Babaoshan Feng Shui Babaoshan Feng Shui?

What is the Fengshui of Babaoshan? Is Babaoshan Feng Shui good? This issue will take you on the feng shui situation in Babao Mountain. See if it is a feng shui treasure.

There is a Babao Mountain in Beijing, which was the paradise for the elders in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Today is the most declared garden cemetery in China. Speaking of the cemetery, we must look at the feng shui of the cemetery, see if this place is a feng shui treasure

Is Babao Mountain a Feng Shui treasure?

Located in the front plain of Xishan Mountain in Beijing, Babao Mountain is about 130 meters high and extends north-east. It is said to be named after eight kinds of building materials such as refractory clay, white clay, limestone, red clay, green ash, bauxite, turmeric and sandstone. There are also legends that eight treasures are buried under the Babao Mountain. According to Xiaobian, Babaoshan was once the place where the eunuchs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties raised their ages, including temples, farmland and vegetable gardens. There are also revolutionary cemeteries, people's cemeteries, Laoshan cemetery, etc. It is said that the feng shui of the cemetery is good. Since Babaoshan has a large cemetery group, its feng shui is also very good.

About Babaoshan Feng Shui Legend

For Babaoshan, there is such a feng shui legend. According to legend, in a cave in Babaoshan, there are eight treasures of Golden Bull, Golden Horse, Golden Rooster, Golden Mill, Golden Mill, Golden Bean, Golden Dragon and Golden Dragon. A long time ago, the foot of Babaoshan lived with a couple of Li and his wife who had no children and no daughters. One year they were planting a loofah, but the strange thing is that no matter how to fertilize the water, it will never stick to the melon, but the longer and longer the melon, the better the flower is opened, and the loofah is thick and thin. Hang up the gourd.

One day the old couple was enjoying the coolness at the door, and the gentleman came from the south. When he saw the loofah in front of the door, he suddenly stopped. I saw him looking at the mountains for a while and looking at the loofah. With his fingers for a long time, he walked over with the old couple. Mr. swears to the old couple, hoping to buy the only loofah on the shelf. The old couple started to say no, because the loofah is used for seeding next year, but the husband has to buy it. He told the old couple that they should buy medicine to treat the patient. The old couple heard that they had promised to cure the disease and claimed that they would not accept the money. When the gentleman left, he told them that the melon was not cooked and not pickable.

In fact, the husband did not use loofah to cure the disease, but to seek treasure. He counted down to the mountain to bury the baby, but the treasure needed to open the mountain key. When he saw the loofah, he knew that it was the key to the mountain, so he lied to the old couple to get the loofah. After the gentleman left, the old couple took care of the loofah more carefully, but the weather was very abnormal in the autumn of this year. Just after the autumn, the frost began to fall. The old couple were afraid of freezing the loofah, and they were picked up in advance and placed in the wooden raft. Come and give it to him.

When the evening of the eighth day of September, the gentleman came, but when he saw the loofah picked up by the old couple in advance, he slammed his feet and said: "Bad, picking up early, it doesn't work." But he There is no way, I can only sigh and take the loofah away. The old couple didn't know what it was all about. It felt very strange, so I followed the gentleman to the mountain and wanted to see what he was doing.

I saw Mr. Feng Shui came to the hillside, drew a circle on the ground with loofah, and immediately appeared a door on the hillside, but only opened a small gap, mainly because the old couple picked the loofah in advance. After the door opened, the old couple saw that they were all treasures. There were Jinniu, Jinma, Jinji, Jinyu, Jinyu, and the golden roller was turned around by the door, and many golden beans fell on the roller. So Mr. Feng Shui put his hand in and took the golden plaque, but the door was too small but he couldn't get it. At this time, the golden chicken was also called up. When Mr. Feng Shui saw the situation was wrong, he threw the gold wave and grabbed a golden bean. . When I was taking it out, the old man used to hit his arm. The gentleman's hand shrank, and the golden bean was all gone inside, and the door was closed. Mr. Feng Shui knew that he was in a loss, and he left silently. From then on, people know that there are eight treasures buried under the mountain, so they call it Babaoshan.