What kind of bedroom feng shui is the best?

The bedroom, the place where you live physically and mentally, the place where you live and cultivate, and the calculation of the grass and grass, one third of a lifetime is spent in the bedroom. The feng shui of the bedroom sometimes reflects the inner state and pattern. The shape of the bedroom is also very important, such as triangles, pentagons, octagons, semi-circles, etc., which are detrimental to human health. The most basic bedroom is a place to stay, everything should be quiet. I will share with you today, what is the ideal bedroom?

What kind of bedroom feng shui is the best?

Inappropriate case

1, the round bedroom affects the rest

Anyone who has rested in a round bedroom knows that the round shape will make people who rest indoors have a feeling of rotation and unreliability. For a long time, it is easy to cause symptoms such as lack of energy, lack of sleep, and dizziness.

How did this situation come about? Because the circular initiative, there are movements, changes in the mind, vision and wind, it is easy to give people the feeling of instability and restlessness. A good sleeping environment should be harmonious and quiet, otherwise it is not good for the psychological.

If you want to solve the problem, you must first avoid bad things, such as the wall of the bedroom and the bed, wardrobe, etc., don't be in the shape of a circle. In fact, as long as the wall of the entire bedroom is not circular or curved. Because it has a good vision and lighting, it can give people a sense of pleasure, and it is also a successful design. The furniture of the bedroom, especially the bed, should be based on straight lines, giving a stable, peaceful and quiet feeling, which is good for sleep.

2, the bedroom should not be long and narrow

In the long and narrow bedroom, there will be a sense of loneliness and coldness. And those who are sensitive will be more confused and have many hallucinations.

The remedy is divided into two, that is, the narrow sleeping room is separated by a low cabinet, while the bed is placed on the other side, and the other side is used as a dressing room or a study room. If you place a TV on a low cabinet, you can watch TV on your bed. After so many changes, the space in the bedroom is no longer empty and there is a lot of psychological feeling.

It is worth noting that some people use mirrors as the interval between the bedrooms. In fact, this is not appropriate. If the mirror is facing the dressing room or the study room, there is no serious problem, but if you go to the bed, you will commit feng shui taboos, which often lead to disease.

3, there should be no columns in the bedroom

There are generally sharp corners in places where there are pillars, and too many sharp corners in the living space can be detrimental to people. The pillars in the center of the house are the most inappropriate for the bed. The pillars at the four corners of the bedroom adversely affect the pillars that are lighter than the central location. If there are pillars on both sides of the bed, it is a big taboo.

4, the bedroom should not be beveled

The shape of the bedroom is the best, not to be beveled or multi-angled. Because the oblique side is easy to cause the illusion of the line of sight, the multi-angle is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which in turn increases the mental burden of the person. Over time, it is easy to have an adverse effect on health.

  Best answer

1, Fang Fangzheng is the best

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the square bedroom is the best, it can make people lying in it feel flat and stable, has a high sense of security, is very beneficial to health. If you can't use the square design because of the limitation of the residence, then the rectangular design is not bad. However, the smaller the difference between the length and width of the bedroom, the better.

2, small bedrooms can accumulate fortune

In the wind and water, the ancients have long summed up: the house is too crowded. The smaller the space, the less energy is needed. We are also an energy body that glows and glows. The bigger the house, the more energy it consumes. Therefore, the size of the house must be proportional to the number of guests. That is, the bigger the house, the more people should stay, that is, the popularity we often say is strong.

Feng Shui said that the house will attract people. This sentence is not false. The energy emitted by the human body is what we call popularity. When a person uses too much energy to fill the space of a large house, its damage to the body is conceivable. When the body consumes more energy, the natural physique becomes weaker, and the work is languid. The mistakes are inevitable, the judgment is declining, and the unsuccessful things will follow.

So how big is the size of a bedroom? Practice has proved that the bedroom is better at around 15 square meters, and the maximum is no more than 20 square meters.