How to look at the layout of Feng Shui in the house?

How about home feng shui? How do you feel about Feng Shui? Home is the harbor of each of us, and it is also the attribution. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the home feng shui is vital to every family. The feng shui of the house affects the fortune of every member of the family. What is the common sense of home feng shui? Everyone should know more or less. Therefore, I will follow the small series to understand the basic common sense of the next home feng shui.

Seeing home feng shui specific method

1. The first thing is to stand at the door of the house and then look out from the door. Look at the doorway if there are any tall buildings facing your doorstep. If there is, this is a bad aspect, because this obstacle has a professional term called dark arrow in Feng Shui. This kind of dark arrow will have a bad influence on the family. Weilun solves this problem. We can hang a gossip mirror in front of the house, and the mirror of the gossip mirror faces outward. This will resolve the hazard.

2, after the separate standing in the back door of the home and the main large windows to observe, the content and practice of observation is the same as the observation at the main entrance.

3. Then stand at the main entrance of the house, use the compass to see the position of the house, and record the position of your home by pointing the compass and the finger above the compass. Then there will be no objects at the entrance to the inspector to block the airflow from entering the house.

4. Draw the floor plan of the home, then place the gossip table on the floor plan of the home, and then arrange it correctly using the orientation of the compass.

5. There are eight elements in Feng Shui. These eight elements represent the eight desires of life. They are family, money, reputation, marriage, children, nobles, work and knowledge. To reinforce any of these, find the appropriate location and the corresponding properties, and place the object in that orientation. However, you cannot place more than one at a time.

6. Don't let the mirror face the bed in the bedroom. In the living room or in the dining room, you can prevent the mirror from shining on the food. When cooking in the kitchen, don't turn your back to the door. Set the position of the door when you cook.

The feng shui aspect of the home is only quite rich, but also very complicated. If you want to do a good job in this area, you still have to prepare for a long time.

Home feng shui common sense and precautions

1, housing design

(1) Entrance: In Feng Shui, porch is the only way to enter the living room from the outside, it is the buffer into the living room, so pay special attention to the design. The entrance should be clear in the lighting, the color design of the entrance should echo the floor, if the color is too dark, you can use the long light to remedy, so that the "room is dark". The spacing of the living room entrance should not be too high or too low, the best is moderate, the permeability is better, and materials such as frosted glass can be used as the partition.

(2) Kitchen: In the wind and water, the kitchen is both wealthy and wealthy. It depends on how you design and use it. The kitchen can suppress the murderous suffocation, suitable for the construction of the four murderers in the parents' life; the kitchen should have sufficient light to keep it dry, there must be enough space and height on the stove, not too much pressure; the kitchen should not Hanging garlic, onions, and peppers that absorb yin.

(3) Living room: The living room is a place where families gather together and receive guests, so the design of the living room should be bright and tidy. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be on the lower floor. The best shape of the living room is rectangular or square. The seat can be placed without pressure beam. In the corner position, some mascots or plants can be placed as buffers, and the home can be beautified.

(4) Study: The study is a place where people learn to absorb and know, and pay special attention to the design. The study must not be backed by the glass, so there will be no taboo behind the desk, and the desk should not be placed close to the corner. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the problem of the top of the beam, the desk of the heart, the color of Wenchangxing and so on.