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How should feng shui be set for office flowers?  Now many white-collar workers put all kinds of flowers and plants on their offices or desks, which adds a touch of greenery to the office and also makes people feel happy. So in office geomancy, apart from paying attention to the layout of office geomancy, both the arrangement of office geomancy and the arrangement of office plants and flowers are of considerable importance. How is the most suitable arrangement of flowers in the office?

Feng Shui Orientation of Office Flower Decoration:

1. East

The east is the place where purple air comes from and the office area is more auspicious. flowers should not be placed blindly, but mainly red ones, which is useful to get employees with their brains.

2. The West

In the western five elements, gold comes from the mouth, so the sales staff in this position can display white and yellow flowers to increase their vigor.

3. South

In the five elements of Nanfangzi, it is a fire, that is, it is thriving. Green plants can be placed to form a strong supporting function, increasing the personal charm of women working in this position.  Putting red flowers can increase the company's fortune in by going up one flight of stairs.

4. North

The north is the water sign in the five elements. If used in the office, it means that water and soil intersect. The flowers placed in this position are preferably white flowers, which can increase the harmonious and tense relationship between employees and superiors and subordinates.

5. Southeast

The five elements in the southeast belong to wood, and the Xun hexagram is an orientation that affects interpersonal relationships, love and marriage, so the preferred color of flowers is pink.

6. Southwest

The five elements in the southwest belong to the earth. Kun Gua, the location of the female office leader, is the most suitable place to put bright red flowers.  People in sub-health state can try to put yellow flowers here.

7. Northeast

The five elements in the northeast belong to the soil, Gen Gua, which is suitable for the younger generation in the department. This year, it coincides with the location of San Bi Xing. Therefore, putting yellow flowers is helpful to prevent the occurrence of disputes.