Midnight ghost bride

No one knows what the devil is. A man who believes is a man of his heart. And so they that believe not live. There are some doubt, is that he himself does not believe, but not with you, you said a little faith, he is also happy to follow the burning incense, figure a heart comfort.

Small fence village has a large family surnamed zhang, the village is the richest rich. Although the family has a hundred hectares of fertile land, eat and drink not worry about a wealthy party, but the beauty is that this member of the forty years old or not a man and half a woman. Seeing such a large family no inheritance, if dead, the rest of the family to share their own property. Often think of this matter, zhang is very sad depressed.

Perhaps god pitiful him, when he was ready to accept life, his wife was pregnant. Later, he added a daughter to his family. Although regret is not a son, but also still very love, give the girl name: wan er.

In a blink of an eye, waner arrived at the age of 28, not only looks long and lovely, and love poetry, but also write a good hand of the word. As the apple of her parents' eye, miss zhang was looking forward to finding a suitable family for her. Unfortunately, the day does not bless people, wan son in an outing accidentally fell into the water, young died, poor! Alas!

"I this shangbeizi is all built what nie, doomed to let me this life lonely life, perhaps is my life!" In addition to her grief, zhang felt that her daughter had died before she had enjoyed the blessing of the world. < / p > < p > zhang then found a Taoist priest practice, in the daughter buried when buried a lot of bev, there is a red sedan chair and countless dowry, the most important is also buried with an old woman. The Taoist priest took the old woman as a matchmaker and buried her in a tomb. Of course, these are all paper.

In the summer of this year, the weather was surprisingly hot. A poor scholar named liu from a neighboring village came to the woods at the entrance of the village with a book in his hand. All of a sudden, a cold wind hit liu, who could not help but shiver.

Liu closed the book in his hand and looked around. Not far away from him, he saw a wisp of black smoke, which gradually condensed into an old woman's appearance.

The old woman said in a very warm voice, "alas! Childe your age is young, literary talent extraordinary, zha don't marry a daughter-in-law? There must be someone around to take care of it! You don't have to go into the woods every day to study."

The old woman inexplicable appearance, liu shusheng is very surprised, because he likes to see ghost books since childhood, he must be the ghost in broad daylight. "Nothing gallant but a thief. It's definitely not a good thing."

Thinking like this, liu refused to say so, saying: "my family is poor, and have not yet passed the exam, how dare to marry things!"

The old woman hehe a joy, said: "childe you worry too much, now there is a good family's daughter, but the appearance is beautiful, family is more important, and there are a lot of dowry, childe you are willing to marry?

"After years of studying hard at a cold window without any success, how dare she think of marrying? Speaking of this, liu's attitude has been very clear, thinking that the old woman should give up!

That had thought that the old woman had no intention of giving up, she continued: "childe! Our young lady is a sensible person, do not pay attention to those fame and fortune and so on, even if the childe is not in accordance with the six li to marry, also no big deal, I now for you to handle this matter! You just wait to pick up the bride's bridal chamber in the evening!" Before liu could take a stand, the old woman turned around and disappeared.

Liu shusheng zhanger monk puzzled, had to smile and shake his head. However, when it came to the evening, liu was reading a book under the lamp. He saw the old woman who had seen him in the daytime coming into the room beaming with joy. Don't hurry to meet the bride!"

Liu shusheng in any case did not expect, this liaozhai story actually happened on their own. "What have you done, old woman? Is it not to be bound together without their consent?" "Say, get up to go outside blast this old woman.

At that moment, a white shadow rose from the doorway and a faint fragrance filled the air. Liu could not help but look into the yard, he saw four men carrying a red sedan chair, sedan chair around there are two beautiful looking maid, and then look around the yard, boxes, cabinets put a full yard.

An invisible breeze gently blowing than the curtain, the bride's red head fluttering, liu shusheng all look silly. See the old woman went to the sedan chair, led the bride out of the sedan to the house.

The bride's ring was tinkling, and the wind in the moonlight blew her red head like silk. Although the beautiful half of her face was exposed, liu had been fascinated by her beauty. He was really attracted by her beauty.

The old woman led the bride to the bed and sat down. Then she went to liu and said, "childe! The auspicious time has come, please bride and groom into the bridal chamber!" Then turned around and went out, leaving only liu and his bride inside...

As the saying goes: pie in the sky, this suddenly appeared good ah! Not disaster but disaster. Because liu shusheng covet this temptation, since then lost his life, and the ghost woman do a pair of ghost husband and wife.