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The feng shui layout of the horse's office, some taboos should pay attention

Often, the feng shui of the office has a great influence on a person's fortune. If you do not arrange according to your own zodiac, it is likely to have some damage. The feng shui layout of the horse office is a must, and some taboos should be noted. A good feng shui layout can not only resolve the changing emotions of the horses, but also make the horses more smooth in their careers.

Where is the best location for office feng shui?

The influence of Chinese people on feng shui is still very important. In major events, they tend to follow the laws of the ancients. And how much do you know about the choice of Feng Shui in the office building? In fact, it has become one of the selection conditions that Chinese companies attach great importance to over the years. In Feng Shui, the general work and living environment should not be bridged. First, the noisy will make people feel dizzy. On the other hand, there are taboos.

Office fish tank feng shui

In general, companies and offices place fish tanks for fish farming. They have two functions. The positive effect is to gather gas, that is, to gather vitality, so that you can gather wealth and prosperous wealth. The negative effect is to block the shackles (injury to the invisible), that is, you can use the power of water to block the impoverished gas, and not hurt the invisible. The ancients believed: "The air is scattered by the wind, the boundary water Then stop.

Office flower, feng shui, office flower, picture

How should the office flower display feng shui be set up? Now many white-collar workers put a variety of flowers and plants in their offices or desks, adding a touch of green to the office, and making people feel happy, then in the office Feng Shui In addition to paying attention to the layout of the office Feng Shui, in the office Feng Shui furnishings and office plants and flowers .....

办公室装修风水 办公室装修风水禁忌

How should geomantic omen be arranged in office decoration and which taboos should be paid attention to in office decoration? Many people know that office decoration is related to feng shui, so they will pay special attention to it when decorating the office. Feng shui taboos are not allowed to be violated. if we accidentally violate feng shui taboos, our fortune will be adversely affected.

What are the office Feng Shui ornaments? Top 10 office Feng Shui ornaments

What are the office lucky feng shui ornaments? Putting things that are good for you in the office can help us to make a long-term career. Therefore, many people will put some office Feng Shui ornaments in their offices that will help us to work hard. Then, in order to increase the fortune and make money, which feng shui ornaments should we place?