Why don't you have a bathroom in the bedroom?

Why don't you have a bathroom in the bedroom?

According to common sense, the bedroom is the bedroom, the bathroom is the bathroom, the two are completely independent, it should be "well water does not make river water." But I don't know when it started, there is a bathroom in the bedroom of a modern house.

Perhaps it is to save space, or to facilitate the owner, many designs also put the bathroom door facing the bed. To a certain extent, these have indeed catered to the needs of the market. At one time, such designs have become fashionable, and many consumers are also eager to do so.

However, the ancients' Feng Shui said: The bedroom should generally choose the center of the house with strong anger. This area, like the heart of a person, needs absolute quietness, cleanliness, fire and water.

Most of the restrooms we use have two functions: toilet and bathroom. Whether it is a toilet or a bathroom, the five elements are water. Although the decoration of our current bathroom is not the same as that of the ancient toilet, it has made this 'convenient' place very comfortable and luxurious, but it still cannot change its essential use - draining sewage and waste.

Traditional Feng Shui believes that the bathroom is a place with a heavy yin and a place to produce corrupt air. No matter where it is, if it is not properly disposed, it will cause diseases such as brain, spirit, viscera and spinal cord.

In addition, the bathroom is a place with a lot of moisture. When you take a bath, you can feel the fog. This moist gas, once inside the bedroom connected to the bathroom, makes the bed damp and makes people feel uncomfortable when sleeping.

Over time, it will make people feel tired and have a backache, but they can't check for any reason. In severe cases, even urinary system diseases can occur. If you have a backache and can't find the reason, you may wish to pay attention, maybe the problem is in the bathroom in your bedroom.

If you have the above problems in your current home, how can you resolve them?

According to the ancient feng shui theory, we usually have two ways to solve:

The first is to hang the ''opening gourd' on the sewer in the bathroom, or put three pots of mud planting foliage plants in the toilet, which will help the green plants absorb some of the pollution of the human body itself;

Second, if the economic conditions and residential conditions permit, it is also a good idea to add a screen or a wardrobe as a cover between the bed and the door of the bathroom.

In contrast, the latter method is more effective, but the first method is more practical.