After breaking up

Ding wei, a southerner, is the son of farmers who went into business in the 1980s, starting out as a street vendor and slowly gaining a foothold in a large wholesale market.

Later change line to do passenger transport, run long-distance, because often not at home, so ding wei gave grandpa to take care of.

Out of regret for ding wei, they chose to use money to make up for ding wei's lack of parental love. Because of this, ding wei spent money lavishly since childhood, especially generous to friends.

He has a girlfriend, call wu fei, two people begin to fall in love from that year of high school 2, take an examination of later same north university, simply envy evil spirit others.

To the university, as into the kaleidoscope, fresh, beautiful things one after another.

This is not, ding wei soon fell in love with wu chongyao, a beauty higher than him. Wu chongyao is not the campus beauty, but it belongs to the kind of flower heart boys will be fascinated by the type.

So, he carries wu fei, spread out to wu chongyao pursuit. After a month of hard work, wu chongyao agreed to be his girlfriend.

At this time, he found wu fei, put forward to break up.

Hearing this news, wu feiru wen jinglei, she was stunned for a long time to slow the spirit of the child came, then with tears, slowly said: "we from the second year of high school talked about now, nearly four years, you so cruel?

Ding wei didn't know what to say, so he nodded.

"Have you forgotten that I wrote about this school because of you when I applied for my senior year in high school?"

Ding wei continued to nod.

"Well, don't blame me if you're so cruel. I've been with you all these years, and you have to pay me back!"


"Rightness! I want ten thousand dollars for youth and spirit!"

"Ten thousand? Rob!" Ding wei said angrily, "then I can ask you for the loss of youth and the loss of spirit. See you later."

And he turned to go.

Wu fei grabbed him and said, "if you don't give it to me, I will speak ill of you everywhere.

"You...... Ding wei looked at her as if he did not recognize her.

"You made me. Remember ten thousand dollars, don't give me, you feel good. You know how much a woman's mouth can break!" With these words, wu fei left.

Ding wei froze in place for a moment, then dialed his parents' phone Numbers, but they were turned off.

So, he called his grandfather in the countryside, first casually asked his parents to turn off the cell phone is what happened, his grandfather did not know, guess that the phone may be out of power. Then ding wei immediately got to the point and asked his grandfather for ten thousand yuan.

"Ten thousand? !" Ding wei's monthly living expenses are about 2,000 yuan. Grandpa was naturally surprised, "what do you want so much money for?"

Ding wei lied and said, "I am going to prepare for the judicial exam, which is the kind of thing that can become a lawyer judge after passing the exam. I have to attend cram school, buy materials and pay various fees. Maybe it costs so much money."

Grandpa did not expect the gratitude: "I do not have so much money, you go to your parents for it.

Ding wei some impatient: "their phone can't get through, or you first help me to borrow a little, back to you call my mother."


Ding wei was so angry that he almost hit his mobile phone.

Growing up, money was always on demand, and he had never had a problem with it. But then I thought, grandpa has loved himself since childhood, and he would like to eat all the meat on his body. How could he refuse himself so determinedly today?

Ding wei wondered what wu fei would say if she didn't pay 10,000 yuan.

But just because don't know, just feel terrible.

So, after grandpa hit a nail, he thought of his roommate, zhang jian.

Zhang jian's parents are ordinary workers, so the family is not bad or bad, and ding wei would often invite him to eat, drink water, so the relationship between the two is not bad.

Back to the dormitory, zhang jian is watching the news on the computer video, seems to be a high-speed accident scene, the scene is extremely tragic. See ding wei come back, zhang jian quickly closed the web page, toward his lift up chin: "how?"

Ding wei revealed to him beforehand that he wanted to break up with wu fei: "she asked me for a break up fee of 10,000 yuan."

"Isn't ten thousand dollars a drizzle to you?"

"Yeah. But my parents' cell phones were turned off, and my grandpa didn't know if he had taken the wrong medicine. So I thought I'd borrow some from you and return it later." It was the first time he had borrowed money.

"It's not like you don't know about my family. How could you have ten thousand dollars?"

"Can you lend me some?"

Zhang jian shook his head and said, "you are the only rich person among my friends. Besides, which student would have ten thousand dollars in his pocket? If they had, they wouldn't have lent it to me."

Ding wei sighed: "what can we do now? Without money, who knows what she will say. Why didn't I see her like that?"

"I have an idea, but with a little bitterness."

Ding wei's eyes lit up: "tell me!"

"I recently read a news that a street vendor can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a night. If you go to the market, you can earn ten thousand yuan for wu fei in ten days and half a month."

Ding wei looked out of the window and rubbed his hands subconsciously. He said, "it's the end of October. The temperature at night is below zero.

"There's no comfort to make money from." Zhang jian said, "I have already selected the location and the goods to sell. What do you think?"

"Good!" Ding wei answered, "what are you selling?"

"Just one kind of grill. This kind of thing only exists in our south. It was first developed in hunan."

Zhang jian said, "the shelf is put up by the wooden bar, you can put feet in all around, inside and below is empty, used to put electric heating stove, above is the lid of the nine or sixteen palace lattice, is also made of wooden bar, so that heat comes out. There's a quilt that fits this grill and it traps the heat."

Ding wei probably knew what it was and asked, "isn't there heating in the north?

"Heating is a bit expensive. Still have, in the big bazaar of building materials of a few hardware and so on, central heating supply is far from enough, had this, convenient and practical. There are also small stores and poor families who don't want to use heating."

"Yes!" Ding wei clapped his hands. "the place you mentioned... "

"It's not fixed." "Remember when I took a part-time job handing out leaflets? I've been all over the city, so I know where I need it and where I don't."

'well, let's do it! Ding wei rolled up his sleeve in excitement.

"It's a little expensive online. More than two hundred, not including the quilt." Zhang jian said, "our side even the quilt is also like a hundred and seventy eight. However, the early order from the Internet, if the sales are good, we find a factory to mass production. At that time, we just sit at home, oh no, is sitting in the dormitory to count the money, ha ha!"

Zhang jian's idea is very good, but happy too early.

It's not that nobody bought it, but ding wei couldn't hold on.

He said he would make the money, and of course he would do most of the work himself, such as going to the wholesale hardware market in the suburbs with two grills. A shelf about thirty or forty jin, can be gathered up, although convenient to pick up, but with a separate lid and quilt, it is particularly heavy.

Finally arrived at the wholesale hardware market, ding wei hurried to sell, never think, others are entertaining customers, naturally, did not listen to what he said, just like treating beggars to send him away. He had never suffered such anger, and was on the point of leaving his job.

It was not until noon that they sold one, and it was cut to cost. Zhang jian means, these people do not know this, let them use first, if used well, just like a movable type sign, will naturally attract more people to buy.

At lunch, zhang jian went to queue to buy, ding wei in situ guarding shelf, so as not to be taken away. But as he waited, his stomach growled with hunger. Because he couldn't stand the temptation of the fragrance, he went to buy a Chinese hamburger. When he came back, the shelf was gone.

"Mama!" Ding wei was so angry that he hit the hamburger on the ground. "who is so wicked?"

"What about shelves? Zhang jian came back with the food.

"I don't know. It was here just now!"

Zhang jian sighed, shook his head, said: "I guess it was taken away, really unlucky."

Ding wei grabbed the food from zhang jian's hand and put it in his stomach. "never do that again," he said.

"No." Zhang jian advised him, "take let him take, anyway this time we come, also do not intend to make money, loss on loss, let them take to use, for us to do publicity, and so on next time, there will be more people to buy.

"Next time? What if it gets stolen again?"

"To do business, you have to take certain risks."

"Business is too hard. I won't do it!"

Hearing this, zhang jian's mouth corners flash a smile: "do not do business, which come of money?"

"Well, I'll think of another way." With these words, ding wei began to Wolf down his food.

"Let's go, then." Zhang jian waved behind him. He was motioning to the two roommates behind him to get rid of the grill.

Actually, the whole thing is a bureau.

When he learned that ding wei to break up with wu fei for wu chongyao, he immediately informed wu fei.

He and wu fei both know that wu chongyao is not a good girl, money worship, vanity, certainly not really like ding wei, but like his money.

But ding wei doesn't care about money. So, two people set this bureau, by wu fei force he want to break up fee, at the same time told his grandfather not to help, then let ding wei do the business of grill, let him experience the business is not easy, and his parents' money is not easy.

When buying food, he deliberately did not come back, let ding wei hungry can not stand, he went to buy food, and then his two roommates took the opportunity to take away the grill, hope he can understand the process of business "changes".

Unexpectedly, the boy is a careless, realize "business is too difficult" after the experience is actually "I don't do it".

Zhang jian shook his head, thinking: take your time.

On the way back to school, wu chongyao called and asked ding wei to accompany her shopping. Ding wei hurried to answer, and then said goodbye to zhang jian, straight to the commercial street.

After they meet at the street corner, wu chongyao takes his arm and whints: "buy me clothes."

Ding wei felt pocket, just lost a sum of money, the rest only enough to live on, then embarrassed ground say: "next month again buy, how?"

"That how line, all quick snow, I still have no cotton-padded jacket and snow boots to wear. Can't you bear to see me cold?"

Ding wei said awkwardly, "I don't have much money with me."

"Call to ask for your mother!"

Ding wei tried to dial his mother's number, but it was still off.

"I don't care. You can ask your classmates for it first and then return it to them later. I'm going to buy clothes today! I'm going to buy clothes!"

Ding wei gritted his teeth and took out his wallet.

"Then buy a pair of shoes first." Wu chongyao said, "you can buy me something else in a few days."

"All right." Ding wei could only come down first.

They went to the mall, bought a pair of snow boots for 988 yuan and left. This is the first time in his life, ding wei because of money, when he looked at the wallet more than ten pieces of change, his tears came down.

Just then, a roar came from behind him: "stop!"

Ding wei looked back and saw two menacing men with tattoos on their necks and hands. The strong man grabbed ding wei, pointed to an audi Q5 behind him and said: "you scratched my car and lost money!"

"What with what? Ding wei was stunned.

The strong man pointed to the car a 20 centimeter-long scratch, malicious way: "I see you do, you also chicanery, believe not believe I beat you to death? !"

Ding wei wanted to cry: "it's really not me!"

"Don't want to spend with you here, two thousand yuan, less a point all not line."

"I... I don't have two thousand."

"So you want to die!" The strong man grabbed him and pulled him into the car. "go somewhere else and settle this."

Ding wei hugged the pole next to him and then turned to wu chongyao for help, saying, "do you have two thousand yuan? Lend me, and I'll give it back later."

Wu chongyao's head shook like a rattle.

Just then, wu fei and her roommate walked across the street. Ding wei waved his hand and shouted, "ah fei, here! Quick, come here!"

Wu fei rushed over, listened to the story, took out his cell phone, said: "I want to call the police!"

The strong man grabbed her mobile phone and said: "if you dare to report to the police, I will die this boy!"

Ding wei was frightened and said, "ah fei, do you have any money on you? Please take it out and give it to them. I will return it to you later."

Wu fei thought for a moment and went to the ATM not far away to withdraw two thousand yuan and handed it over to the strong man.

The strong man let go of ding wei and left.

Ding wei timidly took a look at wu fei: "thank you, thank you. Return, return I return, return you fifteen thousand, as a thank you."

Wu fei said nothing and left with her roommate.

"What fifteen grand?" "Wu chongyao asked.

Ding wei told the story again. Hearing this, wu chongyao turned his eyes several times and said, "I will help you give her the money. I'll tell her to take the money and never come to you again."

Ding wei thought about it and agreed.

When they got back, ding wei dialed his father's phone again, but it was still off.

This next he was anxious, even if the cell phone no electricity, also can't a day passed without charging?

Even if stolen, which has two people's mobile phone stolen truth. So he called his grandfather and asked him if something was wrong.

Grandpa quickly explained, "what can happen? I spoke to your father last night. It's a pay phone. Your dad had an earthquake and he couldn't get his phone out. But he has asked someone to transfer ten thousand dollars to my card, and I'll transfer it to you."

"Oh," said ding wei, "ten thousand yuan is not enough. Give me another five thousand."

Grandpa was worried and asked, "what do you want so much money for?"

"Don't worry about it. My dad will call back later and ask him for it."

Grandpa is silent