Repay the kindness of civet cat

In the late years of the qing dynasty, the qing soldiers with red taslin hats burned, killed, looted, foreign devils with foreign guns everywhere, plus the boxer rebellion, local bandits, the people are really poor, everywhere is cold and hungry refugees. Although there was chaos outside, the village was far away in the mountains, and even in this poor place where the birds did not poop, the people lived a quiet life.

That day, big old liu his daughter-in-law want to give birth to a child, the midwife entered the house is at noon head, outside the sun of the eldest brother, can wait for the child to come out, just catch up with now dog food day (total solar eclipse), the house a dark can not see the person.

Midwife picked up just born child, face stick a face to see along while, say: "just looked quite good, zha now more see more black?" Wait for midwife slow lead god to come this ability discovery, house already black of what also can't see, frighten midwife nearly threw a child, she still think is oneself of eye blind!

Old liu does not have what skill, depend on slope that dot of wasteland to plant grain to live, the life in the home passes tight originally, did not think daughter-in-law gives birth to a child hind wind, before long body begins to feel numb, ache. Because there is no money to ask the doctor, half a year later one day, the daughter-in-law left them both died.

The day that did not have a woman is not easy originally, a big man is taking the child of a full year of life even, what live also can't do, also did not have income, big old liu oneself eats bran pharynx vegetables to have nothing to do, can this child how to do?

When old liu was at his wit's end, he woke up early that morning and opened the door only to find that there was a steamed bun at the door. How could he be so silent? Besides, the gate of my yard was fastened!

Since then, every day old liu woke up, will find his door a steamed bun, or a few pieces of cake, sometimes old liu opened the door, even found that the door is still a pheasant has been killed.

It is good to have food, but where do these things come from? I don't know who lost something! Later, when the child grew up, sometimes old liu would lock the child in the house and go out to the landlord to do some odd jobs to help the family.

One day, old liu finished his work and prepared to go home. The landlord was also a kind man. Knowing that it was not easy for him to take a child with him, he gave him some corn flour cakes.

When he came home with the corn cake, he heard the children in the room say, "cackle... "Laughter, this is the kind neighbor to help me look after the children? But look at the lock on the door, the lock is good! What's going on here? Old liu crept to the window sill and looked into the room through a hole in the window paper. It turned out to be a leopard cat, which was playing with children. Now big old liu all understand, before those steamed buns, dim sum and pheasant, probably is this flower leopard cat diao come. See this scene, old liu's eyes moist, think of the past......

About three years ago, at that time, the wife had just given birth to a child. Although she was weak and weak, she could barely take care of herself. It was the wheat harvest season, old liu went to the landlord's house to do a short work, cut the wheat on the hillside, and when he cut the ridge of field, he found a flower leopard cat on the ridge of field, it did not run, is looking at himself with begging eyes. Old liu walked over and found that one of the cat's legs had been caught in a trap.

Daughter-in-law just gave birth to a child, need nutrition more right now! Only, this idea in big old liu's mind is so quick flash, then wry smile say: "alas! An daughter-in-law just gave birth to a child, old liu I want to accumulate a point virtuous, bless their mother and child peace, I let you go!" With that, he broke the trap.

Since old liu widow died, this flower leopard cat catched pheasant what secretly send to come over, true catch not to arrive, go to temple in diao offer. The child was big, old liu went to work for the landlord, the flower leopard cat came to play with the child......

Really did not think of, big old liu at the beginning of a small act of kindness, this flower leopard cat unexpectedly return favor to come!