Old Mo's secret recipe

The old Mo is a dozen, there is a small restaurant, usually staying in his own restaurant to cook, there are few other pastimes. His only hobby is fishing. Every day is not bright, Lao Mo will get up and open the store, clean and clean, and order the good food and meat.

In the morning, the guests were generally few. The old Mo quickly prepared all the dishes. He stayed in the kitchen for several hours, and the lungs were so badly smoked. He was breathable outside, and he saw a lot of people sitting in the hall, and there were fewer people in the restaurant next door. Lao Mo cooking is very delicious. This is a secret recipe. How can other people have their own crafts and methods? The old smug thought that it seems that the money he earned today will not be less.

Lao Mo saw no one came, confessed to his wife, and went fishing on the mountain with fishing gear.

In less than a moment, another man came, this man is a famous underworld figure in the village, Luo Qiang. Luo Qiang’s father was a secretary in the village, and he was a little real power, so Luo Qiang had been walking sideways in the village. I don’t put anyone in my eyes, but I’m closer to Lao Mo. This is why Lao Mo’s store business is better and there is no reason for confusion.

Luo Qiang is one of the shareholders of this restaurant, and few people know about it. Lao Mo and Luo Qiang sat side by side, Lao Mo’s bait had been put down, and he was quietly waiting for the fish to hook. Xiao Qiang also took out the bait and skillfully hung it on the hook and raised it to throw the bait out. He sat down and waited for his fish to hook.

The two were very quiet, did not speak, but could feel a tacit understanding. Lao Mo took out a thick envelope, and Mo Mo smashed it in his hand and handed it to Luo Qiang. Luo Qiang did not look at it and put it directly into his jacket pocket, and then patted his pocket with satisfaction. The two laughed.

Luo Qiang from the trouser pocket, took out a bag of things like dry goods and handed it to the old Mo, who did not look at it, put it directly into the trouser pocket.

The two looked at each other and smiled. Everything was in the air. The two focused on the water drifting. When I was a child, I saw that I had to go back to the cooking time in the afternoon and take my own fish back.

Today, the old can be described as a big harvest, fishing a lot of fish.

The business in the evening is very good, and the old Mo cooking is about to break. The wife also asked herself why she was looking for a chef. There were a lot of people who were better than his craft. The old Mo just smiled and thought of his own profits. He didn't want to be artificial. I don’t want to tell others about my own secrets.

Luo Qiang returned home and handed the envelope to his father intact. Luo Qiang’s father said with a smile: "Hangko, you are really blue and blue, and the waves are pushed forward. It’s my son." Hadron proudly smiled: "Because Dad is here with prestige." I can do so well, relying on my father's care." Luo Qiang's father is very happy, his son is not only capable, but also very able to speak, to make himself happy.

In the evening, the guests were all finished. After the old Mo was cleaned up, the staff in the store was sent away. He looked at the people around him and closed the store.

He touched the kitchen and shuddered to take out the bag of dry goods. He removed the dry goods a little bit, put it on the scale and put it in the secret soup. This is his own secret recipe, others can't learn, even if they can learn, people outside of such things can't get it.

These dry goods are the outer shell of the poppy. This thing is very delicious in the soup. Even if your cooking is not good, this thing will make your things very delicious. One of the biggest features of this thing is that it makes people more addicted.

Very good for people who have eaten the fish that the old Mo did, they are full of praise for the old Mo fish. They don't know what makes them addicted. It's not the cooking of the old, but the outer shell of the poppy. Although this thing is not as mad as drugs, but it does not eat for a few days, my heart still wants to panic, I feel satisfied after eating.

When Lao Mo handled all of this, he suddenly saw someone outside! This matter must not be discovered by others. Otherwise, I will go to jail. I don't think that the people who are still in their own stores are not their own wives, they are their own children.

Sure enough, the person who saw himself putting the poppy shell was his own son, Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo looked angry at the old Mo: "Why should you put poppies in the soup? You know that this is illegal. This will make others addicted and dependent on drugs! This is different from guiding people to take drugs!" ”

Lao Mo was very angry. His son did not understand himself. Everything he did was to live a comfortable life. What is wrong with this, his son can rely on himself to live a comfortable life in the future, but now he Ask yourself here.

Xiaomo shed tears and said with distress: "Dad, don't do such a thing in the future. To do so, there is no conscience!" How could Momo give up such high-income things? He strongly disagreed. Xiao Mo said: "Dad touches you to continue, I will not recognize you this father, I will sue you!" After that, Xiao Mo is ready to turn around.

At this time, the old Mo has already become blushing, and his only son is going to sue himself. He is delicious and good to him, but he has to betray himself. I don’t think that I can reproduce one! He grabs a thing and knocks heavily on Xiaomo’s back.

Xiao Mo has not had time to scream, he wants to turn his head to see his hearty father. Lao Mo then slammed it several times and saw that Xiao Mo was not moving at all, and then took off Mo Mo’s clothes and burned them. Then wash the body of Xiaomo and shave the meat of Xiaomo into pieces of meat. This can be sold as mutton tomorrow. He broke the bones of Xiao Mo into the meat powder and made it into a meat sauce.

When he had done all this, he was too tired to be exhausted. He lay down on the ground and fell asleep. In the morning, Lao Mo’s wife woke up the old Mo and said that his son did not go home yesterday. Lao Mo said: “This is normal. This kid, I don’t know where to go.” This is a common thing, Xiao Mo is outside. Have a girlfriend.

Seeing the sky, I saw Xiao Mo, Lao Mo’s wife called the police. After checking the police for a while, she gave up.

Today is the first seven of Xiao Mo, and Lao Mo really closed the store door. Lao Mo does not want to stay in this horrible place. He handed over another person to watch at night, and he returned home.

When Lao Mo came home, he saw his wife laughing and thinking that he was coming. She said sullenly: "Old Mo, our son Xiao Mo, he is back, he is waiting for you in the living room!" When my son is dead, how can he come back? He sees his wife’s sluggish eyes and feels that this is awkward.

He walked to the living room, and Xiao Mo sat on the sofa and stared at the TV. The TV was full of snowflakes. Old Mo almost scared to fall to the ground, he was preparing to go out, and the wife who came in pushed forward.

Old Mo was pushed on the sofa, and he saw his son eating his arm with relish. Old Mo was scared and screamed. Xiao Mo raised his arm and handed it to Lao Mo. Lao Mo shook his head with difficulty. Xiao Mo opened his mouth, and the broken meat inside fell out. Xiao Mo smiled like a fool. Open mouth and bite on the neck of Lao Mo, pulling the feeling of pain for a while, he pushed away Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo's mouth contains the meat of the old Mo.

Xiao Mo said: "Are you not the most like to eat poppies? I am your biological son and you have not let me go! You can eat enough today."

Xiao Mo said that all the poppy shells next to him were stuffed into the mouth of Lao Mo, and they continued to pour into the mouth of Lao Mo. Old Mo instinctively breathed, a poppy stuck in the throat of Lao Mo, who did not come up in a hurry and was killed alive.

Lao Mo’s wife came home and saw that Lao Mo had eaten a large poppy shell and was stuck. It was very sad. The police seized the old Mo’s point and found a lot of poppy shells in it. Luo Qiang also caught. Lao Mo’s wife couldn’t stand this blow and left this sad place.