God of Wealth placed in a taboo position

In Feng Shui culture, we are no stranger to God of Wealth. God of Wealth is the god who controls money, and can play a role in the family. Before we worship the God of Wealth in the home, we need to know how to put the God of Wealth. Let's take a look at the taboos of the position of God of Wealth.

The position of the family God of Wealth

In the God of Wealth, it will be divided into Wencai God and Wucai God. Of course, their placement is different. Let's take a look at the placement of these two gods.

The position of the god of wealth:

In the feng shui, the position of the god of wealth is placed on both sides of the gate, of course, it can not be right for the gate, the method of measuring the position of the god of wealth is better according to the position of the financial position in the home every day. Change to adjust the position of the god of wealth, of course, this is difficult to do in real life, it must have a special master guidance.

The position of the god of wealth:

When the location of the god of wealth is different, the position of the god of wealth is just right for the gate, so that you can recruit more money for home life. However, it is important to note that the god of wealth and the god of wealth can not be placed together, so that not only does not double the effect, but it will affect their respective lucky results: there are also many places for the family If you are not allowed to go to the door, the dining table and the toilet, and you can't align with the ancestral spirits, because the ancestors are the gods, it is difficult to compare them with these gods. Usually, the position of the god of wealth should be Among the ancestral spirits, it will be appropriate.

Ancai God Taboo

In general, there are probably the following

1. Do not look in the mirror.

2. Do not go to the toilet (lone yin).

3. Do not face the kitchen (dry sun).

4. Do not go to the bedroom (personal position).

5. Do not aim at the goldfish bowl. If the god is facing the mirror or the goldfish bowl, move the mirror and goldfish tank to another place.

6. Do not take photos of the host.

7. It is not appropriate to rely on the toilet (sewage). If you rely on the toilet, the family is sick.

8. It is not appropriate to lean against the kitchen (dry fire). If you rely on the kitchen, your family is more temperamental. It is advisable to place a screen between the two to block the problem and solve the problem.

9. Do not place the fish tank above. This is a slap in the head.

10. Do not place the fish tank below. This is a "cutting foot water".

11. There should be no beams on the top, and the work of the family will be under heavy pressure.

12. You can't put the sound below, this is a "sound".

13. There is no TV set underneath. This is a "small" and "sound".

14. You can't be at the door, because when the family closes, they will make a "squeaky" sound. This is a "sound", and it will cause a shock when closing the door, which will also affect God. .

15. Don't rely on it, otherwise the main family is not convincing, it is difficult to gain the trust of others, so the rear of the gods is best for the wall, the window is the worst.

16. Before you should be "clean", don't put the ornaments of ancient spirits.

17. The lower part should not be a passage. This makes God only sit unsteadily and the family's luck will be repeated.

18. It is not appropriate to go to the door. Such a god has committed a "gate rush" and also represents a resurgence of the family's luck (unless the door is a prosperous Kyrgyzstan, and the opposite is to the door.)