Living room feng shui to help your nobles

Living room feng shui to help your nobles

The noble person, here refers to the person who is helpful to us. In reality, the person who helps us is known as the noble person.

Hospitality is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. This virtue is reflected in the architecture. It is a variety of "halls" and "halls" are mostly independent spaces. It has the nature of small public buildings, used for meeting guests, banquets, viewing flowers and trees, etc. The special purpose of the "hall" also reflects the owner's respect for the guests, but it is limited by modern living conditions, except for the living room is still common. It has disappeared from the ordinary family.

The living room, as its name suggests, is the place to receive guests. Now it is also the main place for the family to live and live. Because it is mostly in the central position, it is connected with the main functional areas of the restaurant, kitchen, bedroom, study, etc., which has the function of cultivating the human heart. In residential feng shui, it also has an important position.

Because the living room is mostly the first space after the entrance, and the decoration design of this space will often leave the most profound first impression. The first impression is not good, it is very likely to scare away your nobles. . In Feng Shui, there is also a saying that the living room is divided into “financial positions”, so in the home Feng Shui, the living room feng shui is especially important.

On the whole, the living room feng shui is related to the cause and wealth of the occupants, and it may take some extra effort in the decoration design.

First of all, in the design of the living room location, the central part of the house is undoubtedly the best choice, can take care of the overall situation; if the living room is relatively spacious, do not want to make a bedroom, because this will change the overall layout of the house, unfavorable feng shui. In addition, if the bathroom is in the center of the house, it is considered to be “centralized”, which will adversely affect the health of the family, as will be mentioned in the bathroom feng shui.

The living room has the nature of “financial position”, so there are also some emphasis on the placement of the home, such as fish tanks and green plants. These two items have the function of regulating the gas field, which can add vitality and vitality; and as the main decoration of the living room The sofa is tidy and lean. Future articles will also be highlighted.

Although the living room is the main place for people to live at home, people come and go more frequently, but "hidden winds gather" can not be ignored. One of the points is mainly reflected in the first look after the entry or directly to the room door, balcony, etc., Feng Shui called it "through the hall", "there is the front entrance, the back door, can not gather wealth" information. This situation can be It is solved by the setting of the entrance or the placement of the screen.