House purchase with unfavorable geomancy should be cautious

  Now the house price is very high. A few years ago, the full amount of money for buying a house is not enough for the down payment now. Buying a house needs the savings of three generations. But buying a house is just a need, especially for men of marriageable age. Of course, if children want to study, they'd better have a house. Otherwise, according to the work contract, they may be assigned to far away places. So for most families, buying a house requires a lot of discretion. And some house type, oneself opposite party geomancy has more disadvantageous, when choosing, need to pay attention to avoid!

  Unfavorable house type of Fengshui

  Pistol type

  Some houses, the plan view, the shape of the whole house is like a pistol, such a serious lack of angle, and the implication is not good, the best to avoid. Such houses are often full of ferocity, which has a serious impact on the homeowner's fortune and health, and even may cause unexpected disasters.

  Corridor type

  Some houses are narrow in shape and out of proportion in length and width, just like a corridor, which is not wide enough. Such houses are awkward for people to see, let alone live for a long time. This type of house has a bad influence on the owner's wealth and needs to be avoided.


  There are also house types, in order to be beautiful or innovative, will be built into a triangular pattern. The instability of triangles, as well as all kinds of bad implications in geomancy, are enough to make people avoid. Long term living will have a serious impact on the homeowner.