb. A few days later he bought a homestead somewhere else