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Why don't the bed face the door?

The bedroom is a place where people work hard to get back home and rest and replenish energy. Moreover, about one-third of the time is spent in bed, so the comfort of the bedroom will directly affect our physical and mental state the next day.

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the door is the mouth and the mouth. If the bed in the bedroom is facing the door, it is facing the air outlet, and the wind will inevitably blow to the person sleeping in the bed. If the wind is too strong, it will easily become sick.

From a scientific point of view, when a person is at rest, because the body has a lot of functions into a dormant state, the spirit is relaxed, the pores on the skin will also open, so the energy of the human body is most likely to be lost at this time. At the same time, the ability to resist external interference will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to create a rest environment that is conducive to your physical and mental health, so as to ensure that you can not only save energy but also replenish energy during sleep.

If the bed in the bedroom is placed at the door, that is, the position of the tuyere, then it is impossible to add the energy it should have here, which will undoubtedly affect the physical and mental health of the owner. Therefore, it is impossible to complete the work of the next day with a full spirit, to face the upcoming struggle, which will naturally affect your career.

Practice has proved that a good bedroom layout is to place the bed in the core of the bedroom, because the best pulse here, the most prosperous, is the land of Wang Yun. Therefore, it should be fully utilized. From the point of view of privacy, the bed should not be "exposed", not facing the door, facing the vent.

In ancient Feng Shui, it was said that the bed and the door were in conflict, which is quite reasonable.

Modern people are increasingly recognizing that ancient Feng Shui is also a marginal discipline. However, ancient Chinese Feng Shui has been lacking the support and argumentation of scientific theory when it has not been seriously studied and fully recognized by people.

However, we only consider from the point of common sense that if the door is opposite to the bed, the privacy of the person will be unprotected. In this case, it will not only cause emotional stress, it is difficult to relax, and even fears. Over time, there are varying degrees of damage to the human nervous system and secretory system.

"Eight House Mirror" said: n bed is afraid of the door to the opposite side of the '', if the chest is chest, fierce; if the whole body, the murder. The bed should be set in the Kyrgyz position, in line with the zodiac numerology, avoiding the murder. It can be seen how important the ancients saw the position of the bed in the bedroom.

When the size of the bedroom is limited, and the bed cannot be avoided, the way to avoid it is to add a screen between the two.

Or a baffle. This will avoid the drawbacks of "the bed is afraid of the door."