Taboo in the feng shui of the room. What are the taboos placed in the feng shui of the room?

Everyone sleeps in bed every night, so what are the taboos in the feng shui of the room? The placement of the bed directly affects the quality of our sleep and the fortune. In this issue, we will talk about the placement of the bed in the Feng Shui room. Taboo.

First, avoid being flushed directly into the toilet

The toilet is mixed with moisture and turbidity, and it is inconsistent with the health of the owner, which may lead to unstable movements and accidental injuries. Bamboo curtains and natural hoists can be placed on the toilet door to block and absorb helium.

Second, avoid being rushed by the door

The door is the gas gateway of the house and the main channel of the airflow. If the bed is rushed by the door, when the person is sleeping, the air will collide with the body. After a long time, the disease will occur, which is not conducive to personal health. You can adjust the position of the bed in the room to resolve.

Third, avoid being rushed by the mirror

The mirror has the effect of reflecting the magnetic field and absorbing helium. Hedging with the bed, it will release the magnetic field and suffocation to the person at night when the owner rests, affecting the health of the owner, easily leading to insomnia and dreams, poor sleep quality, and disharmony between husband and wife. You can move the mirror to the washroom to resolve it.

Fourth, avoid being rushed by the horns

Some houses have a special bedroom pattern. There are raised walls around the bed. This is called a wall knife (also called a corner) on the wind. It will cause the owner to have insufficient sleep quality and easily lead to accidental injuries. health. The raised corners can be wrapped with other materials to dissolve the helium.

Five, avoid the kitchen below

In order to make reasonable use of the residential space, some people will set up bedrooms on the second floor of the kitchen. In this case, when people are at rest, they are easily attacked by suffocation, which may lead to the owner's anger, temper, and emotional instability. A natural gourd can be placed in the bedroom to absorb the suffocation while a ceramic hoist is placed in the kitchen to absorb the suffocation.

Six, avoid bedside emptiness

Feng Shui pays attention to "sitting on the mountain", which means relying on it. The same is true for bed rest. If the bed is empty, it is not good for the owner's fortune. It will often produce some unrealistic thoughts. It is easy to meet the villain in the career, if there is a window on the wall. You can move the bed to resolve and cover the window. Some residential bedrooms have a special wall structure, and a special bedside table can be built to fill the gap between the bed and the wall.

Seven, avoid being rushed by electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are the hardware of modern homes, but other appliances are not recommended to enter the bedroom except for the necessary lights and air conditioners. Because electromagnetic waves are very harmful to human radiation, it takes a long time for the human body to be exposed to electrical radiation for a long time, which is harmful to the health of the owner, and so is the mobile phone!