Meet the old woman at night

My father had a friend in the past. I never knew his name, but I always called him third uncle. He was tall, thin, kind and chatty.

One day I and my father to his home visit, to go, just outside the rain, three uncle said let us stay for a while, he also just can chat with my father.

Chat for a while, the third uncle suddenly pointed to a corner of a black umbrella said: "brother zhang, you know, whenever it rains, I will think of this old umbrella, dissatisfied with you say, it once saved my life.

My father and I are very curious, asked what happened, so my third uncle lit a cigarette, began to tell us his own experience of an event.

About ten years ago, my third uncle opened a hardware store in the city, often need to deliver goods to all parts of the country.

That afternoon, he was about to deliver some goods to a small mountain area. On his way back, it began to rain cats and dogs

Three uncle carefully drove the car to walk back, suddenly front appeared a figure, open a closer look, originally there is a woman holding a child, the old woman with a big black umbrella, slowly forward in the wind and rain, clothes wet a large.

Third uncle slowly drove the car to her side, loudly said: "aunt, you go to where, so heavy rain, I give you a ride?

The woman held the child in her arms and held the umbrella for a long time without opening the door. My third uncle gave a hand and the woman finally got on the bus. The child seemed to be asleep.

He found a dirty towel and handed it to the woman. "why is it raining so hard?" he asked.

"The child suddenly had a high fever, and when I went out, the rain was not heavy. All the men in my family were not at home, so I could not wait. "Said the woman.

Third uncle side head carefully look at the woman, the age and his mother is quite, but has white hair mixed, face full of years of vicissitudes of life, should be the child's grandmother, asked: "you are going to the village that clinic is?

The woman nodded.

"Then I'll take you there!"

With these words, uncle three started the car again. When the woman heard the expression of gratitude on her face, tears almost fell down. The mountain road, the heavy rain, the child in her arms, could tell how terrible the scene was, even though the journey was not very far.

After about ten minutes, finally out of the muddy road, got to the village clinics, three uncle and I help women to open the door, the rain just stopped at this time, only stars, the sky light up gradually, also women appreciate underground car, eyes wet, said a few thank you, and holding the children hurried into the clinic.

After the work, my third uncle started to go home on the way to catch up, by this time it was nearly evening, the sky gradually darkened, about half an hour to his door.

His hardware store in a small alley, he found a place to park, as soon as he got out of the frown, it was drizzling in the sky.

Suddenly, he found a large black umbrella in the passenger seat. It was the aunt who had just carried the baby.

Three uncle heart said just right, took the umbrella to open and walked quickly to the store, through a small alley, suddenly blew a gust of wind, the face of a billboard on the third floor suddenly fell, hit him!

Say that at that time fast, small alley, he also too late to dodge, panic under had to tightly hold the big black umbrella in front, only listen to touch of a sound, he fell to the ground, umbrella cloth was torn several big holes, thin umbrella bone broken several.

Because of the cushion of the umbrella, and the billboard is not very heavy, the injury is not too serious, just a few long cuts on the arm, hit the head, nothing serious.

But if it had not been for the broken umbrella, it would have hurt him more than that.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that he took the old lady in the rain, and the old umbrella she left behind came in handy and even saved her life.

Whether it was chance or coincidence, or a fateful fate, if it wasn't for the ride, there might have been a bigger disaster lurking in his life right now. That's cause and effect.

Third uncle's story is over, and that broken umbrella has been his treasure in the corner, in order to remind himself: help others is to help themselves.

As the saying goes: but good deeds, do not ask the future, often good deeds, will be blessed with a reward.

Be a good man, do good deeds, to believe that good people will be rewarded.