Dog blood splashed on the grave

Cattle lame is not born lame, is a child climbing tree birds fell down broken bones, long after a limp. But cow lame, although lame, brain is very good use, he can not do hard work because of his bad legs, in the village people go to the mountain quarry on the back of the stone, he bought a truck to pull goods.

Years later, the poor family in the village was still poor, but the lame cow became rich. Many matchmakers came to the house, but the lame cow did not want them. He fell in love with a yan in the village.

A yan was only twenty years old, and she was very charming. The lame cow saw her back at a distance, and her heart leaped up with passion. O but yan look at him, yan and zhang is in the village all know a pair of chamberlain did three long than the lame robust, good-looking, also can use what nice top, home poor ah, rely on saving money back stone, day and night, o wanted to marry yan house, just pass the first swallow the niang that love money, so the river village of yan zhang three secretly after a date, but I do not know the lame cattle hide behind the trees from envy eyes blaze, zhang yan's hand, o three pull the cow the lame gnaw away half a piece of bark was so mad!

The opportunity finally came, a yan's father got stomach cancer, say to be able to treat, be to have to spend money, a yan niang panic, to small piece three loose mouth, say you want to bring 150 thousand only, my this girl you take, only a little you promise me, in the future her father see a doctor of money you still want!

Xiao zhang three friends and relatives borrowed a time, put together eighty thousand yuan to send over, thinking first should be urgent, then he will think of a way, but ah yan niang drove him out, pointing to the house table sitting tea cow lame man said, see? Somebody else cow cripple move is 200 thousand, you smash pot sell iron return ability make a few two nail? My daughter will be poor if she marries you. Don't even think about it. I have promised to marry a lame cow and a yan.

O yan was beaten and cursed by her mother, want to commit suicide hanging, her mother moved the bench to sit and look at, said you if you can cruelly look at your father died, you put the neck into that ring! The doctor is a bottomless pit. In the future, your brother will have to spend money to marry a wife.

 a yan xinru dead ash, when he was sold by her mother, not long married into the cattle house. Cow the lame won the heart of a woman, but a few days began to beat and scold, moist and attractive fruit had looked at, zha drily to his hand like wood, this is pay big money to buy a bitter face him star, will know that cry every day, the lame cattle laid hands on him more and more malicious, yan don't even shouted in pain, had been killed thinking would be free.

But yan sacrifice did not save her father's life, the old man swallowed gas, her mother is using her "money" to his brother married a beautiful daughter-in-law, cattle cripple love that 200,000, yan was also small zhang three touch hands, he is really eat a big loss, fight up also especially not mercy!

A yan gave birth to a little girl, long like a porcelain doll, cattle cripple zha see this daughter zha like xiao zhang three, on his ugly face can have such a good-looking girl?

A yan mother and daughter's day is sad, small piece 3 look at far distressed, but he has what qualification door to tube? Can dead hold fist to smash a wall, the back stone that spell life makes money, think one day when a yan needs him to help, he cannot take no money to do to look at again!

Can not be satisfied, xiao zhang three accident in the mine, was stoned to death. Zhang family funeral, cattle lame man happy, at home to drink wine, see a yanmu leng leng stand aside, he spit straight spray to a yan face, said die well, if you don't want to go to die with him, see me not to die this little bastard, let your family reunion!

In the middle of the night, the cow cripple turn to go to the toilet, suddenly take a rise, see the corner squeeze out a figure to come, blunt he stretch out his hand to catch, the cow cripple a flash, splash 1 fell into the hut, fortunately didn't drown, the cow cripple how think that figure how like small piece three, this is haunted?

Such a humiliating thing, cattle lame did not speak to the public, the mother and daughter of a yan beat a vent. But after that, the cow crip would wake up in the middle of the night, and everywhere he could see a bloody little face emerging from the wall in the field, making his trousers wet several times.

This cow cripple also ignore village person joke, angrily ground carrying pail dog blood to small piece three grave up, splash 1 all pour in grave head, scold way let you dead also weigh in hand my daughter-in-law? I press your soul, scatter your soul, let you die also can't exceed life!

 small three family nature is not willing to, came and cattle lame big quarrel, cattle lame full of profanity, will be small three and yan said a pair of adulterer adulteress, also haunted him, he spilled dog blood is polite, next time haunted, he will come to the grave of small three, the ashes!

The village people like this kind of lively, this cow lame ghost thing, was said into a variety of stories, arranged a lot of gossip, there are poor mother and daughter, let those who talk points of virtue.

Don't know whether the lame cattle really saw a small piece of three ghosts, but not long after that, the cow died the lame, is under the eyes, he stopped to stand the truck suddenly move, on the ground a few meters away, the smoking in the car squat down cattle ran over a lame man, the rumors, said the three ghost make sure it's a little.

The cow cripple has no parents, a yan to the mother's family dead heart, she took her daughter buried the cow cripple, the family can sell all sold, with the children moved to the county to live, away from the village gossip, is also a relief. Before leaving the village people saw a yan went to the small piece of three grave burning paper, looking at from afar, she let the three-year-old daughter kneeling to small piece of three knock three head......