What are the office Feng Shui ornaments? Top 10 office Feng Shui ornaments

What kind of feng shui ornaments do you have for making money in the office?  Placing items in the office that are beneficial to us can help us achieve long-term prosperity. Therefore, many people will place some office feng shui ornaments in their offices that will help us achieve prosperity.  So in order to increase fortune and make money, which feng shui ornaments should we put in place?

No.01_ brave

The mythical wild animal is a winged liger, which can ward off evil spirits, likes to eat gold and silver, has a mouth but does not have an anus, indicating that money enters and exits, and is suitable for being placed on a safe, a money box or a desk, especially for the accounting department.

No.02_ tianlu

Tianlu is very similar to the brave in appearance, but different from the brave, the brave has a single horn on its head, and Tianlu has two horns. Tianlu stands for good fortune, so Tianlu is in charge of wealth.  It is suitable to put Tianlu on the desk. It can not only attract wealth, but also ward off evil and eliminate evil.  At the same time, because both Pi Xiu and Tian Lu have intrepid appearance, they are often used by ancient people as sacred animals guarding tombs.

No.03_ yellow crystal ball

Topaz can make a fortune. More importantly, crystal can absorb negative energy in the office and spread positive energy throughout the office to ensure smooth work.  If you put topaz on your desk, the color will look good and the effect will be better.

No 04 _ deer, toad, horse and monkey

In addition to the mythical wild animal and Tianlu, there are many animals that have the meaning of making money, such as deer, which is homophonic with "Lu".  Toad has a wide mouth and a round belly that can store money and brocade.  Horse and monkey match, also take its homophonic "immediately seal hou", especially suitable for people who want to promotion on the desk.

No.05_ dragon

Dragon is conducive to promotion and prosperity.  For working-class people or people who work in institutions, the most taboo thing in a company or unit is that little people are in power and shoot arrows behind their backs, making it difficult for them to be promoted and fall short.  Because dragons can dissolve the wrongs of little people and prosper the fortunes of noble people, they are especially important for working in the unit, especially for public officials. They can be placed on the Qinglong side of the desk.

No.06_ fish tank

Most companies put a large fish tank at the front desk. Fish tanks are effective for increasing luck, but it depends on one's five elements of fortune. If you avoid water, you can't put fish tanks. In addition, fish tanks and front doors should not be too close to the front desk, otherwise it will easily cause magnetic chaos.  The fish in the fish tank should be lively and bright. If there are dead fish or sick fish, they should be cleaned in time.

No.07_ vase

The development of the company cannot be separated from the level of luck. In order to develop and grow, an enterprise not only plans its future, but also has a great relationship with luck. Lucky enterprises have more opportunities and more room for development.  Placing round vases at the front desk can enhance the whole company's luck, increase the company's cohesion and avoid undesirable factors.

No.08_ peach symbol

For friends with opposite-sex bosses, you can put a peach symbol on your desk. Such a peach symbol can be a real peach wood product or a plastic imitation peach symbol. The key lies in the shape. The so-called shape evil spirit can also be a good feng shui effect.

No.09_ solid wood pendant

Solid wood pendants are usually made of sandalwood or other rare and precious wood. These pendants look common, but because of their wood properties, they can add considerable life factors to feng shui in a separate space, that is, they will slowly improve the health and fortune of the boss in the long-term impregnation process.  From this point of view, it is very appropriate to put such pendants in the office.

No.10_ Baguashi Baiwen

Tai chi bagua map contains the fortune of heaven and earth, the combination of yin and yang, can recruit all blessings, can change all disasters.  Meimei is an ancient auspicious animal. The ancients used their infinite power to exorcise evil and exorcise demons, to solve all kinds of calamities and to save all kinds of difficulties. "Eight Diagrams and Stone Hundred Meimei" can be placed in the southeast to solve the great evil in Tai Sui wuhuang, and in the northwest and south to solve the three evil spirits.  It is an indispensable thing for everyone to employ feng shui for disaster relief in the future.