Home Feng Shui: What harm does Scorpio cause?

There is a kind of cockroach in the feng shui, called the scorpio. This kind of scorpion is a kind of suffocating gas formed by the cracks of two floors. This kind of suffocating feng shui is an ancient book: the person at the mouth of the wind is fierce. "The vent" is what we call the Scorpio." The cockroach seems to be on the verge of a "wind knife" that can be said to hurt and invisible. And let's talk about the harm that Tianzhu will cause to the home at home:

Home Feng Shui: What harm does Scorpio cause?

1. The closer the distance between the scorpions, the greater the damage

We all know that the formation of the scorpio is formed by the gap between the two buildings, and the characteristic is that the airflow impacts the suffocating air, and it can be imagined that the closer the spacing, the convergence of the wind speed The more urgent, the impact will be very strong, so the greater the harm caused, will attract the disaster.

2. The adverse effects of Tianzhu on the bedroom

Scorpio knows that it is a very powerful suffocating. If it is straight to the home bedroom, one is not good for the body, and the other is affecting the marital relationship. For example, if a family is uneasy, the quarrel is constant, or the emotional turmoil is easy. Wait, this depends on whether you are outside the sky, if you really have the same picture, then you must resolve it as soon as possible.

3, the adverse effects of Tianzhu straight on the balcony living room

Scorpio If the living room is not good for the family's fortune, and if you encounter the pattern of the living room, it is "a pattern of wearing a hall", that is, coming in from the entrance door, then the living room, balcony, must beware of breaking the money, these two kinds of suffocating combination The pattern, then it can be imagined that this pattern is the most unfavorable fortune, the financial resources are difficult to gather, and easy to make money, so this kind of new house can not be selected, and the existing must be resolved as much as possible.

4, Tianzhu and Wuhuang two black 煞 meet

Scorpio should not be in contact with the arrogance of feng shui, so if the hoe is stimulated, it will be very fierce and hurt. For example, the northwest is the male representative, the father, the southwest is the Kun, the representative is the hostess, the mother, the northeast is the representative of the party, and the east represents the earthquake. The West is the representative of the girl, and the murderous party is black in the west and the north is in the north. This position is opposite to the relatives in the same position. For example, the Scorpio is against the West, and the In the West, then the girl in this family should pay attention to it, easy to get sick, accidental disasters, etc. You can use the health and safety to solve the problem.