How to Arrange the Prosperous Wealth in Home

Now many families will consider feng shui problems and decorate their houses according to their own preferences when decorating their houses. many people are concerned about the financial situation in the family. after all, no one wants to make up for the poor financial situation. if the poor financial situation exists, they will try their best to make up for it. then how to decorate the family to make the financial situation in the family the most prosperous, let's take a look.

How to Arrange the Prosperous Wealth in Home

  How to Arrange the Prosperous Wealth in Home

Financial position

The position of wealth is very important for the fortune of the family. Besides, it also has a great influence on the career of the family. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of positions of wealth: bright and dark. The 45-degree diagonal of the gate and living room belongs to the bright position of wealth. Then when the door is opened in the middle, the 45-degree diagonal on both sides can be regarded as the bright position of wealth. The position of wealth is not suitable for placing some heavy items, or it will suppress the position of wealth, or it is not suitable for placing anything, or it will lead to dissipation of wealth.

It is best to keep this position bright and tidy. At the same time, it can also place some items that promote the prosperity of wealth, such as the lucky trees and rich bamboo, and it can also place brave animals, etc. All of these can help us to prosper our wealth.


The kitchen is the place where we make three meals a day, and there is a saying in feng shui that the money bank will boost the family's fortune if we arrange it properly. generally, it is better to place the stove against the wall when placing the stove, which indicates that there is dependence. if there is no wall against the wall, a pattern of financial ruin will be formed. at the same time, the refrigerator in the kitchen should be kept clean and tidy, and when there is not much food in the refrigerator, it should be added immediately, which can not only boost wealth but also accumulate wealth.


When it comes to home feng shui, doors must not be few. it is the place where the family gets out of the air and takes in the air. it has the function of gathering and guarding money. if the layout is reasonable, it will greatly improve the fortune of the family. because most of the buildings are residential buildings with more than one floor, the situation of door objects and doors will be formed. this is the opposite evil spirit in feng shui, which will lead to frequent quarrels with neighbors and will also affect the family's fortune.


Toilet is a place where we wash and remove filth everyday. Yin Qi and filth are very important, so if the layout of toilet is not good, it will affect the overall situation of the family. The toilet door cannot face any one door in the family, otherwise it will lead to the decline of the overall health situation, the career situation will also be affected, and it is not suitable for facing the door or other auspicious positions in the family.