Fish revenge

  Lao wang is an experienced fisherman who likes to go fishing with a few friends.

  Because the usual work pressure is too big, only through fishing to relieve this mood.

  But Lao wang likes fishing, but he doesn't like eating fish. He usually catches fish and puts them into the water, because he likes to see fish playing freely in the water.

  As a result of working relation, Lao wang knew Lao yu, because two people interest is same, became good friend very quickly.

   this day two people meet to go fishing, Lao yu's son also came, Lao yu's son called yu qiang, strange is, he is not interested in fishing, but he is particularly interested in fish.

  To Lao wang's surprise, yu qiang, a man in his twenties, took the fish as a plaything like a child. He put the fish on the beach and pierced them with numerous hooks, even into their eyes.

  When Lao wang saw this scene, he frowned and said, "you can take the fish home to eat, but you can't spoil it like this. Be careful of getting revenge from the fish."

  Yu qiang smiled and said, "uncle, there is no such an evil thing in the world. Fish know how to retaliate."

  Instead, Lao yu had grown accustomed to it. He said that his son worked in a big company and was under great pressure. This was a way for him to vent.

  Lao wang was so unhappy that he could not say any more, so he had to excuse himself to leave.

  But it wasn't long before something happened.

   this day Lao yu made a phone call to Lao wang, Lao yu on the phone tone is very nervous, Lao wang to come over.

  Lao wang was puzzled, but he came anyway.

  Lao yu lives in a courtyard with many flowers and plants. But to Lao wang's surprise, he didn't smell any flowers and plants. Instead, a strong smell of fish covered the flowers and plants.

  Lao wang also joked with Lao yu, "Lao yu, do you cook the whole fish feast today? It smells like fish."

  Lao yu's face was tight, not smiling at all, but alert and sad.

  "Well, brother, come in with me." Lao yu's face was sallow and his lips were white. He shook his head as he spoke, looking very helpless.

  Lao yu took him to yu qiang's bedroom. They stood outside the door. Lao yu took out a handkerchief and covered his mouth and nose.

  Lao wang did not understand what was going on, Lao yu suddenly kicked open the door, a strong smell of fish overwhelming out.

  Wang said he had never smelled such a strong smell of fish in his life. He immediately started retching, his eyes were almost blinded and his brain was buzzing.

  The room was wrapped up in a quilt and refused to see anyone. The smell of fish seemed to come from the quilt.

  "Look, Lao wang."

  Lao yu suddenly pulled back the quilt and Lao wang saw the most frightening thing in his life.

  As yu qiang lay dying in bed, his body was covered with thick scales, which glistened with color, and the disgusting smell of fish came from his body.

  The most frightening thing is that yu qiang's head becomes oval and flat, almost the same as the head of a fish, but with human features and the ability to speak. Good lies in the strong lower body or human beings, but the lower body is also covered with scales, it looks shocking. What's more frightening is that yu qiang's body is tipped with numerous hooks.

  "Lao wang, what you said that day really hit the spot, he suffered the revenge of the fish, you see this matter how good."

  Lao yu, with a cry in his words, begged Lao wang for help.

  Lao wang has lived most of his life. I didn't know what to do for a moment.

  As he watched yu qiang lying on his bed, which was covered with filth and scales, his eyes were half closed, and he babbled out what he wanted to say, but he could not utter a word out of pain.

  Lao wang frowned, a face dignified think along while, the way: "now have to find nine uncle."

  Jiushu does jade and antiques business at the flea market on east street, and also watches some of the tricks. Lao yu listened to Lao wang, naturally nodded, two people hurried to the flea market.

  Nine uncle a pair of farmers dressed up, long black, with a carbon ball, the voice of the peddler is also weak, and the body is thin, as if at any time will be blown to the wind.

  Old in the heart some not spectrum, thought nine uncle should be like the Lin zhengying in the TV, look heroic, a pair of strong appearance, then some facial expressions do not believe. This point was nine uncle see, then thin black face tried to squeeze out a smile, with the old yu said the reason.

  The original nine uncle perennial and those things deal with, because Yin qi is too heavy, it led to his weak body.

   Lao yu heard the story of uncle nine, no longer dare not disrespect. Hurriedly yu qiang specific said, nine uncle nodded and said: "so, I look at yu qiang again.

   old with nine uncle came to the house, when nine uncle to see strong, and not too many accidents, also said in twenty years ago, he also met the same thing.

  It is also the revenge of animals. It says that when a woman went into the mountains, she saw a litter of little foxes and stole them all when no one was prepared. The woman, always greedy for food, cooked all these little foxes to eat.

  Not long after, the woman was the mother fox revenge, first the mother fox came to the window every night to cry, then the woman grew a fox hair, and then not long after the death.

   Lao yu heard almost frightened, to nine uncle to save his son.

  But nine uncle said, in fact, the revenge of the fish is not so strong, not too strong hurt the fish is too much. After these fish died, gathered into a stream of resentment, yu qiang is the complaint. As long as you get rid of your anger, you will be cured.

  That night nine uncle came to the river, set up an altar, in the water put countless fish food and water lamps, let yu qiang worship on the ground.

  Nine uncle dressed in Taoist robes, a peach wood sword brandished, a sword pierced the worship, mouth mantra, walking shu step, said to yu qiang: "against the river kowtow!"

  Yu qiang dare to think, tears towards the river constantly kowtow.

  After about half an hour, uncle jiu finished the procedure and said to Lao yu, "Lao yu, if you want to completely straighten out this matter, you need to do one more thing."

  Old yu has a wrinkled face. Since his son's accident, he has grown old one night and nodded his head repeatedly, saying, "I would like hundreds of pieces."

  "You build a fish temple on the upper reaches of the river, and make a fish statue in the temple for everyone to burn incense. Only in this way can you really eliminate the resentment of fish."

   back to the old yu really said so, a few months later, there is really a fish temple on the mountain.

  The villagers at the foot of the mountain also felt strange, all came to worship, and everyone said that the fish temple is very effective, from then on incense.

  After the incense, yu qiang's scales fell off and gradually returned to normal.

  From then on, yu qiang never dared to mess around again, even eating fish.