How does the door god paste, how does the door god paste correctly?

How does the door god paste, how does the door god paste correctly?

Many people will post Spring Festival couplets and pay homage to the gods during the holidays. This is one of the customs of our traditional Spring Festival. The door gods are mostly two. There are many generals who are common, and they are called the Wumen God by the people. So how do we stick ourselves when we are sticking to the door god? Any precision? Today we will use this article to understand a lot of details about the god of the door.

How does the door god paste, how does the door god paste correctly?

Chinese New Year

1. Types of door gods

To understand how the door god is posted correctly, you must first understand the type of door god. There are many kinds of door gods. In the past, they were mainly used to exorcise evil spirits. Now they are mainly used to pray for blessings. The door gods are divided according to different categories. There are mainly gods and gods, there are gods, gods, gods, gods, gods, and Buddhism. Door god and so on. Most ordinary people in the family are blessings such as the generals (commonly there are Qin Shubao, Yu Chigong), boy (commonly have lucky, Jinbao), Tianxian (common with two and two immortals), Fushen (common Fushou Samsung) , Heavenly blessing, etc.).

2, the time of the door god

The correct time for the gods is the New Year's Eve. In recent years, people have completed the door-to-door, the Spring Festival couplets, and the cleaning of the courtyards in the morning.

3, the door to the gods pay attention to

First, people who have been at home for the New Year are posted after they arrive home. Because after the door god is attached, the family can no longer enter new people. If the family enters a new person, the door god mistakenly believes that it is not his own family, and will reduce the disaster to him;

Second, after posting the door god, the wealth of the family can no longer enter and exit. People who have been in debt in the past. 30 When the day is not bright, I will stick to the door god. I am afraid that someone will come to the door to collect debts. If someone sticks to the door and then someone goes to collect debts, the master can gossip about it, and there is business, in order to do business. At 12 o'clock in the evening, I only posted the door to God, in order to do business.

Third, if the family asks their ancestors to go home for the New Year, they must first invite the ancestors to the home before they can affix the door to the gods. Otherwise, if they first affix the door god, then ask the ancestors of the family to go home for the New Year, and the door god is not allowed to enter the door. This way your ancestors will not be able to go home for the New Year.

4, different livelihood families posted different door gods

If you are doing business for trade, you can use the lucky boy to bless the heavenly official. There are also Liu Hai opera Jin Yu, Wu Lu Cai Shen, Guan Yu and so on.

It is best to choose Fushen and Wenguan Menshen to go to work. For example, Hairui, Bao Qingtian, Fulu Shouxi, (Grand Deer Bat Hi), BMW Saddle, etc. symbolize official integrity, safe and auspicious, step by step.

Generals, suitable for families who are relatively remote, and whose homes are not easy to be quiet, mainly Qin Qiong, Jingde, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, etc. are usually armed with swords and swords, axe hooks and forks, a kind of prestige, fierce and evil. It is used for the evil spirits of the town, the evil spirits, and the evil spirits.

Tianxian; such as Fuluxing, the son of the goddess, suitable for the family with the elderly, symbolizing Fu Lu Changshou, people are thriving.

5, the details of the door god

First of all, it must be correct. For rural self-built houses, many people's household doors are double-opened. The double-opening doors should pay attention to the selection of the door god paintings. Now, our popular door god is Qin Shubao and Chi Gong, two generals. When posting, the left side must be Qin Shubao with gold plaque in his hand, and the late jingde with gold lash in his hand. Each side is left and right, and the opposite sides of the face express the same force and protect the home. The misplaced door god is the right and left, and the two door gods are opposite each other, which means that the two people disagree and do not cooperate. The gate is about four or five feet high and about two or three feet wide. Stick to the center of the door and level it in the middle of the couplet. The small door is about two feet high and about one foot wide. Also pay attention to echoing with the surrounding couplets. Both kinds of door gods are a black face, a white face and two gods. White left black right, Bai Shanyi, black abomination, each hand is stubborn.

6, about a door to the door god

It is easier to double-door the door to the door, and the left and right sides can be separated. Because according to the traditional aesthetic concept, the gates are all symmetrical, so the door god is one left and one right, which has been the case since ancient times. However, nowadays, most residential houses in urban areas are single-door doors. There is no single door-to-door in the market. Whether it is a top-and-bottom sticker or a left-right sticker, it is not appropriate, both in terms of aesthetics and personal psychology. At this time, you can post a big blessing to replace the door god, and also have the role of praying for help and evil spirits. Sticky blessings also pay attention to it: the courtyard door must be posted to prevent the blessings from flowing backwards; the door must also be posted, meaning “Zhengfu Linmen”; indoors, cabinets and other places can be placed upside down to show “blessings”.

Summary: The door god can pray for the blessing of Kang Ning. When we stick to the door god, we should pay attention to the feeling that we have to be examined when we enter the door, so that the post plays the role of the door god.