Six home feng shui that cannot be ignored

Home feng shui is part of feng shui research, and its research objects are people and the environment. The study of home feng shui is to make the two blend, fit and match. It can carry out detailed analysis and observation of the external environment and indoor environment of the home. Taking people as the core, combined with the comprehensive evaluation of time and ground transportation, the results are obtained, and the corresponding solutions are designed according to the problems that arise.

Six home feng shui that cannot be ignored

Home feng shui has formed a complete system throughout the process of selecting the environment, optimizing the environment and transforming the environment. You can place some objects to adjust the home feng shui indoors. It has the power of purifying and waking up, and enhances the positive energy of the environment. When placed in an appropriate position, it can help individuals to think about strength. Warm light can enhance the yang of the room gas field; warm light It is also helpful for lucky.

1, the living room decoration is not messy, avoid empty, avoid dim color

The living room is the most common space for family activities, and it also represents the "facade" of a home. When the guest enters the house, he first sees the living room. The decorative effect of the living room not only reflects the taste of the owner, but also may bring feng shui effects of good or bad to the home. The living room can't be spaced, which will greatly reduce the owner's gas field, weaken the fortune, and reject some dazzling decorations. This will easily create visual fatigue, seriously affecting people's work and life mentality, and the color used in the living room should not be dull. It is impossible to bring a good mood to people, and it is also a trend of blocking money.

2, the bedroom light is too strong, the layout is not messy

In the home feng shui layout, the bedroom feng shui layout is most closely related to people's health and luck, and cannot be ignored. The light in the bedroom should be soft, too strong to make people prone to temper; too dark, easy to produce melancholy mood. The bedroom is simple and clean, making it look neat and comfortable. The shape of the bedroom should not be long and narrow, which is unfavorable for ventilation. The bedroom door cannot be used for mirrors or bedsides. The direction of the bed must be correct, because it is related to health and wealth, and requires health. The bedside is oriented toward the direction of the heavenly doctor. If you seek for money, you will be headed towards the most prosperous and angry position. The bed is unreliable in the bathroom wall, not suitable for beam pressing, not too close to the window, not facing the mirror.

3, bed bed bogey on the door, bed top avoid beam

The door is a combination of things. If you use the bed to the door, it will reduce the privacy, and you can't rest in peace when you sleep. The bathroom is a place of pollution. If you use the bed to the door, the suffocating gas will spread directly to the bedroom. Bed, for a long time, is not good for our physical and mental health, it is easy to cause disease; the beam on the top of the bed is also a taboo on the wind and water, which makes people sleep insecure.

4, the study room avoids chaos, desks avoid no backrest

The study is a place for cultivating sentiment. It should not be noisy. The book of chaos refers to books such as obscenity, ghosts, etc. It is not appropriate to place these books here, especially in conspicuous positions, which will cause people to be nervous, confused and scattered; It is also necessary to rely on the wall, and should not stand empty from the wall. It is the so-called "backing behind", which is Wangcai.

5, the kitchen avoids the master bedroom, the ground is too high

The kitchen is full of oil smoke, and the master bedroom is a place for rest. If the decoration is not suitable, it is difficult to ensure that the kitchen smoke will not penetrate into the bedroom, and the air in the room will not be kept fresh, which is very unfavorable for people's sleep; and the kitchen floor is “stunned”. Higher than the living room, it will cause the sewage to flow backwards; for feng shui, the kitchen to the table or the living room should be "holding food" step by step, if the kitchen floor is too high, it is from high to low, no Auspicious, there is a tendency to break the money.

6, avoid too many sharp corners in the home

Too many sharp corners will create a sense of oppression in the eyes, psychological pressure, and the potential to break the money. If it has become an established fact, you can place some tall, lush green plants in the sharp corners to ease the influence of sharp corners, or add wooden cabinets to cover the sharp corners.