Ghost Story -Midnight blame

Li Wang is a taxi driver. He is still a bachelor in his forties. It is not because he looks bad. It is because his family is on the wall and there is a sly old mother. Can the woman be willing to be guilty of this crime?

Li Wang is a dutiful son. He drives a car for one day during the day and takes care of his old mother at night. He often does not rest well. Driving during the day is inevitable.

In the past few days, he did not go out of the car abnormally. The car was locked in Curry. Occasionally he saw him staying in the garage for a short day.

On this evening, the mother said that the chest tightness was uncomfortable, and Li Wang pushed her out for a walk. In the shade of the tree, he hit a sly, and suddenly he was awakened by the thrash. He opened his eyes and looked at him. The mother did not know how to fall. On the ground.

He quickly picked up his mother and called the ambulance. The ambulance soon came. He took the old mother to the ambulance. The ambulance suddenly stopped at a place not far from his home. The driver went down. The car, he also followed the car.

Seeing the driver frowning, he asked: "What happened to the master?"

"I don't know, there is nothing wrong with the car, but it is extinguished."

"Is there such a strange thing?" Li Wang personally saw a car, and did not find anything wrong. He was in a hurry and asked the driver, "How is the master? Can the old lady not be delayed?"

"I know, weird things, how can we not get angry." The driver was so anxious that he was sweating, but the car didn't react at all.

Li Wang saw his mother's breathing weaker and weaker. He didn't dare to wait any longer. He hurried to the street to stop a taxi. He didn't reach out and a white car stopped in front of him.

When Li Wang was surprised, the man in the car said strangely: "I finally found you!" Li Wang was shocked and took a closer look. Only then did he find an old driver sitting in the car. The old driver was glaring at him. Li Wang was terrified to find that his neck was very strange. He didn’t twist at all, and his head rushed to himself. After the two men squatted for a few seconds, the old man’s resentful eyes gradually became clear, then suddenly turned his head and drove the car away. It is.

At this time, the ambulance driver called him and said, "Hey! What are you doing? Let's go!"

Li Wang promptly agreed.

Turning back to the ambulance driver: "I stopped a car just now, the driver is very strange..." When he said nothing, he saw the ambulance driver's face changed, then he said loudly: "What are you talking about? Just now you There is nothing in front of you. You see that the place where you stand is not the road."

Li Wang’s look back at the scene behind him was actually a ruin of a demolition. He suddenly felt creepy, quickly jumped into the ambulance and went to the hospital.

The mother has been in a state of dizziness. The doctor said that her illness has not developed, but she is unable to find out the cause of the coma. Li Wang is also very annoyed. She should not bring her mother out at night, and now she can only be hospitalized.

In the night, an old and strange old lady suddenly pushed open the door of the ward. She said to Li Wang: "Young man, there is a cause, you have to find the reason for your mother's coma, please come here tomorrow." Handed him a business card.

Very strange business card, only the address above, even the name occupation is not.

The next morning, Li Wang was puzzled and found a small courtyard with a business card. When he entered, he saw the old lady who gave him his business card yesterday and stood in the yard. He smiled and said to him: "Oh! You Come here? Come here...come into the house." He said that he was allowed to enter the room, sitting on a small square table and looking at him with a smile.

"Auntie, what are you doing to lie to me?"

"I am! Entrusted by your mother, let me tell you something."

"My mother's commission?" Li Wangna was bored.

"Yes! Let me introduce myself first. I am a psychic. To put it bluntly, I am a person who can see the soul of a dead person. Last night, your mother found me when I entered the hospital. She told me to tell you, the old man you met yesterday. Forgot, live well in the future, she won’t drag you any more."

The old lady was talking, and suddenly his phone rang, the hospital called, saying that his mother was in danger.

He immediately jumped up and ran out, and his footsteps flew.

The old lady did not catch up, but said to the soul of Li Wang’s mother: "You see how sad your son is, how can you bear it?"

"I can't bear it! I have to leave him. He is taking care of me. If he rests badly, he will fall asleep and kill him. He doesn't want to run away. He is afraid that I will not take care of you. Now I am replacing it. He should return to others' lives, and it should be."

Lingmedia sighed and shook his head, and Li Wang’s mother’s soul slowly disappeared.