Shop sign feng shui

The store's signature Feng Shui, the store's signature Feng Shui has something to pay attention to. In addition to the shop site selection attracting people, there is a very important attraction means of signboards. A good signboard is like a human face, directly related to the corporate image, and from Feng Shui. From the point of view, it directly affects the reputation and financial resources of the enterprise, which in turn affects the efficiency, survival and development of the enterprise, and even lives and deaths.

First, the design should be simple and generous, the font is best to use the square font, generally do not recommend the use of cursive, script or more difficult to identify the line of books. There should be no typos.

Second, the signboard should be kept neat, clean, taboo, old or incomplete.

Third, the name on the signboard should be particularly particular in the five elements of mathematics, five-tone, nine-square style, and connotation.

Fourth, the materials used in the signboard should also be selected according to the five elements.

5. The signboard should be placed in the store's location. It can attract customers' attention and attract business. It is not suitable if the signboard is too high or too low, or blocked by trees or other things.

Sixth, the signboard should be placed on the Huangdaoji Day.

Seven, the color of the signboard should be selected according to the five lines of the shop, select the color of the five elements that help me.

The setting of the signboard is in line with the Feng Shui principle and will bring prosperity to the store.