House feng shui

For the placement in the home, many people will be placed at their own pace, not to be placed according to the feng shui, it is easy to touch the feng shui taboo, and if you touch the feng shui taboo will affect the fortune. So, what is the taboo of Feng Shui in the home? Let's take a look!

Tomb feng shui

The feng shui of the tomb says: After the burial of the deceased, the infuriating will combine with the gas to form an anger. Through the yin and yang exchanges, there is an influence in the meditation, and the gas transportation of the relatives around the world. Both yin and yang will become wind when they are called out. When they rise to the sky.....

Graveyard Geomantic

Some people have been looking for a master to see the feng shui moved to the grave mountain before Qingming? Can the feng shui of the cemetery really affect the development of future generations? Let's learn the introduction of feng shui in the cemetery. Since ancient times, the Chinese have attached great importance to the idea of "being in the land for peace" and "the combination of heaven and man."

Yin House Feng Shui Case

Mr. Feng Shui how to smash dragons, observe sand, view water, acupoints, orientation, examples of feng shui acupoints in Yin House, three years to find a dragon, ten years of acupoints is not an easy task. Acupuncture is the essence of Feng Shui; it is also the most difficult and core subject; it is also the best referee for the final acceptance of Shantou.